Haba Toys For 2 Years Old

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Haba are a well know manufacturer of educational toys. A look at a range of toys for two year old toddlers.

Educational toys for toddlers range from outdoor toys that encourage loud and boisterous play to the quieter toys that entertain them during their indoor hours.

Toddlerhood is also the best time to introduce shapes, colors and animals. Track ball, stacking blocks and story books are among some of the best learning toys for toddlers.

Playing Together

Haba have been making high-quality toys for children since 1838, not just for infants but for toddlers and preschoolers as well. They're known for their quality craftsmanship, durability and safety.

Further, the best learning toys are those which nurture parent-child bonding as well. Complicated toys that teach the alphabet, animals and numbers are rarely or only mildly effective if the toddler plays with them alone.

Haba Ball Track Roll 'n Roll 'n Roll

Toddlers are fascinated with balls. Balls roll everywhere and toddlers love to roll and retrieve them. The Haba Ball track Roll ‘n Roll ‘n Roll is a toy that encourages ball play whilst eliminating the usual frustration that comes when a ball rolls too far, or vanishes beneath the couch.

Children can learn to recognize cause and effect, as they roll the ball in the track. It's great fun for toddlers, but it also serves as an entertaining toy for older kids. The set comes with an oversized ball which is perfect for a toddlers’ grip, and it’s large enough not to be a choking hazard.

All the wooden parts are natural beech wood, so you can expect years and years of use.

Haba Ball Track Roll 'n Roll 'n Roll

While winding their way down the colored balls shake hands with the goblins, making little bells ring and clatter over the chatter track. Non-stop rolling. With 2 balls of one c...

$119.99  $109.95

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Haba Fit Together Building Block 27pc

When looking for blocks for your toddler, make sure that you're looking for a sturdy and long lasting building block. The Haba Fit Together Building Block has a unique peg design which makes stacking easy - the blocks fit together!. This is wonderful for toddler as young as 12 to 18 months old, helping them in the development of their fine motor skills, imaginative play and creative thinking.

These are made in Germany from natural hardwoods and colored with non-toxic dye. They're very durable and will provide long-lasting and very educational fun. A simple set of blocks - the right blocks - is an important part of your toddler's development.

Haba Fit Together Building Block 27pc

Multicolored building blocks that fit together.

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Haba Pulling Animal Cory Caterpillar

One thing toddlers like to do is to walk - for miles and usually with a pull toy trailing just behind. They become fascinated with the shapes, colors and sounds of their pull toys and with the joy of an object that will tag along with them wherever they go.

That’s what this Haba Pulling Animal Cory Caterpillar gives a toddler:  fun while they pull the toy around, showing off its mirror foil print and jingling bell, and encouragement to crawl, walk and run. Independent movement is one of a toddler's most important milestone.

It's a very durable toy, just as you would expect from Haba, and it's built well enough to end up become quite the high miler.

Haba Pulling Animal Cory Caterpillar

Who is cheerfully waddling through the room? That is Cory the caterpillar tinkling his little bell. The waddling pulling animal stimulates toddlers to crawl and walk. Includes p...

Only $30.95

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Bead Abacus by HABA

Set your toddler on the road to loving numbers and math. This Bead Abacus allows your child to play, while counting and starting to discover the correlation between number names and quantities.

It’s a perfect way to teach your child counting (and colors too) as they put the beads onto the abacus posts. One day their love for pretty beads and pretty numbers may develop into a love of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

You can also help even a little toddler learn to pick up and store things well by providing a little box or bin, a home for the beads when they are not showing off their bright colors and numbers on the posts of the abacus.

Haba Bead Abacus

This is a great first abacus for little ones. The bright, large beads help teach early counting and color recognition. Dimensions: 10.25 x 10 x 2.5 inches Age: 2 years + Country...

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