Haba Toys For 12 to 18 months Old Toddlers

by Tested_to_Destruction

Toddlerhood is the start of your baby’s outdoor fun and experience, the time for sand boxes and toy cars and the time to play with balls and pull wagons.

When babies start to walk, they want to roam all around the house. Therefore, to make it safer for your toddler and your breakables too, create a place in your home where they can explore. The most fun for them would be a big place where they can exercise their feet and limbs.

It's not enough to provide a play pen and toys for your toddlers. You must remember that this age is prone to accidents. Even if you have provided them with the safest toys, these kids can be very unpredictable. Therefore, always inspect the safety of their toys and surroundings, and never leave your children unattended during playtime. They must always be accompanied by an adult.

Haba Fantasy Blocks

When babies start crawling, they also become interested in more complex toys. Simple blocks and teethers now give way to more complicated building blocks and toys.
This Haba Fantasy Blocks set allows your child's creativity to surface, with fun shapes and colorful pieces that your toddler can stack together. The game is made up of 26 child-safe blocks made of wood, colored with a non-toxic, solvent-free dye.
Haba is famous for the safe blocks they produce for babies, and these wooden toys are also perfect for teaching color and shape recognition.


Haba Fantasy Blocks

Preferred Choice Creative Child Magazine, 2004. Dr. Toy 100 Best Toys, 2004. Pile these colorful blocks and be amazed! Thanks to their optical effects these beautiful blocks wil...

Only $49.99

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Stack the Trix Mix Pull Toy

Pull toys encourage babies to crawl and soon walk. They give young kids one more reason to use their limbs in order to get what they want. The colorful Stack the Trix Mix Pull Toy is a very colorful example, a wooden toy that your child can not only pull anywhere in the house but that's also a charming wooden stacking toy.

As a stacking toy, it encourages your child to develop his fine motor skills. All the pieces can be fitted onto the stacking pole. This makes stacking easier, and it also holds the pieces in place when your child decides to pull the toy around.

As a pull toy it's very durable, and the string is just the right length. You know how children this age love to pull any toy around. On this toy, the string is the clue that it was meant for the purpose of pulling. Allowing and encouraging Baby to pull this one can help protect the non-pull toys from accidental abuse.

Haba Stack the Trix Mix

Features nine wooden pieces that stack onto poles of different lengths to create a trio of smiling characters. We love the delightful fabric arms, ears, collars and hair that pr...

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Haba Walker Wagon

Little children love to move around, so why not provide them with a walker wagon that doesn't merely help them in their toddling but that has ample space for their toys as well?

This Haba Walker Wagon is one of the best-selling examp0les of its type on the market. It's made of durable wood with rubber tires. It's sturdy and you can count on it to last many years.

It's a perfect aid for children who are still learning to walk but even after your child outgrows the need for a walker, they will still have a beautiful wagon to play with.

There's a seat on the front of this one where a friend or a stuffed toy can perch. And it also features a space behind the seat for your toddler's toys. The rubber tires make it very floor-friendly, promoting smooth and safe gliding across wooden floors. All in all, this is a great way to encourage your toddler to walk.

Haba Walker Wagon

The walker wagon aids children in moving. The seat allows brother and sister to ride along. Beyond the seat there is sufficient place to store utensils. Sturdy construction, rub...

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Haba Eeny, Meeny, Miny Zoo

Blocks are always educational and entertaining for toddlers; children never seem to become bored with them. Playing with blocks enables your kids to be creative as well as imaginative with their games. They can form buildings and a variety of different structures with blocks.

This Haba Eeny, Meeny, Miny zoo set has unique shapes of zoo animals and other figures. In addition to the usual fun with blocks, these shapes invite your kids to match animal faces with bodies. See how many learning games you can create with this one-of-a-kind block set from Haba.

Haba Eene, Meene, Miny Zoo

These funny animal blocks make it fun to play zoo. Piece by piece for a funny zoo, pile the cow and the monkey too. 25 handy pieces made of beech wood for first constructions. T...

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