Gifts for the Math Teacher

by SharileeShares

Math teachers are an unique bunch -- they actually like Math! And more than that, they're good at it. Some gift ideas that really add up for your Math teacher or professor!

Math teachers are an unique bunch -- they actually like Math! And more than that, they're good at it. Some gift ideas that really add up for your Math teacher or professor! These selections would be perfect for some end-of-the year appreciation, for Christmas gifts or for Teacher Appreciation Day.

Why Not a Mathematical Clock?

It's About Time!

Math teachers tend towards precision in their lifestyle: their field demands it! So why not a clock to help keep their time, and the class's time, always in line. A distinctive algebraic clock will be a great gift-giving "formula" and I am sure a great equation for a stylish, unique look in the Mathematics classroom! 

A mathematical clock will stick out for from all the other clocks in the school and remind the students that they are in math class, as if they needed reminded! And they are one way to make Math classroom stylish and fun, with a unique decorative touch. 

MATH CLASS Wall Clock mathematics teacher classroom gift

This BRAND NEW wall clock measures 10 inches in diameter. It has a black plastic frame with a clear cover. Graphics are rich and vibrant and will last a lifetime. These clocks m...

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Math Clock

While everyone else was watching the clock, you were paying attention during math class, storing away square roots and factorials for a day where you could prove your mathematic...

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An Abacus Is A Dream

For the math afficinado

Your Math teacher has probably done some studies in the ancient Mathematicians: somber individuals who brought forth the mathematical precepts we appreciate so much today. How did the mathematical forefathers come to their truths and precepts? Well, they sure didn't use a calculator. Instead, what they often used was an abacus. An abacus is a counting device that uses frames and beads to count up some big numbers. 

It is amazing what calculations can be computed on this ancient tool. Using one is reminiscent of Archimedes or Pythagoras. And even if it's not actually used, it is a very cool looking collector's piece. Some of the abacuses are one of a kind and would make a very unique and memorable gift. 

An Abacus is a tribute to the Math Masters ...

And it really adds up!

Coffee Cups For the Arithmetic Teachers

Cups Only a Math Teacher Could Love!

Math teachers are like any other teacher: they guard their coffee mugs with their life. And I don't want to see the state of the fellow teacher that dares to "borrow" the beloved cup on a early Monday morning! 

To avoid any confusion and to help the Math teacher's mug stand out, why not get them a "Math Mug," and everyone will be sure to recognize the unique cup. 

Coffee cups, although such a common gift, are still a great stand-by present. After all, cups break, get lost and sometimes they even get boring. A new cup is almost always appreciated. 

Coffee Tastes Better When It's Surrounded By Numbers

It multiplies the flavour!
3B Scientific W64004M Mathematical Formulas Mug

Mathematical Formulas Mug. Try wrapping your head around the Theory of Relativity before morning coffee. Our new mug features twenty of the most popular and important mathematic...

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Gift for All Occassions Math Mug [Set of 2]

1113302063 Features: -Math mug.-Material: High quality porcelain.-Capacity: 15 oz.-Microwave safe.-Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 4.25'' H x 3.5'' W x 3.5'' D...

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Math Clothes A Good Idea

Tying It All Together!

We all like the chance to tell the world what we do, and sometimes it's nice to do without even talking. That's where personalized clothes and bags come in. Help the math teacher declare herself without saying a word with math-related clothing items. 

How about a T-shirt that says "Listen to your math teacher" or "Math Matters!" How great would that be for starting up a conversation with the students and showing them the "coolness factor." 

Or for the well-dressed professor, consider a whimsical math tie. What better way to look professional and nerdy, all at the same time? 

And of course, the all-important teacher bag can also be found specifically for math teachers. All the better for carrying all those textbooks in, my dear! 

A Well-Dressed Math Teacher

Giving Instruction In Style.
Young Teacher in Tampa Training Her Students Math by the Book
Ad AllPosters

Rapping Math Teacher

Soh Cah Toa!

Math Clothes Make The Man

Or the woman.
Math Equations Silk Tie

Be more calculating wearing this clever math tie with random math equations. Imported.

Only $39.99
Don't listen to the voices in your head Listen to your Math Teacher Adult Male (Men's Fit) Super ...

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Proud To Be a Math Teacher Totebag (Cotton Tote / Bag)

This is a fun way to express your opinion while keeping the environment safe. The design is printed on the front of the bag in vibrant colors and is washable.

