Haba Toys For One Year Olds

by Tested_to_Destruction

It's important to buy the safest toys on the market, as well as consider all the hygiene aspects, which is an important feature of Haba toys for babies.

When it comes to the very young, all toys and playthings should be kept clean. As an example, teethers should be non-toxic and easy to clean. This is why Haba toy teethers are a favorite with most consumers, because they're both eye catching and safe.

At first glance you can see how colorful they are, which is an important feature, as an educational baby toy should be attractive and stimulating for baby's eyes. Their wooden clutch toys are great for tactile exploration; lightweight and easy for baby to grasp and hold. Ergonomically designed and brightly colored, they will keep your baby entertained for hours.


This simple-looking object makes for a lovely educational toy. It has bright colors for your child’s developing senses, and it creates an appealing rattling noise when jiggled. Whenever you choose a toy (for babies) you must consider the following three aspects:
  • color
  • shape
  • sounds
This rattle has it all. Its textured surface and size is spot on when it comes to small hands and how they grip, and as a teether, it's perfect. It's made of beech wood, which is safe for an infant to chew on, and the wood is colored with safe, non-toxic dyes.  A lovely, well designed teether, and inexpensive too.
Haba Kringelring Clutching Toy

This flexible teether comes with 2 wooden rings that rattle. Wooden parts thread on elastic band.

$17.99  $17.95

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Haba Trix Toy

This tricky Haba Trix toy can be arranged several different ways. The colorful triangles are linked together with stretchy string that allows baby to twist and turn them to form rings, flower petals, and pyramids.

It's made to be a teether for a growing baby, designed to be the kind of colorful and bright object that babies love, and the fun of creating new shapes is an added bonus feature.

The Trix teether toy is made up of smooth maple wood, with no complicated parts, and colored with non-toxic water-soluble dyes, so it's safe for babies and also easy to clean. 

Trix Rattle

The colorful beech wood triangles are connected by an elastic band and can be twisted back and forth.

$12.00  $8.99

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Flapsi - by HABA

Considering all the educational toys on the market, including complex electronic toys, why are there still rattles in the industry? That’s because rattles are not just entertaining for babies-indeed, they provide great stimulation for a baby's hearing development.

Flapsi might be a simple-looking toy, but it rattles quite nicely with a charming gentle sound when you shake it. It’s made of 100 percent natural wood, as you would expect from Haba, and the pieces are strung together with a strong elastic band.

The colorful layers of non-toxic lacquers make it safe for babies who love to explore with their mouths. Think of this as baby's first musical toy: a percussion instrument that can be passed to future babies as an heirloom!

Flapsi Rattling figure

This little caterpillar is a fun rattle. The wooden parts are threaded on an elastic.

Only $12.00

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Haba Walker Wagon

Encourage your child's walking with the Haba Walker Wagon. Unlike the plastic wagons, this model provides lasting entertainment not just for your baby but also for future members of your clan.

It's made of 100 percent natural wood and has rubber tires, not plastic, so it doesn’t scratch floors, even if they're wooden ones. Behind the seat is a convenient storage area for baby’s toys. The seat itself is also perfectly designed and provides a convenient place for a teddy bear to sit - or for baby to sit when taking a breather from all that walking!

The solid weight is a positive feature for a walker, since it provides more sturdiness and durability for babies. Even with the kind of rough treatment you can expect from an active toddler, this walker will keep right on standing and rolling proudly. And you can rest assured that Haba has designed their walker with toddlers in mind: no small parts; sturdy and functional design; and beautiful craftsmanship.

Haba Walker Wagon

The walker wagon aids children in moving. The seat allows brother and sister to ride along. Beyond the seat there is sufficient place to store utensils. Sturdy construction, rub...

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