Haba Toys For 3 year olds

by Tested_to_Destruction

As the months pass, your baby starts to babble, crawl, and stand, and soon you’ll realize that your crying newborn has become a rip-roaring three-year-old running around the house.

At three years of age of life, a child's language development is at it's most notable. And so educational toys for toddlers need to include aspects that improve language development, The best ones (for this purpose) use a combination of a great, age-appropriate features together with constant talking and interaction between toddler and parent or caregiver - in other words, toys that encourage the creation of stories.

Haba's mission is to provide quality children's toys that are durable and educational, as well as being entertaining. These toys give a great big bang for their buck in terms of monetary value, and twice as much for their play value.

Haba Little Leaf House Fabric Book

The Haba company doesn't just create wooden toys and blocks, they're also known for their fabric books. This Little Leaf House Fabric Book has two little finger puppets that come out of the book for play. Each page offers a different interesting activity to encourage exploration, and the fabric pages make it perfect for infants and toddlers in so many ways.

Even if your little three-year-old accidentally sets this on a wet surface, it will be okay. It's safe and lightweight for little fingers to play with, and it's entertaining for babies as young as six months old. You can enjoy some wonderful child-parent bonding while you cuddle your little toddler and read to them - or (just as good) by listening to them "read" to you.

Haba Little Leaf House

Haba Little Leaf HouseThese two delightful finger puppets help you through this interactive fabric book. They comes in a vinyl carry bag for storage.Product Dimensions (inches):...

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Haba Figure Tack and Hammer Set

Toys that improve fine motor development and eye-hand coordination are appropriate developmental toys for children about 3 years old. The Haba Figure Tack and Hammer Set provides great entertainment for little boys and little girls alike. Even older siblings have been known to get in on the fun with this set, so that they too can enjoy hammering just like a grown-up with big tools.

The set requires the user to pound the special tacks through holes pre-drilled in the wooden figures, and then into a cork-board to create a picture. The hammer is lightweight but sturdy, and the tacks are soft and safe for children aged three and above; they're also easy to remove so that the pictures can be tacked again and again.

Your child can play with this to their heart's content, and you can watch to see the way this child's play provides even more than just development of motor skills: it encourages creative games and imagination too.

Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap

Contents: 46 wooden figurines, cork board, wooden hammer and tacks.

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Haba Bath Book Mermaid

Did you realize that books can be enjoyed during bath time as well as at bedtime? Haba Bath Books make it possible for books to be read in a wet tub. This makes a perfect toy for children right up to and including three years of age.

Make bath time fun for your kids with this waterproof Mermaid Book. Your preschooler can practice her reading in the tub while playing with the bubbles. The set comes with a Mermaid water squirt toy that adds even more fun to bath the time experience - which is never a bad thing. It has ten fold-out pages with cute photos, ... and you may have to take this book out of the tub so your little one can finish bath time!

Haba Bath Book Mermaid

Get ready for a splashing good time. This set includes a waterproof bath tub book to making learning fun! made of durable non-toxic plastic, the book has charming illustrations ...

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Ball Track Construction Set From Haba

Construction sets are available for younger preschoolers, as well as for those of kindergarten age. The Haba Ball Track Construction set doesn't just allow your child to build interesting structures, it also allows them to play with their balls and marbles too, as they roll and bounce down the chutes. Your 'little builder' will be creating structures for a purpose, and that makes the process even more interesting and challenging.

This set includes six glass marbles and a bell, along with the 42 large pieces of beech wood blocks. The blocks are safe, non-toxic, and very durable. It's a great gift for preschoolers, one that they can enjoy for years.  Children under three may even enjoy the blocks, but of course the marbles and bell will have to be put away until the children are old enough to play with them safely.

Haba Ball Track Construction Set

Who would think problem solving could be so much fun? An exciting marble rolling game that is both educational and fun. Hardwood blocks with grooves, and holes are combined in a...

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