$23.99  $17.99

Maybe a Math Book?

Your Math Teacher Obviously Loves Math.

There aren't that many Math books out there: that is, books written about math, not Math textbooks. So your Math mentor might be presently surprised if you managed to dig up a book devoted to Math. 

And perhaps your instructor will be read a portion of it to you during a math session one afternoon when everyone's  having trouble concentrating on the equations. A welcome diversion! 

How about A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper, an interesting look at the world around us, from a mathematical point-of-view. Or Math Jokes For Mathy Folks, a whole book full of jokes centered around Math. Who knew math people could be funny people? 

A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

With the same user-friendly, quirky, and perceptive approach that made Innumeracy a bestseller, John Allen Paulos travels though the pages of the daily newspaper showing how mat...

Only $12.5
Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

Who says math can't be funny? In Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks, Patrick Vennebush dispels the myth of the humorless mathematician. His quick wit comes through in this incredible comp...

Only $8.19

Math Movie Choices

Statistically Great Deals!

Did you know there are movies about Mathematicians? Whole films dedicated to math teachers or mathematicians. Who knew Math would make it to Hollywood? Try one of these on for size. 

First, there's Good Will Hunting, the story of a young man whose mind is that of a genius, but whose heart is that of a construction worker. Will he be shaped into the academic life that he is intellectually suited for, or stay within his comfort zone and forgo fulfilling his mathematical potential? 

Next is a Beautiful Mind. A brilliant professor starts getting visits from the U.S. government. They need his help on a top secret project. But is it real or just a figment of his beautiful mind? We don't know for sure until close to the end. A haunting tale of brilliance exploded. 

Finally, Stand and Deliver. A classroom of misfits thrown together to learn Math. No one thinks they can, until that one teacher does. And he won't give up until they've learned enough Math to pass their exams and have the chance at another kind of future. 

For even more teacher movies of all kind, see this list of inspirational teacher movies. 

Good Will Hunting (Miramax Collector's Series)

A true motion picture phenomenon, this triumphant story was nominated for 9 Academy Awards(R) -- winning Oscars for Robin Williams (Best Supporting Actor) and hot newcomers Matt...

$11.98  $4.99

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A Beautiful Mind (Full Screen Awards Edition)

The thrilling and inspiring story of a brilliant and charismatic man ensnared by a mysterious conspiracy which takes his life and mind to places he never imagined. Studio: Uni D...

$9.75  $5.0

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Stand and Deliver/Lean on Me

Look at the too-cool-to-cope kids in Jaime Escalante's class at East L.A.'s tough Garfield High, and many will say they see a bunch of losers. Escalante sees scholars. How he ca...

Only $7.5

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More Math Gift Ideas

  1. A math puzzle: Math is all about problem-solving and a math guy or girl may just love having a fun problem to solve, in the form of a puzzle. You could try the classic Rubik's cube or another math puzzle for solving. Sudoku books are an another idea. 
  2. Calculator: A calculator is a gadget that a math teacher is always using, and probably lending out to one of her students. There are many different kind of calculators, from the simple to the graphing calculators. 

Whatever you decide to purchase the favourite Math teacher in your life, I am confident that it will be a great addition to their lives! 


IcoSoKu is a surprisingly challenging puzzle that will test your spatial skills, your ability to keep several things in your head at once, and your ability to focus. Arrange the...

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QJ Super Square One Puzzle Cube

The QJ Super Square One 4SQ1 cube, also called 4SQ1 and SQ1, is a fun and very interesting new cube by QJ. The sides are like a 3x4 layer cube but with two different size panels...

Texas Instruments Inc. TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Blue Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments Inc. TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Blue Graphing Calculator The latest and greatest for high school students. An enhanced version of the TI-83 Plus, the nation's b...

Only $299.95

Solving The Rubik's Cube Scene

From the Pursuit of Happyness

Do You Like Math?

Answer Honestly!

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SharileeShares on 05/15/2012

Katie, I am so glad this gave you some ideas. Wow, it sounds like your daughters have inherited your mathematical genes! And yes, math really is important for so many things in life. Thanks so much for the comment.

katiem2 on 05/15/2012

We love math, both my daughters started honors high school math in middle school. My 15 year old is taking honors calculus and my 13 year old is taking honors algebra, great to have a good math foundation. Thanks for helping us to understand what gifts are best for math teachers. We were just talking about the very topic this morning, schools out in 8 days and we're planning year end gifts for teachers. Thanks so much :)

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