Kids Board and Card Games for Halloween

by SusanM

Great Halloween kids' board and card games for this Halloween season (2012)

Halloween is a fun time of year. It's also a holiday which makes for great family board game nights.

Board games are a classic family pastime. They're a traditional and fun way to spend quality time together.

Board games encourage togetherness. Unlike computer games which encourage solo play. Or even DVDs which are nice and relaxing but don't encourage family interaction as much.

So if you want to make this Halloween season extra fun think about adding a few Halloween board game nights to the festivities.

Halloween Monopoly Games

You won't find Park Lane in this Monopoly set. This has been transformed into the spookier Dark Place. You won't buy ordinary houses or hotels either. Instead it's haunted houses and Full Moon Hotels. The normal counters of the thimble and dog have been replaced by ones like a ghost, pumpkin, and a Halloween cat.

So everything in this version of Monopoly has been turned into a Halloween theme. This means this board game is great for the lead up to Halloween, for winding down after Trick or Treating or for a Halloween party. It also makes a great Halloween gift that isn't candy or chocolate.

Spooky Monopoly for Halloween

Halloween Boo-Opoly Monopoly Game
Late for the Sky

Rather than the general Halloween Monopoly game you also have the choice of the Scooby Doo version for Halloween. 

This is a must have for kids who love Scooby Doo. It's also a spooky game for Halloween that's isn't as spooky as Boo-Opoly. So if your child finds Halloween a bit full on with it's spookiness they can still have Halloween fun without overloading on the scare factor with this game.

Great Pumpkin Board Game

This is the perfect board game for kids and families who love Snoopy and Charlie Brown. The Great Pumpkin story from Peanuts is legendary. 

This game has a cute and not too scary story that encourages sharing. 

In this game players help Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy and Snoopy dress up in their Halloween costumes and go Trick or Treating. Then it's a race through the Pumpkin Patch to reach Linus as he waits for The Great Pumpkin to rise. The first player to share their candy with Linus wins the game!

This is another fun game for kids who can get a bit "over-spooked" at Halloween time.

Classic Halloween Game for Kids

Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown Board Game
Fundex Games

This is a fun Halloween game that many families don't know about. It can be played as a memory game or as a puzzle game. 

This is a game younger kids can enjoy too because it doesn't need any reading. It also doesn't need any math skills like the Monopoly games. So if you have a child that hasn't started to learn how to read yet this is a fun game that they can join in with without finding it too hard to play. 

As with everything in the I Spy series this game has amazing pictures. The game itself is based on the book I Spy Spooky Night. (A great Halloween puzzle book that's available at Amazon.)

I Spy ... Halloween Card Game

I Spy Spooky Night Game
Briar Patch

A Spooky Stories Game

This is another fun Halloween card game that many people haven't heard of. It's made for school age children as a family game. 

The main game is a mix between creating campfire spooky stories and a card game. There's also another game to be played that's more of a party game about vampires. 

This is a game to play by lamplight to get into the Halloween mood. It's also a good game for creative thinking and storytelling skills.

Create Spooky Stories

Spooky Tales Game Collection
Discovery Bay Games

Into the Haunting House

This game is on my must have list for this Halloween. It's a fun family game with a great spooky theme.  

It's a game that is part strategy and part luck. It comes with expansion packs (it's more fun if it's played with all the expansion sets). 

Haunted House is meant for families with older primary children or teens although younger children could play it too if they have an older child or adult helping them. The rules aren't difficult to learn. 

Haunted House Game

Haunting House

This is a board game to sink your teeth into (okay bad joke I know but I couldn't help myself). It was a GAMES Magazine Family Game Nominee in 2005 but few people have heard about it. 

So what's this game about? 

Count Dracula and his vampires at Castle Grzelstein have been causing trouble for centuries. They have been frightening people in the surrounding villages.

Tonight Count Dracula is holding the Vampire Dance at his castle. A few brave vampire slayers go to the ball to see if they can bring peace to the area. 

This is a game for older school aged kids (from about 8 years and up). 

A Game to Sink Your Teeth Into...

Sorry I just had too ;)

Halloween Board Games on Ebay


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SusanM on 07/13/2012

I must have a look at it.

Jasmine on 07/13/2012

That's a good one to play with kids. However, you can play Risk with adults or older children.

SusanM on 07/10/2012

I've actually never played Risk. I usually end up playing Connect 4 because that's the fave of all the kids.

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

I enjoy Risk. Unfortunately, I lose every time :(

SusanM on 07/09/2012

Thanks Jasmine :)
Yes I'm a board game fan myself. We're actually going to start have board game nights again. So I'm going to have to stock up on games for adults. Although I must say I'm very tempted to buy some of the kids games I've included in this, especially Boo-Opoly and The Haunting House.

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

I love board games! What a great idea to have one of these ready for a Halloween night! You've done a great job with your Halloween wizz series. I may start celebrating the festivity myself lol

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