Giant Gummy Bear Party Bowl -- Huge, Festive, Yummy Container

by Regi_B

Who wouldn't want an edible gummy bear party bowl! This is partyware that practically screams "Eat me!" (but you know, totally in a good way).

Parties should be festive and unique. Perhaps, the "uniquerest" (new word I just made up there -- you feel free to borrow it, no charge) thing on the party stuffs scene is the 26-pound, edible, party gummy bear from VAT19. The "Purveyors of Curiously Awesome Products" have done it again, by bringing this curious and awesome party thingy-thing to market.

Is it the end all it party gets? Could be.

Is it the best thing ever? Depends on who you are.

Is it world changing? Oh, most definitely!

A Gummy Party Bear, You Say?

Clearly inspired by their success marketing -- more or less -- all things gummy (less than all, but more than most -- What?), brings us the gigantic Gummy Party Bear. It has a little something for gummy lovers, party lovers, and stuff-inside-a-bowl lovers. (That last group seems to me, suspicious -- keep an eye on them!)

Move over crispy fried salad bowl! Move over -- um, let's see -- other things that are both containers and food! This big gummy bear with a built-in bowl is about to crash your party!

Party Gummy in Four Flavors
Party Gummy in Four Flavors

How Big Is this Giant Gummy Party Bowl?

As per VAT19's own details, here are the "vitals" of the big, bad bear bowl from planet Gummytron:

  • 17 inches tall (if "seated", but you'll use it on its "back").
  • The bowl is deep enough for a liter of beverage.
  • Oh! At 26 pounds and 32,000 calories, it will make an "impression" on your party guests, for sure!

What Flavor Is the Gummy Bear Party Bowl?

Flavor? Flavor! You think it honestly comes in only one flavor!

Sure the party gummy bear bowl is a novelty, but that does not mean VAT19 skimped and went with just one flavor. You can order this adorable edible container in four sweet flavors:

  • Blue Raspberry
  • Cherry Red
  • Orange
  • Green Apple

Watch the Funny Party Gummy Video

Purveyors of this unique party bowl -- VAT19 -- put together one of their infamously funny videos for the big, bad gummy bowl.

Watch it on this page to the right, or click here to watch the vid bigger.

How Much Does a Gummy Bear Party Bowl Cost?

You wouldn't want to buy one of these every week, but then, this baby bear is fit for a party!

With that in mind, the Party Gummy's price weighs in at a "doable" $150 -- and you can buy yours now at VAT19.

Could You Make Your Own Giant Gummy Bear Party Bowl?

You could make your own, but why?

Between the time you put into it and the cost of materials, I think you would be better served buying a gummy party bear from VAT19.

That said, I may add an article on how to make your own (for the masochists out there!), so keep an eye out. (Do not literally pull an eye out -- this is a family show! It is?)

Accessorize Your Gummy Bear Party Bowl

Can you believe we live in a day and age when there are gummy bear party bowl accessories? Good heavens!

There are things you will "need" along with your gummy bear party bowl. These things include:

  • Candy
  • Artisan Soda
  • Assorted Flavor Marshmallows
  • Bacon (I don't know what kind of peculiar things you might put in your big gummy's bowl!)
  • Serrated knife (for slicing off a piece of the gummy)
  • or even better, a carving set!
Only $19.69
Only $65.67
Only $10.80
Only $12.00
Only $66.50
$260.00  $99.95
Updated: 03/05/2012, Regi_B
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Regi_B on 03/05/2012

I think they do have a party "innovation" here, Katie. I would hope nobody tries to eat one of these alone, though. O_o

katiem2 on 03/05/2012

Oh yea that video is so funny... love gummy bears and the bowl is a great idea for many fun parties, as the video shows you can use it in many was, wow 26 pounds that's some party bear.

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