Wedding Gifts for Gay Men

by JoHarrington

Are you looking for gay wedding gift ideas for two grooms? Check out this selection with presents to match any wallet.

What a wonderfully happy day! But, of course, you can't turn up empty-handed. It's traditional to take a gift for the grooms, as it is in any marriage.

As the idea of gay weddings is so new in our society, the mall stores may be hurrying to keep up with the demand. The internet is already well ahead.

This collection of wedding gifts for two grooms focuses upon the fact that this is a gay marriage. By giving a nod to that, you are tacitly registering your support for all of it, not merely the big day.

Gay Wedding Presents v Marriage List Gifts

There are two grooms involved in this marriage, but that doesn't necessarily mean that your gift has to mirror a homosexual union.

The catalog of wedding gifts to follow are a celebration of their sexuality. Artwork, practical items for around the house and jewelry all glory in the fact that two beloved men just married each other. If this is what you are looking for, then you came to the right place!

But it is always better to check that the couple getting married haven't already compiled a wedding present list. Many grooms do; and it will reflect all that they need for building their home together.

Of course, they may have been living together for years already, so they have it all. In which case, jump right in!

Have you been invited to a wedding with two grooms? Check out these gay marriage cards for men, to find the perfect one to mark their big day.
Looking for Pagan handfasting gifts for gay couples? These male gay wedding gift ideas were made by a Wiccan High Priestess!
Are you looking for lesbian wedding gift ideas? Check out this collection of perfect marriage gifts for two brides.

Art as a Classy Wedding Gift for Two Grooms

Artwork can be expensive, but it is likely to become a centerpiece in any gay couple's home.

While the multiple toasters and duvet sets get quietly given to charity, your gift could end up proudly displayed for anyone to see for years to come.

Vitruvian Collection | Passion | Statue Nude Gay Art

Passion - A Sculpture in the Vitruvian Collection

Buy a classic nude torso statue as a valuable addition to a gay couple's collection.

The Vitruvian Collection is made up of hand-crafted statues inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's The Vitruvian Man.

The motivation of these artisans is to 'celebrate the human form, as well as the human spirit'. From this school comes a statue perfect as a wedding present for gay men.

Passion depicts two men locked in a fierce embrace. A hot sexuality is strongly implied, but they could just as easily be cuddling. That interpretation alone would be a great conversation starter, when it's exhibited in the home.

Cold cast in resin, a male nude torso is at the forefront of Passion. Another man nuzzles him from behind. The context is clear in the fine detail, in particular the concentration wrought upon their facial expressions.

It is a hefty piece of artwork. The statue stands 15.6" (39.6cm) tall, 11.6" (29.5cm) wide and 7.9" (20cm) in depth. Do you know the perfect spot to place it in the couple's home?

Vitruvian Collection Male Nude Wall Hanging Art

Marble Resin Male Nude Wall Hangings

Art doesn't have to be consigned to a podium. It can look extremely beautiful attached to the walls of your home.

The Vitruvian Collection is inspired by the Classical Age.  The influence of ancient Greece and Rome are very much in evidence in their sculptures. However much the artists may argue that it's all more Renaissance.

Made out of marble resin, each piece looks the part too.

IIn the Fraternity piece, a muscular man dressed only in a loin cloth drapes his arms around two others.

It is nearly 14" in height, 15" wide and 4" in depth. 

In Blowing a Kiss, the artist has explored the propensity for human beings to kiss or touch statues for a blessing. This time the statue blows a kiss back, and the blessing can be felt across the room.

Personally, I think that's a wonderful idea for a wedding present. It's not merely something for the spirit, but spiritual too. And every new marriage needs its blessings.

Blowing a Kiss is nearly 11" tall, 3 and half inches wide, and 7" deep.

It could form the basis of an on-going collection, as the same sculpture is repeated in items like this votive candle holder.

As with all of this company's figures, the detail is exquisite and tastefully rendered. Both are bound to become a subjects of conversation, wherever they are exhibited.

Vitruvian Collection 'Blowing a Kiss' Sculpture

Gay Couple Male Nude Embrace Bronze Sculpture

Embrace - Bronze Cast Sculptures of Gay Male Nudes

Buy an item in this collection to help the married couple complete the set.

There are many statues in this collection, but three of them focus upon a loving embrace between two males. They would all make stunning wedding gifts for gay men.

In the first, the couple sit entwined upon the floor. As one man leans into the other, it's not just their arms, but their legs too which seek out the closeness of an embrace. It becomes difficult to determine where one person ends and another begins. Their love is tangible. Their union is absolute.

In the second, the couple are standing, embracing, kissing. There is a deep tenderness invoked in the way that they touch. One man cups the back of his lover's head, guiding him into the clinch. But there is a hint of what may follow too, in the raising of one leg and the position of his partner's hand.

