Great Dog Clothes for Christmas

by BuckHawk

Share the holidays with your dog by dressing her in fun Christmas outfits.

Celebrate the Holidays with Your Dog

Include a new article of Christmas Clothing

When it comes to celebrating the holidays, be sure to include your canine companions with dog Christmas clothes. You put extra effort into this season. You may even have a favorite outfit reserved just for the fun parties and events of Christmas. Add a special t-shirt or holiday costume for your dog, too.

If your dog is not used to having clothes put on him or her, then keep it simple. A sweater, a t-shirt, or even just a bow-tie will be easy to put on and simple for a dog to keep on. Give lots of praise and attention while you are dressing your dog. And lots of continued attention with plenty of ooos and ahhhs will help, too.

If you regularly dress your dog, then some of these cute Christmas costumes will add a wonderful festive touch to your holidays.

Enjoy your holidays this year and let your dog enjoy them as well.

Dog Christmas Dress Up the Easy Way

Keep It Simple with Kyjen

Kyjen is a name well-associated with good quality dog accessories. Some of the fun ways to dress up your dog for the Christmas holidays include many head pieces and collar accents.

My favorite is a jingle bell collar. It comes in 3 sizes so you know you can find the right fit. With an elastic collar, I always try to make sure it doesn't have too snug a fit for my dogs. 

These are fun to add that festive touch for Christmas and definitely helps me know whether my dogs are resting or active. That's important during the holidays when I'm busy with many activities. Cooking in the kitchen, wrapping packages in the bedroom or decorating with outside lights, I can't always keep a close eye on what the dogs are doing, or where they are. The gentle jingle bells of this collar help me do that.

Holiday Bell Collar for Festive Results

Simple Christmas Clothes
Kyjen Holiday Dog Bell Collar, Large

Plush collar with holiday bells.Bell Collars are the ultimate holiday pet fashion accessory to make any dog look festive and in the spirit during the holidays

Only $15.39

Zazzle Has Christmas Dog Clothes

Fun T-shirts just for dogs

The Zazzle community of designers includes some of those delightful, charming, funny and fascinating people that make great t-shirts for dogs. You can find just about anything on a dog t-shirt. You can even create your own design.

Dog t-shirts on Zazzle come in 4 sizes from mini (up to 4 pounds) to large (up to 45 pounds). The quality of these 100% cotton tees provides comfort for your dog. They are fully washable which all dog lovers know is a huge advantage.

So pick your favorite design and buy with confidence for a fun and festive Christmas this year.

Getting the Perfect Fit

Getting the right look for your dog's Christmas clothes

Finding the perfect fit can be a bit tricky, but certainly do-able. You already know whether your dog is large, small or somewhere inbetween. Most dog clothes will come in various sizes. Usually something like extra-small, small, medium, large and extra-large. These should be sufficient for most dogs.

If you have an extra large dog, though, you need to be aware of what that extra-large size would actually be. Personally, I have a Great Dane. And a big guy at that! I know his height at his shoulders, his neck circumference and his chest circumference. In order to buy him one of the Christmas clothes I picked out for him this year, I also needed to know his back length from neck to tail. I wanted to make sure this article of clothing was going to be long enough to cover his back and look better on him.

Take a little time to review the product description and read the dimensions. Then make sure that special Christmas outfit that you have fallen in love with will actually fit your dog.

Updated: 11/14/2011, BuckHawk
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Did You Find the Perfect Dog Clothes for Christmas for your Dog?

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RuthCox on 08/25/2014

I've never had a dog that cared for being dressed up. I think the next pup I get will be trained from day one to let me do so.

sojourner on 12/27/2011

Some dogs can really pull of being dressed up, especially smaller dogs. I like the t-shirts for dogs best.

Vicki on 11/29/2011

I found some really nice coats and sweaters for the Holiday Season at <a href=""></a>

ohcaroline on 11/15/2011

I don't have a dog any more. These are good ideas. My dog really like to wear sweaters and t-shirts.

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