How to Make Halloween Decorations Out of Paper

by SusanM

Find out how to make paper decorations for this Halloween - 2012

Halloween decorating is a fun highlight of the spooky season.

Making Halloween decorations out of paper is a classic activity that can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults.

Paper decorations can be made as part of a bigger plan to save money during the holiday. They can make Halloween feel more personal and traditional. A Halloween craft activity like this is also great family fun. It gives children a feeling of pride when they see their craft work displayed for everyone to see too.

So what are some nice looking and fun Halloween decorations you can make out of paper?

Easy Paper Halloween Pumpkins

This video shows you how to create some great looking, but easy-to-make, paper Halloween pumpkins.

This craft is good for any age - even adults wanting to decorate their home. This is because it's so easy to do and looks impressive when it's finished. But if you're using this as a kids' craft activity younger children will need help gluing the pieces together.

Now although a glue gun is used in this video I think any sort of paper glue should work. Just make sure it's non-toxic if kids will be using it.

Make Paper Pumpkins

The video creator uses her pumpkins to add to a light decoration. A great idea but make sure it's safe with the lights you're using. These pumpkins would also look great hanging from the ceiling or taller furniture. They would make a great paper garland decoration. 

If you change the sizes of the paper strips and other cutouts you can also make small, medium and big pumpkins. A collection of these paper pumpkins in different sizes would look great as a table decoration too. 

These pom pom paper garlands are a fun craft for Halloween. But children won't be able to make these by themselves because wire is needed for one step of the craft. A grown up will need to do this step. 

There are two Halloween pom pom crafts on this video. A colorful garland in Halloween colors and a spider garland. You can also make the pom pom spiders without using them in a garland. 

The Halloween garland adds a nice touch of festivity and color to a room when finished. The spider garland is a fun idea for a not too scary Halloween decoration for kids. 

Halloween Pom Pom Garlands

Things You'll Need for Pom Pom Garlands

Orange Tissue Paper (100 Sheets)
Premium Quality Gift Wrap Paper
Pinking Shears
Peel'n Stick Wiggle Eyes (100 Bag)
Charles Leonard Inc.

Bats are a classic and spooky choice for Halloween decorations. These bats can be a fun holiday craft. They can also be used as decorations to hang around the house. 

Origami is a hobby that many older kids, teens and adults enjoy. This video shows you how to make a origami bat that is quite easy to do. It looks great when finished as well. 

This is a cheap craft because you only need the origami paper. No glue or other supplies are needed. 

Easy Origami Bat

What You'll Need to Make Origami Bats

Black Japanese Origami Paper (80 Sheets)
Japanese Gift

Paper lanterns are a fun family activity that children aged 5 years and up can enjoy.

This video shows you how to make a spooky Halloween pumpkin and skull lantern. The steps are easy and you don't need any expensive craft supplies to make them. 

These would look great hanging around the house for Halloween or over a battery operated tea light so they glow. But never use a candle with any paper craft because of the fire risk.

Halloween Jack O Lantern

Things You'll Need to Make Halloween Lanterns

Orange Construction Paper (50 Sheets)
Roselle Paper Company Inc.
Black Construction Paper (50 Sheets)
Roselle Paper Company Inc.
White Construction Paper (50 Sheets)
Roselle Paper Company Inc.

If you're looking for some Halloween paper decorations that are fun family crafts too check out this video. It's an idea video rather than a step-by-step guide on how to make Halloween decorations out of paper. But because the craft ideas in this video are easy to do not having the steps shouldn't be a problem.

The crafts make fun Halloween decorations for your home when they're done. They're fun and not too scary decorations for kids too. 

More Things to Make

The video shows you how to make Halloween: 

  • Paper dolls
  • Streamers
  • Paper bag lanterns
  • Window Jack o Lanterns

and remember get a battery operated tea light to go inside your lanterns. Don't use a real flame.

Lighting Up Your Paper Decorations

These tea lights will give a great safe glow to your decorations
12 Battery-Operated Flamess Candles4 Yellow Flickering Battery Operated ...24 LED Battery-Operated Tealights

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