Great Gift Ideas for One-Year-Old-Boys ~ 2015

by HomeArtist1

Here's a look at this year's most popular, yet affordable toys for the busy one-year-old boy with boundless energy and unstoppable curiosity.

Full of energy and eager to try new things, one-year-old boys have many milestones ahead, both cognitively and physically. Having the right toys to best help your little learner conquer these challenges is easier met with fun; trust me, I had twin boys who kept me on my toes from dawn to dusk.

You'd rather they had a plethora of fun toys to keep them occupied than relying on you for entertainment. No, I can't sing nor dance and I've outgrown the clown outfit, so toys it is.

I've included a mix of those popular, top-rated toys--both educational and recreational that my one-year-olds loved most.

Rest assured, if you're not sure what's best for your favorite one-year-old, my gift guide here will get you on the right track for creating miles o' smiles come gift time.

Scroll down to get a look at 2013's top gifts for one-year-old-boys you can feel confident about giving while being assured you're helping your little man reach his peak performance.

We can do this together!

Developing Mr. Busy's Balance & Walking Skills

Toys to Keep Your One-Year-Old Boy Active

What to Do With All Your Baby Boy's Energy

Toys and Gifts for Expending Your One-Year-Old's Energy While Expanding His World

One-Year-Old baby boys have any number of skill levels where standing, pulling up, walking and--heaven forbid--running full throttle is not so predictable age-wise. Being a mom, I fully aware of the bell curves and percentile ranges. And I'm no fan of either measure.

Please don't get so wrapt up in numbers; we're talking unique differences and babies. So long as your boy is examined by a pediatrician and determined healthy take pride in your one-year-old's newly acquired skills and lend copious amounts of praise with smiles, hand clapping and jumps for joy.

Make a big production out of the smallest 'feat.' Remember, baby steps become monumental abilities. Teetering turns to trots to tumbling to terror (on your part; go ahead and give up on those fingernails of yours;they''re just plain history).

Sit-to-stand toys like this Vech Alphabet Train. Boys from creeper stage to rough and tumble can find fun with at all levels of play. You'll realize many months of fun and your one-year-old boy seemingly has a new toy waiting for his latest triumphs.

Baby's First Year is Full of Exploration

At a year old, little boys are a bundle of energy, still figuring out their strength and building upon new skills every day. When my twin boys were one-year-old, I had a 'runner' and a 'creeper.'

At one, nearly all boys are at least standing while holding on, scaling furniture and can pull themselves up and get into a sitting position on their own.

Every child is different in applying new skills with varying degrees of prowess: some boys will let go sooner than others with stunts that frighten us adults.

Providing age-appropriate, safe toys are one way to encourage healthy development they can learn by gradually. Here's a look at a few top-rated toys that are great for both creepers and walkers. They'll last a good while, too, as non-walkers can play at the toys' lower levels and later enjoy the upper half as though it were a new toy.

Active Toys Like this Basketball Goal are great Beyond Baby's First Birthday

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set: Adjustable Gift Id...

Does your one-year-old baby boy show an interest in sports?

Learning Toys that Graduate with Your One-Year-Old Baby Boy

These toys are my favorite, as they have the obvious potential for making play extra fun while serving as a valued learning tool. Also, the toys here, cater to one-year-old boys who are crawlers and conform to suit walking when your baby boy is ready.

Great Gift Ideas for One-Year-Old-Boys

Little Tikes DiscoverSounds Kitchen: One-Year-Olds Learn by Watching

This fun play kitchen playset is an ideal one year old baby boy toy and toddler toy. Lights, sounds, colors and shapes will captivate your little one.

View on Amazon

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Learning Workbench for One-Year-Old Boys Gift

One-year-old boys can do a host of busy 'fixing.'

View on Amazon

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Sing-a-Song Med Kit

Laugh & Learn Sing-a-Song Med Kit has different modes of play, fun songs, and lots of play piecesView larger Encourages role-play fun and sparks imaginationView larger Role-Play...

View on Amazon

Imitation: The Key to Early Learning

At one-year-old your little learner begins to use items like cups and combs 'properly.' They know there's a drink in the cup and the comb goes to the hair. Learning by imitation is an important part of early learning.

I often brought my boys into the kitchen when they were less than a year old, where I would host my own 'cooking show' of sorts (of course, I was the star). I would demonstrate my skills at stirring the pot while cooking dinner and tell them about everything as I put it in the pot. They loved it. What a special time, that was.

I give this sweet, Little Tikes Discover Sounds Kitchen two thumbs up. It has the necessary parts to engage your one-year-old boy's imagination while teaching simple kitchen concepts.

Bon appetit!

Mr. Busy: the Copy Cat

Great Toy Gifts for Developing a 1-Year-Old's Fine Motor Skills

I've referred to our little one-year-olds as "Mr. Busy;" I couldn't resist. What better moniker suits the wiles of an into-everything little guy?

As I mentioned above, 1-year-old boys love to copy what you're doing but their little fingers might need some fine tuning--i.e. fine motor skills--where pushing a button, putting pennies in the slot and turning knobs fall into play. It's a good idea to let your Mr. Busy push, turn, deposit or pull whatever needs doing while you're out in the real world (as long as it's safe, of course), as doing so strengthens their fingers and helps with learning cause and effect (I mention this concept below).

