Pagan Lesbian Wedding Gifts

by JoHarrington

Lesbian wedding gift ideas for a Pagan handfasting? Here we have handfasting gifts for two brides created by a Wiccan High Priestess.

The Pagan community were ahead of history, when it came to same-sex Pagan marriages. We were handfasting gay couples before it was even remotely legal.

Did you know that the very first legal same-sex wedding in New York City included a handfasting too? Now you do!

All of this means that Paganism has long been an attractive spiritual outlet for LGBT people. Therefore many of the handfastings that you attend now could well be gay or lesbian in nature.

I've gathered a few Pagan handfasting gift ideas for lesbians to help you on your way.

Pagan Gay Wedding Gifts for Women

Right at the very beginning, I informed you that these Pagan wedding gifts for two brides were created by a Wiccan High Priestess. But that doesn't mean much, unless you know who she is and if anyone can vouch for her credentials.

I can vouch for her, though I'm not sure how unbiased that may be. It's me. I made everything that you're about to peruse. The article below provides my history with Wiccan wedding ceremonies. As for my credentials, take it up with Janet Farrar. She initiated me.

I first officiated at a Wiccan Handfasting in 1998. As a High Priestess, I get to see all of the background stuff which makes up the big day.

Primarily a writer, I've branched out into creating Pagan products to fill niches that I kept finding. Sometimes you need an insider to highlight what isn't out there!

One huge omission was any range of gift ideas for Pagan lesbian handfastings. A little specific for most store-holders, I suspect, but definitely needed.  You'll find that my Pagan wedding gift ideas for lesbian couples are a little limited in scope - I've only just opened Old Ways and Awen - but I'll add more as time goes by.

At least you know the designer now. If you would prefer a variation on a theme - or anything else - comment at the end and I'll do my best to accommodate your requirements.

What I can promise is they'll all be rich in Wiccan and Pagan symbolism. I know what I'm talking about and I've incorporated all that knowledge into my designs. I hope you enjoy them.

Mahogany Colored Lesbian Handfasting Keepsake Box

Lesbian Handfasting Golden Oak Keepsake Box

I thought these keepsake boxes were gorgeous!  And very practical too. If there's one thing that Wiccans need, it's appropriate (and portable) storage boxes. We amass quite a lot of little things, which often have to be conveyed from altar to altar, to moots, meetings and other gatherings.

Oils, flowers, trinkets and icons could all fit into either of these Wiccan keepsake boxes. Or, of course, they could be used for keepsakes. After all, there will be a few of those from the day of the handfasting and a nice wooden box would be perfect to keep those bits and bobs together.

The design is the same on the front and inner lid. Naturally they can be customized to reflect the names of your own couple and their handfasting date.

Double Three-in-One Lesbian Wiccan Cutting Board

Double Triple Goddess Lesbian Wedding Photo Frame

So what's so lesbian about this design?  I'm hoping that the Pagan aspect will be obvious, but the other might require a certain perspective.

In case you aren't Pagan yourself, I'll talk you through the imagery. The full moon is edged with two crescent moons. This is the universally recognized symbol in Wicca for the Triple Goddess. The moons represent the Maiden, Mother and Crone respectively.

You may be sure that when you gift two Pagan brides with this, they will know that icon.

Where it becomes lesbian is in the fact that the Three-in-One Goddess icon is repeated. There are two goddesses here - one for each Pagan lesbian bride - with their flowers reaching around in union with the other.

Triple Goddess Pagan Lesbian Bathroom Sets

Bathroom sets for Pagan lesbian couples bearing the legends: Mrs and Mrs; Hers and Hers; and Bride and Bride.

There is nothing overtly Pagan about the flowers themselves, other than the fact that Wicca is a very nature-based religion. The Goddess is right there in the foliage, as the Green Lady, Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

However the color scheme is deliberate. Red is the color of the Goddess in Her prime. In this aspect, She would typify a bride at a handfasting.

Pagan Mrs & Mrs Mugs

Pagan Hers & Hers Mugs

Fabulous gift ideas for a gay Pagan marriage are these lesbian couple household items. There were bathroom sets up above and here we have lovers' mugs.

You may choose between Mrs and Mrs, Hers and Hers, plus Bride and Bride for both. Each bearing the same Double Goddess design to make it very Pagan, while emphasizing the fact that this is a wedding gift for lesbian Pagans with those legends.

The lovers' mugs are very relevant to the fact of their union in love.  Each bride gets her own mug from which to enjoy a hot beverage, but placed together with her wife's mug, the patterned picture is complete.

By the way, their names are on the back. At least they will be, once you've customized it via the editing template.

Face of the Goddess Lesbian Wiccan Wedding Mugs

Lesbian Wiccan Handfasting Gift Lovers' Mugs

These two lesbian Pagan wedding gift mugs display that union even more keenly.  The legends on both complete only when placed together.

The first names each bride. When her lovers' mug snuggles against that of her wife, then it reads '*bride's name* wears for me the face of the Goddess'.  It's a common phrase in Wicca, after being popularized by The Mists of Avalon novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley (and later the television adaptation too).

Basically each bride is saying that when she thinks of divine love, she pictures her other half.

