GBLTQ - It's NOT a Sandwich

by MarenEliz

Let's just acknowledge that the Creator makes all sorts of folks.


maybe it's the T and the Q that have you stumped?

This, and combinations close to it, is a common group of initials. It stands for the following words which may describe a child, co-worker, relative, or friend of ours:






Transgender covers the range of experimenting with being the other gender through clothing choices to the years-long process of making the change surgically and medically.

Questioning friends arre often teens and early adults who are developing their sexual identity.

What it is NOT

These words do not mean an individual is a predator or a pedophile. They do not mean that the individual is interested in inappropriate "public displays of affection." They are not (or should not be) terms of insult. These labels describe an acknowledgement of what a Higher Power may have instilled in one of his precious creations.

All God's Critters Got a Voice in the Choir

The political and social climate is forever evolving. At the time of the Stonewall riots in New York City, the gay community was seeking only safe places for meeting, dating, and fraternizing. Things have improved for this population, but the struggle for equality is not finished. Now, in the 21st century, the gay community seeks the rights of marriage and its economic benefits, and the right to raise children through adoption or medical intervention.  Some states are granting marriage rights of varying degrees.  Perhaps one days, we will shake our heads at our own nation, saying with shame, "Why did we treat THEM (natives Americans, immigrants, gays,...) so poorly?"

We're here. We're Queer.

And the Rainbow has come to us.

The entertainment media feature increasing numbers of offerings in which characters are either incidentally gay or are gay and struggling with issues related to that status.  It is more common to see same-sex couples holding hands in public or to have dating/romance services cater to all sorts of combinations.  Even the U.S. navy created history by allowing the first sailor off a returning boat to give the first kiss to her same-gender partner waiting on shore.

True story

feel good movie
Kinky Boots

Only $3.99


Aretha knew

Many battles have been fought and won for rights of segments of the human race. Rights of members of ethnic groups, members of religious beliefs, women, and others have been denied and then gained. One need not say in his heart of hearts "I totally agree with everything you believe and do" in order to be able to say "I totally believe that you have a right to be you, just as I have the right to be me." I urge you to replace any temptation to belittle the GLBTQ population with the overwhelming desire to respect them.

Updated: 01/09/2012, MarenEliz
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