Halloween Prizes for Kids Parties

by SusanM

Great and inexpensive kids prizes for Halloween parties

Halloween is a fabulous time of year. (I love this holiday.) It's heaps of fun and there's a good excuse to eat candy and chocolate.

If you're planning a Halloween party and looking for some cheaper toys to use as prizes there's some good stuff about if you know where to look.

It also helps to think about whether you need lots of smaller prizes, a bigger main prize or a mix of the two.

When you're buying a Halloween prize for kids it's also important to think beyond "what's fun" to what is good for the age of the children you are buying for.

So here's some fun Halloween party prize ideas for kids of different ages.

Using Games as Prizes

Games are good for school aged children (so from about 6 years). But they're not a good choice if you expect to have preschool aged children among the prize contenders. Games like this are too hard for them so they will find them hard, frustrating and not much fun. 

But if you are having a party for school aged kids they make a great choice for a main prize. 

Boo-opoly and the Great Pumpkin Game are the classic choices for a Halloween board game. But Amazon has a good selection of other Halloween themed games that can be used as prizes too. Just remember when you do your Amazon search don't just stick to 'Halloween" as a key word. There's also some great board games that can be found with key words like "vampire', 'monster' and 'haunted'. 

Picture Books as Prizes

There are some lovely picture books about Halloween. These make a great prize for children who are too young for board games. Even though preschool children aren't reading yet they love having stories read to them. These picture books have wonderful illustrations for them to get into the Halloween mood too. 

Again there's lots of ideas beyond my three suggestions at Amazon. Searching beyond the key word of 'Halloween' is important here too if you want to find the best picture books. Halloween books don't have to have Halloween in the title. They can be about ghosts, haunted places, monsters, skeletons, bats and other scary topics. So there's lots of scope for some great book prizes for preschool kids.

Halloween Picture Puzzle Books

Picture puzzle books about Halloween are great for preschool kids AS LONG as they have an older child or adult to help them look for the hidden objects. (These picture books can be surprisingly difficult at times - even for adults to find all the objects.)

School aged kids also enjoy these more than the usual picture books (which they might think are baby-ish). So if you're looking for a book related prize that's good for both preschool and school aged kids go for a hidden picture puzzle book like this.

Halloween Craft Kit Prizes

Craft kits are a big hit with kids and a great choice for a Halloween party prize. There are some good picks around but make sure you check the recommended age before you buy.

Many craft kits, like the Shrinky Dinks kits, are loved by kids but are meant for children 7 years and older. So they're a good choice for a party with school aged kids but not preschool kids. The Make Your Own Monster Puppet Kit is fine for preschoolers and younger school aged kids. But an older child might think they're too old for a craft like that. 

So with craft kits it's about finding the right match between the craft and the age of the child. The same 'searching' rule applies here too of course. Lots to find on Amazon but remember to be creative with your search terms.

Finding Jigsaw Puzzle Prizes

Good quality Halloween jigsaw puzzles are hard to find. So if you see some good ones grab them. 

Kids love jigsaw puzzles but remember the number and type of pieces matter. Most preschool kids can do 28 to 48 piece puzzles but would find a 100 piece puzzle far too hard. Same thing for school age kids. The older the child the more difficult the puzzle needs to be. So an 8 or 9 year old child really needs a puzzle that's around 70 to 100 pieces for them to find it fun. 

To find a good Halloween puzzle you'll definitely need to look beyond the obvious. So think about pumpklns, monsters, haunted houses and skeletons when you do your Amazon search.

Cheap Soft Toy Prizes

Beanie Babies are a prize idea that kids love (and you'll love because they're cheap.) Something like Swoops the Bat is cute. Good for preschool boys or girls. As well as school aged girls. (I don't think school aged boys would be too pleased with it.) 

The Beanie Babies have a big range so you should be able to find more to suit a Halloween theme. Amazon seems to have them all. So it's just a matter of choosing which ones you want to use as your Halloween party prizes.

Halloween Building Sets

Kids love building sets and you can get some that have a Halloween theme. 

Both these K'Nex and LEGO sets are fun for preschool and school age kids. But if the prizes are for older school aged kids (say 10 or 11 years) the LEGO set is the better choice. 

Unfortunately there's very few options for Halloween themed building sets but luckily these two are good quality and would make a great kids' Halloween party prizes.

Little Halloween Prizes

You can find some great novelty toys for a Halloween party. The Folkmanis Bat is a good choice for preschool or younger school aged kids. While the classic Slinky (made perfect for Halloween with its coloring) is better for school aged kids. 

Kids love little toys like this - and they're a good choice if you want to keep the Halloween party prize costs to a minimum.

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