Halloween Costumes for Jack Russell Terriers

by SusanM

Fun doggie Halloween costumes for your Jack Russell Terrier

If your Jack Russell is anything like mine it's mischievous and has a BIG personality. This means your little mischief really needs a costume that will match their Jack Russell only personality style.

Ordinary costumes like a tuxedo are fun but don't capture the full personality of this wonderful and lovable breed of dog. So here's some costumes that are as big as the personality of the dog that will wear them.

Now I've featured these costumes in a size that will fit my own Jack Russell. But Jack Russell Terriers come in many different sizes depending on whether they're a pure breed or a cross (and what they're crossed with). I have a cross-breed Jack Russell. She's a Jack Russell and Fox Terrier mix. But all these costumes have different sizes available on Amazon to fit your pooch.

The Devil Dog Costume

As any Jack Russell owner knows this breed is cute, lovable and sweet. But they can also be total devil dogs when the mood hits them. They "talk" back and mutter at their owners. Get into heaps of mischief and create general mayhem. 

So a devil costume is the perfect costume for this mischievous breed who loves to get into trouble on a regular basis. (If not a daily basis.) 

This makes a devil (or demon) costume a good choice for our little demon dogs.

The Halloween Wizard (Or Witch) Costume

Jack Russell Terriers are clever little dogs. (Sometimes a little bit too clever for their own good.) A  wizard (or witch) costume highlights the smart nature of this breed of dog. 

I can just imagine my Jack Russell Terrier mixing up potions (probably to make turkey legs and other treats bigger and better) and muttering spells under her breath (again probably to make turkey legs and other treats bigger and better).

So this is the intellectual big personality costume for your Jack Russell.  

The Dogicula Costume

With the sweep of cape Dogicula "vants to suck the blood" of the nearest turkey leg or chicken neck. Served on a plate of course. Our Jack Russell Terriers like to do things in style. 

Vampires are a great classic choice for Halloween. Dracula is a big personality and Dogicula is no different. So this is another great costume idea for a dog with a big personality. 

The Skunk Costume

I had a chuckle when I saw this skunk costume. It's a good match with the coloring and size of Jack Russell Terriers. It's also a fun costume - and no one has any doubt that skunks never go unnoticed. That famous skunk Pepe Le Pew was also a very big personality. 

We also know that with all the mischief that Jack Russell Terriers get into they aren't always sweet smelling (unless it's after their bath). So this is a cute Halloween costume that still has a big personality for a Jack Russell. 

The Superman Costume

Jack Russell Terriers are Superdogs. They seem to get into mischief other dogs can't even imagine. They're clever. They're also much stronger and faster than their small size would suggest. Most importantly they think they're big dogs. (Well if they're not big dogs in size they make up for it in attitude.) 

So a Superman costume is perfect for our little Superdogs who think they are big dogs.

Wonder Woman Costume

Now if your Jack Russell Terrier (like mine) is a she not a he you might prefer a Wonder Woman costume. This is a cute one too. 

IMPORTANT: This costume got a 2 Star Rating on Amazon because of the seller not because of the costume.

Buyers thought the costume was cute. So I've chosen to link to another seller on Amazon not the one the complaints were about. 

A Royal Dog

Jack Russell Terriers can act like they're a King or Queen.

There's a certain attitude about them. They like and expect their comforts. If your Jack Russell is anything like mine they'll role their eyes at their subjects (their owners). They also have that certain stance. A confident, royal stance. 

So a royally inspired costume makes a perfect one for our Jack Russells.

Costumes for Small Dogs on Ebay


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