Glow In the Dark Duck Tape

by Regi_B

For effect, Duck Brand Tape that glows takes the prize. What prize? One I just made up in my head just now.

Duck Tape is cool -- in as much as tape can be cool. They get the idea of decorating. One tape they make that catches the eye -- even when light is low, like not there -- is glow-in-the-dark Duck Tape. When duct tape was first invented, I wonder if its makers foresaw this!

Now, what you do with your glow in the dark Duck Tape is up to you. There are many "applications" for this tape. (That was a reach of a pun. I'd say it was a bad pun, but that would be redundant!) We will look at those applications as we go through this Wizzley article.

What Makes Glow in the Dark Duck Tape Different

What is "different" about Duck brand duct tape that glows in the dark? I am going to submit it's that it glows in the dang dark! (I know! I am silly. I posed the question, then gave a snarky answer. Shame on me!)

Regular duct tape -- Duck brand or otherwise -- has its uses. Glow in the dark Duck Tape shines with added applications.

(There's that "application" pun again. I have got to stop that!)

How to Use Duck Tape that Glows

Of the many ways you could use Duck Brand's glow in the dark tape, here are several I suggest:

  • Halloween decorating,
  • A DIY, roadside assistance sign,
  • Taping "Teens Only" across your bedroom door,
  • "Lighting the way" when there is no other way,
  • A "killer" Duck Tape duct tape wallet,
  • Holding together a brilliant Ponzi scheme*,

*No idea why. It just seems to fit. O_o

Choice in Glowy Duct Tapes

As awesome as is Duck Tape, there is another maker of duct tapes that glow in the dark. This glowing tape maker is Firefly. For decorative purposes, they offer tapes with prints that glow. Is that not cool? (I already know, it is so cool!)

Now, which duct tape with a glowing personality you choose to use is up to you. (Choice! Brilliant!) What you could do, is choose both. Compare! See which one has more flair! I would like to know which one glows the most. I may just buy them both and do that comparison myself. If you beat me to it, please leave me a note in comments.

Finding out which glow-in-the-dark duct tape glows the most is the most important thing in the world! (Really? No. Not really.)

Updated: 10/26/2012, Regi_B
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Rose on 11/27/2013

Well it would definitely make interesting Halloween decorations!

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