The second lesbian lovers' mug not only finally breaks with the same design, but has a message to complete on its reverse side too. One mug reads 'Handfast', while the other carries the date.

Lesbian Couple Hipflask

Lesbian Couple Charms

Perhaps when you picture drinks for lesbian brides' handfasting gifts, you didn't quite have coffee in mind. Above are a couple of lesbian Pagan wedding gift ideas incorporating a spot of the hard stuff.

The first is a hipflask, which may be pushed into a pocket or dropped into a bag, as the brides go out and about as a handfast couple.

A set of four wineglass charms makes up the second handfasting gift idea for gay women. The colors are quite precise. Left to right, you're viewing:

  • Moon background - in Wicca, the Goddess is heavily linked with the moon. The front icons blend in, indicating that both brides are at one with each other and the divine Lady.
  • Red background - the Goddess during a handfasting and marriage is represented by the color red. Both brides are in this aspect now.  The gold icons are largely because they look pretty, though you could crowbar in a reference to the sun, if you wished to do so.
  • Green background - signifying the natural world, which is a huge frame of reference in any Pagan religion. The pastel rainbow icons touch base with Gay Pride.
  • Gay Pride back and foreground here. Pastel rainbow against a vibrantly colored rainbow, both acknowledging the Pride flag.

Your brides will use these charms to link around the stems of wineglasses, in order to tell them apart. Or they will, if they utilize them as Zazzle expects! However there are plenty of other possible uses in Wicca.

Red Wiccan Plate Gift for a Lesbian Handfast Couple

Wiccan Moon Clock for a Lesbian Couple

Time to talk you through the icons adorning these lesbian Wiccan wedding gift ideas.

These are distinctly Wiccan, rather than Pagan per se.  The emblem for Wicca as a religion is the pentacle. That's the five pointed star (pentagram) inside a circle. The universal symbol for a woman is a circle with a cross emerging from it.

All that's happened here are those two icons have been merged, then joined with another to create a pairing of Wiccan women - hence the lesbian handfasting element!

Champagne Toast Lesbian Handfasting Desk Tidy

Wiccan Moon Lesbian Couple Desk Organizer

A couple of highly practical Wiccan wedding gift ideas for two brides. They're desk organizers with the same image on the back and front. There are holes at the top for pens, pencils and the like.

Again these will be personalized to create your own gift for a Wiccan lesbian couple.

You already know about the symbolism of the icons and the moon. There's nothing more to add for the gold and silver lesbian brides desk tidy. I selected the colors to look pretty and added in champagne glasses toasting as a nod towards the celebration.

Hopefully, amongst all these Pagan wedding gifts for lesbians, there was one for you to present. If not, please do check back again, as I will be updating this page with new products, as I create them.

Don't Forget the Wrapping Paper!

Pagan handfasting gift wrap for lesbian couples here. I did try to think of everything!

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JoHarrington on 06/07/2014

Excellent! Thank you very much. I'm still working on many of the male equivalents. I stupidly locked my flowers in place in the borders, hence shifting them to stick in Cernunnos is proving tricky.

Yay! It's definitely worth writing about weddings on Wizzley. My affiliate account summaries over the past year have convinced me of that.

Guest on 06/06/2014

Given my scene nick, you know that anything multicolored will get my interest. So many of my friends are gay or lesbian, I will find myself being able to give one of these gorgeous gifts (or its male equivalent) at some point in my life, I'm sure. Nothing would give me more pleasure! I love the sign for the Triple Goddess too.

Bear with me a few weeks and I'll start writing like an Alien-infested madly possessed being. That will yield many articles, among which is at least one which will leave you in no doubt about my opinion of traditional expensive weddings!

JoHarrington on 06/06/2014


Mira on 06/06/2014

Right :D

JoHarrington on 06/06/2014

Ordinarily the God would be present and correct. But these are styled for lesbian Pagan weddings, hence the double goddess. :D

Mira on 06/06/2014

Oh, full moon! Yes, I guess that makes sense. All female energy and such. But where's the other half then: the male, the sun? I thought symbolically you always had a sun and a moon, despite the fact that, as in yin-yang, the yin has a bit of yang and the yang a bit of yin, they're dynamic, and so on. Anyway, you probably explained it (and I have read your articles) but right now I'm lost :-).
Glad you like my jewelry idea :-)

JoHarrington on 06/06/2014

I systematically went through everything looking for sets - pairs, triplets or fours worked best for me in Pagan terms.

The bit in the middle is a full moon, not a sun. Unless you're talking about another one, in which case I ought to check it out! :)

Oohh! I never thought of jewelry. Good call. Thanks!

Mira on 06/06/2014

I didn't know Zazzle did bathroom sets as well. Great that you spotted them! The sun flanked by the two crescent moons is a nice symbol, both visually and conceptually.
By the way, I saw a girl with pentacle earrings the other day, a cashier at a supermarket. I wondered if she knew the symbol or simply liked the shape. Speaking of which, you could advertise some jewelry too. I think they would make nice wedding gifts as well.
I like the keepsake boxes they have on Zazzle, and I think those are great gifts, too. I also like your other ideas :)

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