Pagan Gay Wedding Gifts for Men

by JoHarrington

Looking for Pagan handfasting gifts for gay couples? These male gay wedding gift ideas were made by a Wiccan High Priestess!

It feels like a bit of a niche market. But changes to the law mean same-sex marriages are becoming more frequent, and more than you think will be gay Pagan handfastings.

For decades, Paganism has welcomed individuals regardless of their sexual orientation. The old religions became spiritual havens for many who might otherwise have opted for an Abrahamic faith. But who felt cast out by intolerant congregations.

Pagan handfastings for gay couples have long been held, and often continue to be the first choice. In fact, the very first legal marriage between two grooms in New York City involved a ceremonial handfasting.

If you're invited to one, then you'll need a Pagan gay handfasting gift. We have plenty right here!

Wiccan High Priestess Making Handfasting Gifts for Gay Men

With no little measure of great bias, I can vouch for the Wiccan High Priestess behind the gay male Pagan wedding gifts on offer here. She's me.

Image: Jo Harrington officiating at a handfastingI'd heard about three different handfastings, involving gay men, within a week of same-sex marriage becoming legal. That meant I'd better look for appropriate Pagan wedding gifts for two grooms.

Yet that was quite a niche request. Supply had not yet been carried by growing demand into producing much of a selection. What was available looked for all the world like gifts designed for other couples, hurriedly adapted for this new pairing. Which is precisely what they were.

Pagans had more of a head-start, but there still wasn't much to cover legal gay marriage within a Pagan context.

Therefore I began to explore some ideas for my own designs. With fifteen years' experience behind me actually officiating in Pagan handfastings, I knew about the symbolism and the reality both. I channeled that into my Old Ways and Awen creations.

You have discovered me right at the beginning of this endeavor. The range is currently quite limited, but it will grow. I hope you find a Pagan gay wedding gift idea to match your two men on their big day. Blessed be.

I first officiated at a Wiccan Handfasting in 1998. As a High Priestess, I get to see all of the background stuff which makes up the big day.
Running around naked and sacrificing babies or virgins are two things that will not happen at a witch wedding. Read on to find out what will!

Double God Gay Handfasting Keepsake Box

Customizable gift idea for gay men to celebrate their Wiccan handfasting.
Image: Inside Double God Keepsake Box
Image: Inside Double God Keepsake Box

One thing that any Pagan needs is somewhere to keep little bits and pieces. This is particularly true when a couple are being handfast, as the ceremony does include one or two items which may be kept as souvenirs of the big day.

This gorgeous Double God Handfasting Keepsake box will feature the names of your two Wiccan grooms on the top lid. On the underside may be added the date of their handfasting. 

But this is only if you use the template provided. There is also the opportunity to personalize both legends (and indeed the image too!) with your own words.

Cutting Board for a Gay Wiccan Wedding Gift for Men

Wiccan Gay Male Handfasting Gift Trinket Box

You may be wondering what's so Wiccan about the design on these gay handfasting gifts for men, or indeed what makes them notably presents for same-sex couples.

There are three Wiccan themes referenced in the design (four if you include the word 'handfast(ing)' in the legends):

  • The color is a deep crimson red. This is the hue associated with Wiccan handfastings, as it relates to the Mother Goddess. She governs Pagan wedding ceremonies. Due to the duality at the core of Wicca, the Goddess may be accessed by men too (just as the God is within women). Therefore there's no contradiction in a Goddess's color being invoked in a gift for male couples being handfast.
  • The twisting floral border acknowledges the natural world. Wicca is all about nature.
  • The representation of the Horned God. This symbol is the circle with the horned 'crescent' above. It invokes divine masculine energy in Wicca.

That last symbol is repeated twice. Generally it would be placed alongside that of the Triple Goddess, which recalls divine feminine energy in Wicca. The fact that we have two Horned Gods renders this piece a double masculine, ergo a Wiccan wedding gift for two gay males.

Double God Gay Wiccan Hipflask for Male Couples

Photo Frame Wiccan Male Couple Handfasting Gift

I personally think that the magnetic photo frame is a particularly good Wiccan wedding gift for two Pagan men. They could use it to hold a photograph of their handfasting!

Unlike most frames, which hang from picture hooks on the wall, this one attaches itself to anything metallic. It could be the world's largest fridge magnet, or else hang inside a locker, or brighten up an otherwise dreary office space, by being featured on a filing cabinet.

Pagan Gay Male Bathroom Sets for Wiccan Couples

Mr & Mr, His & His or Groom & Groom are the legends on these ceramic beauties.

Even non-Wiccans will be able to get the message with the bathroom sets for Pagan gay male couples.  There's plenty historic, but nothing obscurely Wiccan in gifts labelled Mr and Mr, His and His or Groom and Groom.

If you like the concept, but not the sets, then there are romantic lovers' mugs with the same legends.

Mr and Mr Lovers' Mugs for Gay Wiccan Men

Above you are actually looking at the Mr & Mr Wiccan gay male mugs. But the couple's names are also part of the package. They may be customized to say whatever you want them to say.

I've shown you that first, because the lovers' mug gift for two Wiccan grooms, and the His & His mugs for gay Wiccan men, are exactly the same. Their names are on back.

In all three designs, bringing the lovers' mugs together completes a Horned God symbol, which is the most overtly Wiccan part of it all. Plus the Horned God doubles as an 'and' sign here, linking both men.

Gay Wiccan Groom & Groom Lovers' Mugs

Wiccan His and His Lovers' Mugs for Gay Couples

Like the idea of the lovers' mugs, but not the design?  Then we may finally leap from the Double God into another Pagan gay male wedding gift idea, which again utilizes Wiccan symbols.

Gay Wiccan Handfasting Lovers' Mugs for Men

These Wiccan gay men's lovers' mugs can be customized to match the details of their handfasting.

On the front are their names, while on the back is the word 'handfast' and the date.  When the mugs are enjoined, the whole caption reads *their names* handfast *the date*.

It also brings together the points on the symbols representing both grooms.

Wiccan Plate for a Male Gay Handfasting Gift

Pencil Holder Same-Sex Handfasting Gift for Men

The pentacle - a five pointed star within a circle - is the universally recognized icon for the Wiccan religion.  A circle with an arrow leading upwards is the global symbol for men. Here both are combined, in order to denote male Wiccans.

Two are included to indicated a gay couple, with one turned around to romantically touch the other in reference to their handfast union.

Again both of these items may be personalized as a Wiccan gay marriage gift for two men. Or maybe you don't want their names printed on your present. In which case, the clock below might be an option. (Though you could just remove the customization from any of the items above too!)

Full Moon Clock for Wiccan Gay Couples

Wiccan Moon Desk Tidy for Male Gay Couples

The moon is very important in Wicca, as the visible focus for the Triple Goddess. Its prominence is such that some adherents would refer to Wicca as a moon religion, rather than a nature one per se. I can understand that view, though I don't necessarily agree.

Nevertheless, the full moon on both the clock and the desk tidy will emphasize the fact that this is a Wiccan wedding gift. Your two grooms will get the reference and blessing both, as their icons are formed within it.

I do hope there were some gift ideas for the Pagan gay handfasting that you will attend. If not, please do check back often, as I will be adding more in time. And do pass on my congratulations to the happy couple too!

Don't Forget the Wrapping Paper!

There are a few different designs of gift-wrap for Wiccan gay couples here, or more in the store itself, along with matching cards.

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JoHarrington on 07/25/2014

Thank you very much. Glad you liked them. :)

Ember on 07/24/2014

These are cute. I like the mugs that meet in the middle, that's nifty.

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