Gifts and Mementos to Mark a Diamond Jubilee

by JoHarrington

As Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne, Diamond Jubilee merchandise presents a unique opportunity to own a keepsake.

It's only the second time in British history that it's happened. A monarch has reigned for sixty years!

On February 6th 2012, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, but the momentous occasion wasn't confined to just one day. Throughout the year, events and parties are being held and mementos are being bought.

You don't have to be British to grab yourself an historical keepsake. Vendors around the world have items in their stores. Check out some of the Diamond Jubilee souvenirs on offer.

Patriotism Goes Wild for Souvenirs of Queen Elizabeth II

Milestones in the lives of the British Royal Family always lead to commemorative gifts in the stores.

In the top of my kitchen cupboard, there is a carefully wrapped mug. It was given to me for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II back in 1977.

I was only five at the time, but I recall it well. There was bunting strung across every house and we had a party in the street. There are photographs recording it too. Cute, little me waving a patriotic flag into the face of my baby brother. He looks less impressed, as he peeps out from his pram.

Royal events always bring a flood of merchandise that will never be seen again. Everything from expensive jewellery to paper plates, which are used to demonstrate our fervor for the occasion. Patriotism rules, openly, exuberantly and completely for just that single moment in time. Then it's all gone, consigned to the scrap-heaps, never to be seen again.

But, of course, some people have the foresight to keep these items safe. In centuries to come, they might be worth something.

Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album

Part of the Royal Collection
Queen Elizabeth II: A Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album (Royal Collect...

Sixty Years in Photographs Charts the Life of Queen Elizabeth II

Lifted from the Royal Archives, many of these images and documents have never been publicly available before!

It's been six decades since Queen Elizabeth II took the British throne. For a monarch to serve so long is a truly rare event.

The Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Album has been produced with access to the Royal Archives. Over 300 photographs tell Elizabeth's story, from birth until the present day. These include personal images, not taken at the time for the general public, but for the Royal Family itself.

It also covers the history of Diamond Jubilees. This is an historic occasion, which has only been seen once before in Britain. In 1897, Queen Victoria became the first. Queen Elizabeth II is just the second to reign so long.

Have you read...?

Until 2012, the only British monarch ever to have reigned for 60 years was Queen Victoria. Celebrations were held by a fifth of the world population.
On February 6th 1952, George VI died suddenly in his sleep. 60 years on, his daughter Elizabeth is Britain's oldest reigning monarch.

3 Royal Family Souvenirs Now Worth a Fortune

  1. Meissen teapot with the arms of Sophie of Hanover (1713) - £300,000
  2. Mug celebrating Queen Victoria's coronation (1838) - £600
  3. Minton vase commemorating the marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (1947) - £300

Not all merchandise makes money in the long run. Choose your keepsakes carefully!

Have you kept Royal Family Merchandise in the hope of a profit?

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Is Your Dining Room Fit for a Queen?

Many companies are creating collectible merchandise to arrange in your kitchen or dining room.

The cork-backed coasters are hand-made in Britain. They are just two of a wide selection, which could end up gracing dining tables across the world.

The designs upon them range from patriotic reverence, through to highly amusing slogans and images. They are bound to put a smile onto the faces of your guests.

Meanwhile, Diamond Jubilee cutlery comes either as single items, or in keepsake presentation cases. The collection pictured above is silver-plated.

Life-sized Cardboard Cut-Outs of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


An Audience with the Queen and her Consort

The Royal couple could be standing in your home with these life-sized, free-standing cut-outs!

One of the more unusual Diamond Jubilee mementos comes, quite literally, in the shape of the Queen and Prince Philip themselves.

Between 170-182cm high, they will stand life-sized to welcome guests into your home. How could you possibly do without them?!

The cardboard couple are easily assembled, then fold away later for storage. They are self-supporting, so you won't need to tack them to a wall. 

In addition, the package includes a 25x20cm gloss finish, professionally rendered photograph from the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Teddy Bear

This cuddly toy is a cute, little fellow.

He stands 26cm high and has a Union Flag stamped onto his paw. His red jumper is embroidered to show just which historic occasion he commemorates.

The teddy bear has been created by an English company, Pro Active. It was designed especially to mark Queen Elizabeth II's six decades on the throne.

Diamond Jubilee Mugs and Ceramics

Buy crockery for your tea! It's the classic British way to celebrate a royal event.
Spode Blue Room Diamond Jubilee Queen...H M Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubile...Royal Worcester Queen Elizabeth II Di...

Tea with the Queen?

The most classic Royal event keepsakes of all are mugs and cups. They remain perennially popular.

When anyone thinks of the array of merchandise associated with any major royal event, they focus first on the mugs. It's practically the standard by which everything else is held. As a British woman, it's a mug that I have packed away in my kitchen cupboard!

What could be more British than a nice cup of tea? That probably explains the popularity of cups and other ceramics above all other Diamond Jubilee items.

Naturally, these range right across the spectrum in quality. The best companies are Wedgwood or the other Staffordshire based kilns. There is a whole area up there called the Potteries for good, historic reason!

However, Royal Worcester is also a well-respected brand. Their porcelain often turns up in antique auctions, with a local museum showing examples from  the 18th century.

The Spode Blue Room Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth II Mug has been made in a limited edition of 5000. These are the kind of details that you need to watch out for, when deciding what to purchase for future profit. The number one reason why some merchandise doesn't make the grade is because they were mass produced at the time.

Every British house is liable to end up with at least one mug during the Diamond Jubilee year of 2012. Patriotic frenzy will be further stoked by the coming of the London Olympics, so it'll all mix together.

Now, more tea?

More Diamond Jubilee Cups and Mugs

Invest in a keepsake to mark this unique historical moment. Cups and mugs are what most of the British will choose to buy.
Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabe...Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Diamon...Aynsley Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabe...
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JoHarrington on 06/03/2012

LOL Yes! This is IRL flipping!

And no, I'm not against it. Egg explained the maths to me and things fundamentally stay where they are in the middle of the seesaw. :)

Fred Gwyar on 06/03/2012

Sooooo what are you saying...Should I hoard stuffs and hoping to sell them as rare in a few year?? I always thought you were against flipping...Do I need to email Egg to ask about tips??
sorry couldn't resist

JoHarrington on 02/07/2012

I remember having a street party for Charles and Diana getting married, then there was one for the 50th anniversary of VE Day. None of the streets I've lived in have had another since. :(

I've just consulted with my mother, who was obviously old enough to recall these things. She said that the mugs were bought in a shop, so it wasn't like the royal family just sent them out or anything!

TerriRexson on 02/07/2012

Yes, we must be the same age then, I was five later that year too. I think the mugs must have been given out, I can't imagine my parents being able to afford to buy them.

Actually we had a street party for the royal wedding last year and we're having one for the Jubilee. I'm not a royalist, but it's a good opportunity to meet the neighbours. They're definitely less common though. The whole road used to be blocked off to cars, with everyone out on the road.

JoHarrington on 02/07/2012

We must be the same age. I was thinking about this and I would have been four at the time too, because I hadn't yet had my 5th birthday that year. Did we all just automatically get a mug?

We don't seem to have street parties like that anymore, do we?

TerriRexson on 02/07/2012

I've still got my 1977 Silver Jubilee mug as well! I would have been 4 and I remember the street party and lots of bunting!

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