Halloween Food Ideas for a Kids Party

by SusanM

Fun and spooky Halloween food ideas for any kids' party

Party food is always an essential at any kids' party. With a Halloween party it's also important that at least some of the party food is spooky. This helps to create the Halloween mood.

Creating your own spooky Halloween kids' party food isn't as hard as you'd think. Many families make it a fun family activity with children helping with things like cookie icing. It's also a good money saver when you can turn basic party foods like Moon Cakes into Halloween treats.

These how-to videos I've chosen give some really great ideas for spooky kids' Halloween party food. There's Mummy pizza and cookies, Spider cookies and cupcakes. Ghost cakes, cupcakes and other fun Halloween treats.

Halloween Cookies to Make

Mummy and Spider Halloween Cookies

Cookies are a fabulous kids' party food. They're even better at Halloween if they're spooky as well as tasty. 

This video shows how to make spooky Mummy and Spider cookies. These cookies have three things you want when you're organizing a Halloween party. They look great. They're yummy. But they're easy to make too. 

Make Fun Halloween Cookies

The Spider Cookies are made from peanut butter dough. But if your child is allergic to peanuts, or you want to be peanut-free at the party, you can swap the peanut dough for something else. 

Decorating cookies is also a fun Halloween activity for school age kids. Or younger kids if you don't mind the cookies being a little less than perfect. They'll still taste great. 

Mummy and Spider Cookie Tools

Things you'll need to make these great cookies
Gingerbread Cookie Cutter
Black Piping Gel Writer Tube

Easiest Halloween Cookies

You can make some basic Halloween cookies really easily. You just need to find some fun Halloween shaped cookie cutters. These can be used with your favorite cookie dough - either homemade or store bought. 

These don't even need to be iced or decorated unless you're feeling creative. 

You can find a large range of Halloween cookie cutters at Amazon. There's often plenty to choose from on Ebay too.

Halloween Cookie Cutters on Ebay


Yummy Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween Pizzas

Pizza is definitely a party food favorite with both kids and grown ups. 

These Mummy Pizzas are mini pizzas. This means they're a good size for kids. They also make great appetizers for adult party guests. 

They're easy to make too. This video shows you how. You just find the ingredients at your local grocery store. They don't have to be perfect looking either - because they're Mummies. So they're quick to piece together and pop in the oven. 

Make Halloween Pizza Mummies

Yummy Halloween Pasta Shapes

Something a Little Different for Halloween
Halloween Fun-Shaped Pasta

Serve Halloween Pasta to your little goblins before trick or treating on Halloween night! A delicious family recipe for Pepperoni Pizza Pasta is on the label - and a fun traditi...

The Pasta Shoppe

View on Amazon

Creative Halloween Cupcakes

This imaginative video shows you how to decorate your favorite cupcakes Halloween style.

You can find out how to make a: 

  • Spider cupcake
  • Eye ball cupcake 
  • Dangling eye ball cupcake
  • Jack O Lantern cupcake 
  • Ghost cupcake and a 
  • Grave cupcake

Make Halloween Cupcakes

These aren't hard to make and look spooky and fabulous when they're done. They'll be a hit with kids at any Halloween party.

Things You Might Need...

Essentials for making some of these cupcakes
Martha Stewart Crafts Knife
Martha Stewart Crafts
Fruit Slices Lime
The Candy Depot
Wilton Orange Icing Tube

Easiest Cupcakes

If you want to keep things quick and easy you might not want to do much fiddly decorating. So do you have any other options for creating Halloween themed cupcakes?

Halloween cupcake rings are a great solution to keeping things fun but still easy. 

You can get some great Halloween designs. So they'll still look good. They're quick too because you only need to put some basic icing on the cupcakes before you add the cupcake ring. You don't need to spend time decorating each one to make them Halloween cupcakes. 


Halloween Cupcake Rings on Ebay


Spooky Ghost Cakes

Ghosts are a creepy Halloween classic. So ghost cakes are a fun decorating idea for a kids' Halloween party.

To make these ghost cakes you can bake your own cakes to use as a base. Or you can buy some basic, small cake squares from your grocery store to decorate. This video shows you how.

The ghosts are made of white frosting. They're fast and easy to add to a cake. Moon cakes also work really well with this kids' Halloween party food idea. 

How to Make Ghost Cakes

Cake Pop Mummies

These are a lot easier to make than they look. (They look like something you'd buy from a top notch bakery I think.) Anyway this video shows you the steps you need to take to turn your favorite cake into Cake Pop Mummies. 

With these Mummies you can use any flavor cake and frosting you like. The important thing is the decorating. With a few easy steps you can turn ordinary cake pops into yummy mummies for your kids' Halloween party.

Halloween Cake Pop Mummies

You Might Need a Cake Pop Holder

For both kitchen use and the party table
Cake Pop Holder (Holds 52)

Nothing could be cuter than a Cake Pop! So the last thing you want after spending hours painstakingly decorating your pops is to present them on an ugly display. Your cake pops ...

The Smart Baker

View on Amazon

Fun Packaged Foods

There's some really fun packaged foods that you can have at your Halloween party. These make a great replacement for normal party foods like everyday chips and candy. Simple grocery buys like this can save you time without having to miss out on the spooky Halloween theme. This makes them a good Halloween food idea for a kids' party. 

More Halloween Kids' Party Ideas

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