How to Make a Halloween Tree

by SusanM

Great ideas for making your own Halloween tree

A Halloween tree is a fun way to celebrate the spooky season. By choosing the right decorations you can make it stylishly ghoul-y or child-friendly. But finding out how to make a Halloween tree is your first step.

There are two main ways of making a great Halloween tree for your home. One way is with a tree branch. The other way is to use your Christmas tree (yes that's right a Christmas tree). Both ways are fun and look great when finished.

Make a Halloween Tree

Making your own Halloween tree from the beginning is a fun Halloween project. You can also make a tree that's perfect for your home and family. 

By starting with an interesting looking tree branch you can choose the shape and character of your Halloween tree. You can also decide if you would like to make a permanent Halloween tree to use year after year (by fixing it into an urn with plaster). Or if you would rather have this creative project as a highlight to your Halloween celebration every year.

How to Make a Halloween Tree

If you don't want a permanent Halloween tree you can secure the branch in your earn with colored river pebbles instead of plaster.

By making your own Halloween tree you get to decide on more than just the decorations. Like the color of your tree. Will it be black, purple, silver or another color? It's not that hard to make a Halloween tree either. This great video shows you how to do it.

The Halloween Tree Urn

A spooky looking urn to place your Halloween tree in is essential. This gives your Halloween tree something to stand in. But it's also important to set the mood for your tree. The wrong looking urn will ruin even the best tree. 

Now a black urn like this one has a great spooky look. But you can also paint a standard ceramic pot or urn black (or any other Halloween color you like). As long as the urn or pot has the right look for your tree and holds it securely it will be great.

Filling Your Halloween Tree Urn

If you want a permanent tree filling your urn up with plaster (as shown in the video) is the only way to go. But if you don't want to mess around with plaster. Or want to create a new Halloween tree every year as a family tradition some bags of black river pebbles are a good way to keep your tree upright. 

These black river pebbles look stylish and they can be packed away for next year's Halloween tree. But if you have toddlers or babies at home make sure the pebbles are big enough to stop them being a chocking risk. 

Decorating Your Urn

If you use river pebbles there's really no need to decorate your urn any further because the rocks look great. But if you've used plaster you'll need to add something over the top to keep it looking good. 

Things like decorative moss, some black river pebbles or Halloween tinsel can all look good. It really just depends on what mood you want to create when you make your Halloween tree.

But whatever you use make sure it's child safe if you have toddlers or babies about.

Using Your Christmas Tree for Halloween

Another fun way to make a Halloween tree is to be creative and decorate your Christmas tree for Halloween. 

This is easier than it sounds because your Christmas tree only becomes a Christmas tree when it's decorated with Christmas ornaments. Halloween ornaments will automatically make it a Halloween tree. This is great value for money if you have an artificial Christmas tree. Of course if you usually use a real Christmas tree this won't be an option for you but you can still buy an artificial tree if you'd rather just decorate a ready made tree for Halloween.

Turn Your Christmas Tree into a Halloween Tree

Artificial Halloween Trees

If you want to buy a ready made Halloween tree there's plenty to choose from.

You can find classic Halloween trees like the Twig Tree I've shown here. These are great to decorate. You can also find things like LED light trees.

Again it really depends on what sort of look you want for your Halloween tree. The mood that's created and the type of decorations that are best to use will change depending on what Halloween tree you decide to use. 

Your Halloween Ornaments

Decorating a Halloween tree is fun for adults and kids. You can make your own ornaments or buy them. You can mix home-made and store-bought decorations too. It's your Halloween tree so you can decorate it any way you like. There's no right or wrong way as long as it's safe for little kids if you have any in the house. 

But it can be a good idea to think about what mood you want to create before you decide what ornaments to use. Do you want your Halloween tree to celebrate family? Be spooky? Be good for kids? Or do you want it to be macabre? This can help you decide among all those decorating options. 

Halloween Tree Ornaments on Ebay


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