Groom and Groom Cake Toppers for a Gay Wedding

by JoHarrington

Been searching in vain for wedding cake decorations for a male gay marriage? Look no further! We have them right here.

Porcelain, traditional or fully customizable, there's an array of gay wedding toppers for cake. When it is groom and groom, then any of these center-pieces will complete your confectionery nicely.

It can take hours traveling around baking shops, hunting for the appropriate wedding cake decoration. Too many of them only stock heterosexual cake toppers.

But this is a happy day! Forget fruitless searches amongst the unenlightened. Buy your ornament on-line and cut out the hassle.

"Romance" Gay Wedding Cake Topper

Two Grooms Kissing Cake Decoration

Love is in the air with this emotional cake center-piece.

The couple appear poised to dance, locked into a tender embrace. Their hands are entwined, while the other arms tighten around their torsos. They are about to kiss.

The dreamily romantic pose declares, loud and clear, to the entire world that you are deeply committed. You are in love.

As well you should be, on your wedding day!

The cake topper is hand-painted, in porcelain, but that isn't the most special feature. That comes in the miniature 14k gold rings, which explains why you're paying that little bit extra.

The 'Romance' wedding cake ornament stands at 6" (15.24cm) tall, with a base of 2.5" (6.35cm).

'Romance' also comes with a jeweled base, which boosts the price but looks fabulous!
Porcelain Vintage Style Two Men Grooms Gay Wedding Marriage Cake Topper Figurine

This stunning vintage cake topper features a sprig of rhinestone studded roses in a sea of faux pearls accented with silver wiring. It compliments the romantic Gay kissing coupl...

View on Amazon

Porcelain Two Men Love Marriage Cake Topper

This porcelain silhouette of two grooms inside a heart will make a fabulous cake topper for a gay marriage.  It's romantic, artistic and downright beautiful.

The Two Grooms Silhouette of Love Gay Wedding Cake Figurine (snappy title!) is 7" high with a diameter of 3.5".

Wedding Cake Decoration for Two Men

This cake topper features two grooms, dressed for their moment at the altar, reclining into a touching, loving embrace. Their mutual blushes suggest secrets that the rest of the wedding party aren't - and shouldn't be - privy to.

At their feet, a cluster of pink flowers looks just like a wedding bouqet, discarded for just a moment.

The seven inch gay wedding cake ornament has been cast in resin.

You know, being ever so slightly irreverent for a moment, that guy at the front looks like he's fainted! Can we call it overcome by the greatness of the hour?

Either way, his husband has caught him. They might as well start as they mean to go on, and on the subject of being caught...

Gay Grooms Cake Topper

Fun Male Same Sex Wedding Cake Topper

One Groom Over the Shoulder of his Husband Cake Decoration

Image: Same Sex Marriage Cake TopperI think this gay wedding cake decoration is hilarious! Just when we were taking things way too seriously, full of the gravity and high romance of the moment, this comes along!

That groom knows what he wants and he's gone right for it!  Mind you, his 'captive' hardly looks worried about proceedings.

There's a token bit of alarm with his hands on his head (unless he's keeping his hair nice for the photographs), but that's not the smirk of a man worried about being taken away to the detriment of his virtue. I predict an imminent 'I do'.


Rainbow Sisters Gay Grooms Wedding Cake Topper

This pair of sweeties has been crafted by Gay Rainbow Sisters (that's the company, not a pair of artistic siblings). The Gay Grooms Wedding Cake Topper is made out of porcelain and hand-painted. It stands at 4" high. Cute!

Photo Sculpture Cake Ornament

Now for something a little bit different.

While the traditional porcelain cake toppers make wonderful keepsakes, there's not much you can do with them later. With the photo sculptures, you can.

People tend to place them later on mantelpieces, desks or on a coffee table. They act as conversation pieces and as a reminder of your wedding day.

This may make more sense if you're personalising it (see below), though keeping the standard art works too!

This design is free-standing and printed on durable acrylic. It arrives in a cut-out assembly kit, complete with a base and a half-moon stand.

Gay Wedding Cake Topper Cut Out

It sounds fiddly, but it's not. You won't even have to draft someone in who is handy at crafts. Just cut out the center-piece, then slot it all together.

But perhaps a white man with black hair marrying a white man with blond hair just isn't you. These cake toppers come in a real mix and match selection. The coloring currently available is:

  • Caucasian males, one with black hair, one with blond
  • Caucasian males, one with blond hair, one with red
  • Caucasian males, both with red hair
  • Mixed race grooms, one with black skin and the other with white

If your particular requirements aren't listed, then contact the supplier. I am sure that they would be happy to help out!

Groom and Groom Acrylic Wedding Cake Decorations

The above design comes in a variety of hair and ethnic coloring, to achieve a closer likeness to the happy couple!

Customizing Cake Toppers for a Gay Wedding

It is worth noting that the cut-out, acrylic decorations can be fully customized. If you don't like the look of the standard couple depicted, then take them out and add yourselves!

In order to do that, select the 'customize it' button. You will then have the option of uploading a photograph from your computer (or, if you've used this feature before, from 'my images' on Zazzle). You may also insert text within the same interface.

Hot tip! For cake decorations, it's often better to use a full body image. It looks more dramatic atop your wedding cake. The stand fully supports that too.

When you've added your photograph, then delete the original image. Voila! Your very own personal cake topper!

Gay Wedding Cake Decorations on Ebay

Updated: 05/14/2014, JoHarrington
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JoHarrington on 03/13/2012

Thank you very much. And I love your avatar too. <3

Tehreem on 03/13/2012

These are truly fabulous wedding toppers for the same sex marriages. Highly recommended gay wedding ideas !

JoHarrington on 03/12/2012

O.O THE Cardinal Keith O'Brien? The one who was being very anti-gay marriage in the press all last week?

So let me piece this together. For a start, you must have posted it on Facebook yourself - thanks! Then Cardinal O'Brien is following you on FB? Wow! And he liked this article.

My mind is well and truly shot. LOL

JoHarrington on 03/11/2012

Thank you very much! Blue hair might be a slight issue, but nothing that a bit of paint wouldn't solve. I'm sure that the store with the cut-ups would be able to provide that too, if they were asked.

Thanks for the comment. <3

Mladen on 03/11/2012

You put here some interesting examples of cake toppers for male gay marriage.
I was once on gay marriage, but I don't remember they had wedding cake toppers. One had blue hair, so maybe that was the issue. :)
Interesting subject!

JoHarrington on 03/11/2012

You're very welcome. And yes, it's great to see these becoming available.

Angel on 03/11/2012

So glad to see options out there for same sex marriages. It is about time. Thanks for sharing.

JoHarrington on 03/11/2012

You've made me feel so hungry describing all of that! I so need to visit your bakery soon. :)

I didn't even know there was such thing as edible gold dust! And hear, hear on the imagination part. <3

Shonna on 03/11/2012

I made a cake for a lesbian couple and made figures of the brides of fondant & gumpaste, you can also focus on the couple's interests and put a representation of each on the cake ie: if one loves books and the other is more into movies, do a fondant (sort of like modeling clay only edible) book and a small fondant movie reel with a bit of film running down and out perhaps with their names on them, perhaps not....the key is to design a cake that fits them as a couple. It's possible to write on just about anything if you know how, so another possibility if they're chocolate lovers is to make a "ribbon" of chocolate then write on it with white chocolate the couple's names - it can even be dusted with edible gold dust should they want. When it comes to cake design, it doesn't really matter if you're gay or straight - the truth is that you're limited by imagination only!

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