Haier Portable Countertop Dishwasher: Review and Buy Online

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Check out the Haier portable dishwasher, great for apartments or older buildings without build in units. Save time and energy!

For those living in older buildings built before dishwashers were commonplace, hand-washing dishes can become a huge chore, particularly with large families or lots of guests. Portable dishwashers offer a pretty easy way to take care of this chore without having to modify existing structures in the home.

See if the Haier countertop dishwasher is the one for you, and compare to some of the other top-rated portable dishwashers on the market.

Great things about Portable Dishwashers

And why they're more than just convenient

While most people think of dishwashers as a modern convenience that allows people to be lazy and avoid responsibility, there are actually advantages to using a dishwasher that most people might not realize. Hand washing is actually quite inefficient, due to the amount of water used just by rinsing, plus the lost water that disappears when people reach to get the next dish necessary. That's a lot of lost water, and thus not particularly efficient.

Dishwashers are far more efficient, using a lot less water than a typical hand wash might use. It's actually encouraged by utility companies due to its reduction on utility bills and supply demands. So instead of kicking yourself for being lazy, you should be feeling good about being more environmentally friendly!

How does the Haier Portable Dishwasher work?

And will a countertop dishwasher work for me?

Haier portable dishwashers and other brands hook up to a standard sink faucet with an adapter, using one hose to fill up the unit, and another hose to empty out the excess water. This means you won't be able to use your sink while it's doing its job, but it also means you won't have to worry about modifying existing structures to install the device. It's plug and play.

One great thing about these portable units is that they can be taken with you when you move, or they can be left behind to add value to a home.

Haier Countertop Dishwasher Review

The HDC2406TW from Haier

Selections change from year to year, but Haier currently offers a highly-reviewed, popular countertop dishwasher available unit, the HDC2406TW, a microwave-sized device that can fit on a countertop, or could even be installed in a cabinet to get out of the way. It's large enough to accommodate six place settings, which is enough for a family if run regularly, and plenty for single people or couples who could run it every few days.

Features include multiple settings, and even offers the option of permanent installation if so desired by the buyer, rather than the sometimes-connected faucet adapter, to accommodate whatever situation. The unit includes a digital display, two drink cup racks, a utensil tray, and a classic appliance-white finish to go with most any color scheme or style of home.

Check out the HDC2406TW for sale by clicking the links below.

Haier Portable Countertop Dishwasher for sale at Amazon

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Haier Countertop Dishwasher

Haier Portable Dishwashers for sale on eBay

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Other Portable Dishwashers

Review similar options before you buy

The Haier unit gets some good reviews from its buyers, but if you want to shop around before making a purchase, check out the best Cheap Portable Dishwashers for a list of some of the best-reviewed models available, including both countertop models and console units, in a variety of styles and colors, so you can find The One.

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