Here's a few of the best-rated toys to help develop those fine motor skills that are so necessary come school age and writing. One-year-old boys will love having fun and ~ like me ~ I'm sure you'll appreciate knowing they're learning, too.

Mr. Busy Pushes Buttons - Best Toy Ideas for Teaching Your One-Year-Old Cause & Effect 


Best Toy for Getting Around from Sit to Stand

music, shapes, sounds, language
Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Crawl Around Car
Two Levels of Play: Toy Gift LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table

New from LeapFrog, go on a magical sing-along safari with the Animal Adventure Learning Table. Sit, stand or cruise with 100+ tunes and animal activities for endless hours of le...

View on Amazon

Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table Learning Gift Idea

LeapFrog and have teamed up to offer this item in Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

View on Amazon

VTech - 2-in-1 Discovery Table

The 2-in-1 Discovery Table from VTech is an innovative electronic learning toy that easily adapts to your child's various activities. When your baby is feeling artistic, they ca...

View on Amazon

Mr. Busy loves to push buttons, that much we know but at about one-year-old, they're realizing that something special happens when pushing buttons; this activity is formally known as cause-and-effect.

At one-year-old it's a good time to remind your little one which buttons and switches are off limits. You're smart to have child-proofed your home by now.

Keeping Mr. Busy Fingers entertained with safe, age-appropriate toys is an ideal way to get a few tasks done while your toddler is close by.

These fun toys are best at reinforcing their newfound skills at those more finite activities while teaching 'reading' and simple 'math.' At a year old, boys aren't really absorbing those skills but they do, indeed become familiar with tiny bits of each, which can't hurt.

Puzzle & Pound: Perfect Gift for the One-Year-Old Boy

Oh, boy. This is one fave that I'm gonna have to warn you about: your one-year-old is gonna love this peg-pounder! You may have to give a brief tutorial about the proper use of the hammer but other than putting an eye out, it's good to go.

I'm kidding, of course. Must be that flashback to my own mother's mantra, "You're gonna put yer' eye out!" It never happened.

Your Mr. Busy will love the balls and the hammer and he'll learn the mechanics quickly. I love the compact, yet broadly exciting fun this Melissa & Doug Pound and Roll Tower promises.



Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pound and Roll Tower

wooden toy for baby boys
PlayGo Hammer and Roll Tower | Ball Track Knock Bench Plu...

The Value of Music to One-Year-Olds - Top Musical Toy Ideas for Boys


Where to start with the value music on even the wee one-year-old. Music helps children learn to identify patterns and has been documented as helping with cognitive function: the earlier children are exposed, the better. Music also helps with social interaction and kids learn to identify music with movement.

As a mom, I'm a big fan of music in children's lives and today's toys are much improved over the banal plinking of yesterday's music boxes.

Here's a few of the best in musical toys at both ends of the spectrum: electronic and classic. The 5-piece Band in a Box will empower your one-year-old as all little ones can shake an object; he'll feel part of the group (or should I say, "band").

With today's musical toys you have the option to go all out ~ like this electronic drum set. I can feel the excitement already. Can you?

Music Gift Ideas

for baby boys to learn by
VTech KidiBeats Drum Set: Musical Learning Toy for One Year Old Boys

View on Amazon

Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

Best seller! Five-piece band will get all the little one year olds on up. Set includes three musical sound shapes, mini-wave drum, and a toddler glockespiel...

View on Amazon

Baby Einstein Discovering Music Toy Gift Activity Table

View on Amazon

Mr. Busy Fingers: Toys for Limbering Little Fingers

Toys with many features that educate as well as stimulate are the best investments, particularly if they've numbers, letters and sound. While we can't expect a lot in the way of learning the alphabet or counting to twenty just yet, it's good idea to help our one-year-old Mr. Busys become familiar with these early concepts a wee bit at a time.

Every interaction with these educational toys builds upon what's been gleaned from the last play date. I've always been keen to count and recite the alphabet song even if I was the only one in full song mode with two toddlers looking quizzically at my lips moving. Aaaah those early memories; I must've looked ridiculous.

The things we moms and dads do for our children.

Here's an amazing cube by VTech with all sorts of fun things to do and learn. I like its compact construct, colorful look and all the learning power that's possible for a one-year-old to get familiar with. Getting started with early learning is never too early.

Great Talking Books for One Year Old Boys

Mr. Busy Loves to Talk . . . and Talk

One-year-olds can never have too many books. Reading to children helps mold healthy imaginations where they'll easily relate storylines and learn about sequential events ~ all important skills they'll need in school.

Right now, reading should be a fun, bonding time between parent and child with the formalities coming later but it can't hurt to familiarize your one-year-old boy with the mechanics of a good story, lively characters and a visit to lands, people and animals far away.

Reading to your little one can help develop verbal skills and hone all that chatter into coherent statements you both can appreciate (enter whining visual, here).

Kidding aside, communicating with your little man is a lot less stressful when you both know what each other is saying. Reading proves valuable in so many areas of life and these fun books with sound are truly interactive as your one-year-old follows along.

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes Gift Book for One-Year-Old Boys

View on Amazon

Learning Gift Idea: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Storybook Rhymes

View on Amazon

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Singin' Storytime Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin' Storytime PuppyThe Laugh & Learn Story Surprise Puppy will delight baby as he comes to life with big arm motion, head nods and rocking action....

View on Amazon

What kind of gift for your one-year-old boy are you looking for?

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