Halloween Treats for Kids That Aren't Candy

by SusanM

Fun treats for Halloween that aren't candy or chocolate

Kids get lots of candy and chocolate at Halloween. So many parents like to mix and match healthier treats into their Halloween celebration. But healthy foods as treats probably won't keep most kids happy at Halloween. This is because Halloween is a time when kids expect something fun and special. You can avoid having kids compare foods and feeling disappointed though by not using food as a treat. Small inexpensive toys are another way you can celebrate Halloween in a healthy way - and keep kids happy too.

Kids love novelty toys. So they're a good alternative to sugary treats. But because they're fun children won't screw their noses up like they would at healthy foods as Halloween treats.

I've chosen the toys in this article carefully so they'll meet the approval of kids this Halloween. As long as they still get a few sugary treats at Halloween too of course.

Cute Halloween Soft Toys

Halloweenie Beanie Babies

Beanie Baby toys are cute and usually loved by preschool boys and girls of any age. 

They're good for your Halloween budget too so they're a great choice for Halloween toy treats.

They come in lots of different Halloween characters - from bats to Halloween bears to ghosts. So you can give one that you think your child will love best. 

Amazon has the whole collection of Halloweenies so it's easy to browse through the site to get what you want. 

Stickers - An All Time Favorite with Kids

Kids love stickers so Halloween stickers are always a fun idea. You can get sticker sheets with different designs - which are great. But you can also get sticker sheets with the same design. With these sheets you of course give each child one sticker rather than the whole sheet. 

A Bag of Halloween Treats

A mixed bag of Halloween treats is handy if you have more than one child to buy for. 

This bag has a variety of Halloween toys and novelties that can be handed out to your kids bit by bit in the lead up to Halloween. They are a good replacement for candy because they're small toys  so they won't cost more than candy would have. They're easy to keep on hand in the house too (just like candy). 

Mixed bags like this are also good if you would like to have a few Halloween treats the house to give to visitors' kids instead of candy. 

The cost is about 17 cents per toy. So about the same price as a a few pieces of candy. These toys are only for preschool and school age kids though. Toddlers are too young for them. 

Another Halloween Bag

If you like the idea of giving small Halloween toys and novelties instead of candy here's another  mixed bag of toys that's good.

The toys and novelties in this bag are in traditional Halloween colors and have classic toys like vampire fangs. 

The toys and novelties in this bag are about the same price as the other bag - about 16 cents each toy. So they're also the same price as a couple of pieces of candy. 

This bag is also for preschool and school age kids not toddlers.

Fun Novelties for Halloween

Flying Frogs as Halloween Treats

These Flying Frogs are a fun and unique Halloween novelty toy idea. 

They're not a classic Halloween character but they are heaps of fun for kids. They'e also something different that they won't get lots of in their Halloween bags at Trick or Treat time (this is one of the problems with vampire fangs). 

Coming in bags of 12 they are also a good price (about 37 cents each) so they would replace something like a child-sized handful of candy. But they will last a lot longer than candy and are much healthier. 

These Flying Frogs can be handed out to siblings during the Halloween season or to other children you would usually give candy or chocolate to. 

Halloween Monster Treats

Many people forget to include monsters in their Halloween celebration (a shame because work well with the season.) If you'd like to add some monsters these bendable ones are a fun idea. 

Kids love bendable toys like this and these monsters bend in every-which-way. They're also cute, friendly monsters that are brightly colored so great for preschool or young school kids. 

At 98 cents each they would certainly replace a few handfuls of candy. They also come in different designs so if you have a monster lover at home you can grab a couple to give them over the Halloween season. They can create their own fun monster family like this.

Halloween Kids' Puzzles

Halloween Slide Puzzles

Halloween slide puzzles are a fabulous toy to replace chocolate or candy. 

First they're heaps of fun. The pieces are enclosed in the puzzle so they can't get lost. This means they can be taken when you're out and about. So they can keep kids busy and happy in boring places like a doctor's waiting room or restaurant (while waiting for your order). 

A toy like this is a great way to replace a bag of candy or a chocolate bar. 

Halloween Puzzles

These classic jigsaw puzzles are a nice idea for a Halloween treat. They're only 24 pieces so not too hard for a preschool child. But they're still enough of a novelty with their Halloween picture to keep a school child happy.  

Each packet of 12 has 6 different puzzle pictures (so two of each puzzle). That gives 6 puzzles for your kids and 6 for other children if you have other kids to buy for. This helps the Halloween budget. 

At just over $1 each they are a good replacement for a small chocolate bar. 

Halloween Activity Books

Sticker Book Halloween Treats

Kids love stickers and these sticker books have great Halloween themes. I really like these Dover Activity Books too because they're good quality (I often buy these or the coloring books myself). 

They're a little more expensive to use as a Halloween treat. But they aren't expensive. So they'd replace something like a bag of candy, a large chocolate bar or other larger sweet treats. 

They make a fun choice for kids at Halloween. Because you can get different Halloween sticker books you can keep a couple on hand to swap for big sugary treats. Always helpful when you think your kids are having a junk food overload. 

Kids Halloween Sticker Books on Ebay


Halloween Coloring Books

Halloween themed coloring books are another good idea to replace larger sweet treats. They're about the same price as the sticker books. So it's also easy to grab a couple to have on hand over the Halloween season. 

Although kids love stickers these coloring books are good because they keep kids busier for longer. To balance kids' interest in stickers with how long the activity will last you can always mix the sticker books with the coloring books. This is a good way to give your kids variety in their treats at Halloween too. 

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