A note of fun is injected into the third piece in the collection. The couple perch upon a block, spooning in their embrace. They look like they could be posing for a photograph with their legs akimbo. Are they grinning back at a camera, while their hands rush to cover the foremost man's dignity? (After all, this could end up on Facebook!) There's an aspect of both love and teamwork in this artwork, factors which make it perfect as a gay wedding present.

Male Gay Couple Bronzes

Opinion: Which art style do you prefer?

Time to canvas opinion amongst Wizzley's readers about which would make the better wedding gift.
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Embrace, because...
Ember on 07/22/2012

Knowing my friend, I am almost perfectly certain that he'd want the bronze statues. But, perhaps it is just a style thing XD

Passion, because...
JoHarrington on 03/31/2012

I like this piece better, because it looks classical. It might be the historian in me talking, but the white marble effect invokes thoughts of ancient Roman or Greek statues. Both were much more welcoming times for homosexual couples too.

Gay Wedding Gift Ideas to Celebrate Marriage with Two Grooms

The whole point of a wedding present is to honor the big day itself. As the men tie the knot, formally and legally, all of their family and friends will be cheering them on.

It is an occasion which will become one of the highlights of their entire lives, both individually and as a couple. Patently so, as the latter!

Your gift could well come to symbolize the wedding ceremony and reception, if you choose it with enough care.

Life Partners Portrait Picture Frame

Gay Wedding Photo Frame

Buy it as a memento of the wedding day.

Classic sculptures are all well and good, but the most personal art from the day will be in the couple's photographs.

This 5x7 photo frame would be ideal for displaying an image of the happy couple, as they emerge from the ceremony formally committed to a life partnership.

The fruit-wood frame has been stained with an oak finish, while the matboard is laser cut  in a white marble color. The legend 'Life Partners' is an extension of the board.

Open up the back to replace the marketing image with your own. There is a choice between an easel stand to prop the frame on a table; or a hidden hook for mounting your photograph on the wall.

This gay wedding gift idea will act as a constant reminder of the couple's big day.

Life Partners 8" x 20" Collage Photograph Frame

These collage frames for work as an alterative for the single frame above. This would allow more photographs to be on display.

Customizable Pastel Rainbow Magnetic Photo Frame

Colorful, bright and romantic, with the barest nod towards Gay Pride in the pastel rainbow hues, this wedding photo frame for gay men will be a perfect gift for two grooms. They will be able to pop a cherished image of the big day inside.

It's a gay grooms' picture frame with a difference though. Not meant to be mounted on the wall, it's pretty much a glorified fridge magnet. Albeit much bigger than the norm!  The magnetic frame measures 5" by 7", holding 4" by 6" photographs. They may attach it to the kitchen appliance of their choice, but it'll equally stick to any metallic surface - filing cabinet, locker, Empire State Building...

The customizable Rainbow Pride frame may well be used to brighten up an otherwise drab office, to be admired by colleagues, clients, service and delivery personnel. Hence it'll probably be more widely viewed than a gift that would be stashed at home!

Alternatively there's a version without the groom silhouettes or names. However, Zazzle do allow you to customize it as you will.

Personalized Magnetic Picture Frame for Gay Grooms

Rainbow Sisters Gay Men's Champagne Flutes

Champagne Glasses for a Gay Wedding Ceremony

Buy glasses to toast the happy couple.

For a gay wedding gift, these toasting flutes are very appropriate. Filled with champagne, they celebrate both the union and the happy couple's long married life together.

The etched double male symbols make it quite clear that it's a male same-sex marriage that is being cheered.

The champagne glassware comes in pairs, complete with a presentation gift box. What better present than one which will also be used for all of the anniversaries in their future?

Gay Marriage Cufflinks | Gay Pride Rainbow Cufflinks

Treat the couple (or yourself!) to male jewelry to finish off the formal wear on the big day.
Are you looking for gay wedding rings? The Countdown Collection declares your commitment, while acknowledging that we're living through historic times too.
The love and commitment is real, yet there's another kind of Pride to exhibit in your same-sex union. These gay wedding rings score political points, cheaply!

Practical Wedding Gifts for Gay Men at Home

Too many gay marriage presents end up stored away or kept only as a memento. They are all very wonderful, but a large volume of keepsakes can create clutter.

You could get around this problem by choosing a gift which is actually useful later on. Kitchenware is available, which does celebrate a homosexual marriage. Your generosity will be remembered, as the couple settle into daily life together.

His and His Coffee Mugs

Only $59.99

Handcrafted Pottery for Two Husbands

The rustic clay His and His coffee mugs come in a set of two. They are specifically designed with male gay couples in mind.

