Gummy Bear Night Lights

by katiem2

The cutest night light sure to make your child have the sweetest of dreams as the sweet gummy bear lights glow softly drifting them off with visions of good things in the heads.

Most every child feels comfortable and secure with a night light in their room and bathroom.

The night light chosen is usually one of the child's favorite characters or such.

If your child loves gummy bears the gummy bear night light is right up your alley.

Check out these cool and delightful gummy bear lights for your child's room.

The Sweetest Night Lite

These little warm glowing gummy bears sets any heart to rest in sweet slumber.

A big Aw is what came from all our mouths when my daughter found these adorable little gummy bear night lights for her bedroom.  We've recently been redecorating her room.  To top it all off we wanted to finish with a new night light.

Gummy Lite Fun

What an adorable idea for a night light.

It was an easy decision once we laid eyes on these adorable little gummies.  My daughter adores gummy bears, they are just one of those things kids young and old never out grow.  The gummy night lights come in all the favorite colors.  That was the hard part, deciding on the color.  We decided we would take the gummy bear night light theme into both daughters rooms, into the hallway and the bathroom.  These sweet little lights make bedtime a peaceful and joyful occasion, one any parent can appreciate.

The product was delivered on time, and packaged without waste.

  • A squeeze tummy on/off switch with one hour and infinite timers.
  • Power with either 2 AA batteries or USB cord which is included.
  • They have a hole in back for hanging with nail or hook and stand great for bedside.
  • These gummy night light stands 7" by 3"
  • Comes packed in a cute window display box with original art as well the nutritional facts.

The lights are safe and sturdy.   If you love gummy bears you will adore these sweet little treasures.  We are now thinking of these as great gifts ideas, the people both young and old we know who would appreciate the gummy night lights is getting pretty big.  I'm buying more to have on hand for spur of the moment birthday gifts as my girls are often getting those last minute party invites and the lights will be the perfect unique and fresh gift idea.

Much Happiness, Katie

Gummy Bear Night Lites

Just look at these adorable sweet warm glowing lamps of warm and fuzzy fun, don't you love em?

Decorating Fun for Kids

I love decorating, changing things around in the home is a fun refreshing welcome.

I have two daughters who love decorating as well.  Between the three of us we find some pretty cool and amazing things.  Anytime we find something we feel is really special we share it with others like us interested in decorating trends.  Our big thing is a lot of bang for the buck, easy to use products that are non committal as we like varying things up from time to time and don't want to work hard making changes.  Below I've shared a few of our favorites, enjoy and please leave a comment below letting me know of any decorating interests you have we can explore for you.  

An awesome 725 glow in the dark stars and astros kit of all sizes for bedroom ceiling and walls. Fun decorating kit for the space and astrology lover in us all.
Decorating fun for your child's room that is fun, easy and low in cost. Have fun with animal decals all while stimulating your child's learning.
Introducing easy to apply wall decals for any home decorating taste. The cheap and easy wall art that looks like a professional artist did it plus it's simple to remove.
Fun wall decals for the outer space lover in anyone. Enjoy decorating your room with outer space peel & stick wall decals.
Updated: 08/19/2012, katiem2
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katiem2 on 03/05/2012

Thanks Angel, great to hear from you and thanks for the comment

Angel on 02/07/2012

These are so cute Katie. We are moving back to a home we own in Richmond VA when June gets here. I can't wait to start re-decorating and doing all the kids' rooms. It sure is fun! Especially with cute little night lights like this.

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