Every stage in the creation of these mugs is done by hand. From the raw clay being shaped on the potter's wheel, through being trimmed, stamped, waxed and glazed. It all produces a strong finish that would be hard to chip or break.

As the couple enjoy those quiet moments, warmed with hot drinks over breakfast or in the evening, they will be using your thoughtful gift. In fact, they will be all but kissing it with each sip!

Personalized Gay Wedding Mug for Two Men

Zazzle also carries crockery for a gay marriage memento. 

This can really be personal, as you would add the couple's names and wedding date too. The mug can be used for hot drinks, but it is more likely to become a display item in their home.

The cartoon image is both fun and cute, but if it isn't your thing, then you do have other choices. There is a whole range of them!

The customizable gay marriage mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Customized Male Gay Wedding Mug

Personalized Frosted Glass Mug for Gay Wedding Gift

We're back with the pastel rainbow acknowledgement of Gay Pride here, though done subtly in romantic hues.

What isn't obvious from the picture is that this frosted glass mug will be customized with the names of your grooms, and the date of their union. That's on the back.

You may use the template to fill in the relevant details for your couple, or press the button to totally change what's written there (or remove it, if personalized mugs aren't your thing).

You're only getting one mug for them to share here, but it'll be a lovely keepsake of the big day. Lovely enough to display as an ornament too, if they aren't willing to stain the innards with much coffee drinking.

Pastel Rainbow Two Grooms Frosted Glass Mug

More Pastel Rainbow Wedding Gift Ideas for Gay Men

If you like the design, then there's a whole range proudly displaying it on Zazzle. Here is a mere selection. They may all be customized to your specification too.

Aprons For Same Sex Unions

Imagine the scene: your beloved couple are preparing their evening meal together.

Their wedding day is glorious memory and now the reality of married life kicks in. That means cooking and eating together. That means protecting their clothing, while the ingredients go in.

They are life partners now. Groom and groom. Husband and husband. Mr and Mr. Which is exactly what can be written over their hearts, across their chests, on their matching aprons.

The high quality blend of cotton and polyester creates durable protective clothing. The legend 'Mr' or 'His' is embroidered onto it.

Please note that only the 'Mr' comes in a set of two. If you wish for them both to have a 'His' apron, then you will have to make two purchases. The difference in price reflects that.

Mr & Mr Embroidered Aprons

Monsieur and Monsieur Throw Pillows

These His and His pillows would make a stylish addition to any home. They make the point, while also being very practical.

The throw pillows measure 11" by 6", plenty big enough for some quality shut eye.

Luxury Hotel & Spa His and His Hand Towels

Monogrammed His and His Towels for a Gay Couple

Everybody needs towels, and these are 100% plush Turkish cotton. They constitute a nice bit of luxury with which to adorn their home. You can bet that you'll be silently thanked anew, every time one of the grooms dries his hands.

The fact that they are clearly labelled His and His acknowledges their relationship as a gay marriage, as well as reinforcing that it's a set. A lovely and perfect pairing, just like the newly wed couple themselves.

Practical, beautiful and meaningful.  I call this one a winner on all counts!

How About a Christmas Decoration?

Some of these can be customized with your own personal message. These ornaments will be enjoyed every year.
The wedding cake has gone and the photos are framed. Now you're putting up your tinsel together for the first time as a married couple. How about a decoration to mark the occasion?
The festive season is upon us again. It's time to deck the halls with jolly, bright and, above all, gay decorations!
All the colors of the rainbow are represented in these festive ornaments; and so they should be!

Final Word

I hope that you found some great inspiration on this page. Please do comment with the items which caught your fancy. It's all so very exciting!

And, of course, if all else fails, then there's always eBay!  Happy shopping all.

Wedding Gifts for Gay Men on eBay

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Paul C on 07/22/2016

When my partner and I got married last year we got a gift certificate for an anniversary sundial that we had made for us once we found our new home. It was designed to be placed on the windowsill indoors and it makes wonderful rainbows on the floor in our patio room whenever the sun shines on it. I think it is a really great symbolic gift, especially since we were able to customize it - the guy who makes them added a special date line to it that the time shadow follows on our special day each year, and there is even a special mark on that line that the shadow will touch each year at the actual MOMENT that we got married! I've never seen anything else like it, I don't remember what it is called but you can probably find it online with a search. We love ours!

JoHarrington on 07/22/2012

Ah! Then it definitely sounds like the place to look!

Ember on 07/22/2012

Yes, Castro is the incredibly vibrant gay district.

JoHarrington on 07/22/2012

I don't know San Francisco, is Castro known for its gay shops? Good luck finding your gift!

Ember on 07/22/2012

It's awesome that there are these things out there for events like this :) After thoroughly discovering Castro, in San Francisco, I'd go there and ask one of the lovely guys in the shops for direction on a gift.

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