Halloween Toys For Trick or Treat

by SusanM

Fun toys to give out on Halloween instead of chocolate and candy

Do you want to give out treats this Halloween that are healthy?

You might think kids will be totally disappointed with a small toy instead of candy or chocolate. But if you choose well Halloween can still be a fabulous night for Trick or Treat. Even if there's a little less of the sweet treats around.

Kids will get plenty of candy and chocolate when they trick or treat. So you can balance things out a bit for the kids in your area by giving something else. It's just a matter of giving a toy that they will love that you can buy in bulk too.

Glow in the Dark Spiders

Spiders are a creepy Halloween treat. But these Glow in the Dark Spider Rings are better than the usual spider Halloween favors.

Ordinary spider rings are fun for young kids but when they glow in the dark like these rings they are heaps cooler. 

At $1.99 for 36 rings they work out to about 5 cents each. That's a great price for a Halloween toy to give out on Halloween night. 

Mixed Halloween Toy Bag

A bulk bag of Halloween toys is another good idea for Halloween night. 

Assorted toys gives lots of variety for kids. This stops the problem of handing out something like a spider ring to a child who hates spiders (even if they glow in the dark). This bag has lots of choice. So there's something for every preschool and school age child. 

The price works out to between 10 and 20 cents for each toy. So it's excellent value for money. With 50 toys in each bag you also don't need to buy many bags. So that's a great money saver for Halloween. 

More Assorted Halloween Toys

This Halloween toy bag is another great choice for kids on Halloween night. 

Unlike the other toy bag the toys in this one are in Halloween colors of orange, black and white (there's also a little red). It also includes classic favorites like vampire teeth that kids love. 

There are 64 toys in this bag (50 in the other one). The price is also between 10 to 20 cents for each toy (the same as the other toy bag). So this is also great value for money. 

Flying Frog Toys for Halloween

These are a really fun treat to give out on Halloween night. It's also one that kids will definitely be happy with as a replacement for candy or chocolate in their trick or treat bag. 

These frogs do work out a little more expensive than the bulk Halloween toy bags. But it's not by much. These frogs work out to about 30 cents each.

This is a Halloween toy that is a little different. It's unlikely anyone else in your area will be handing these out. (Even if another house is giving them out no child will complain about getting two of these frogs because they are fun.) They will be loved by both girls and boys too. So a great choice for a Halloween toy for trick or treat night.

Neon Lizard Toys

These lizards are another great glow in the dark toy. 

At 5 inches they are big for a novelty trick or treat toy. They come in great neon colors - and did I mention they glow in the dark!! (Yes being able to grow in the dark is that important when it comes to a trick or treat toy.) 

These lizards are about the same price as the Flying Frogs. (These lizards are about 39 cents each.) They also give you a different neon toy to give out than the glow in the dark bracelets which a lot of houses are probably giving out on Halloween night.

Rubber Snake Toys

These rubber snakes are a very classic choice for a Halloween trick or treat toy. 

They are brightly colored. They're long too 14 inches but the seem shorter when they aren't stretched because they're curved. 

These snakes are good quality and flexible. So they're fun to play with. They come in a set of 12 so they work out to about 48 cents for each snake toy.

Vampire Fang Teeth

Vampire fang teeth must be the all time favorite classic choice for Halloween night. Kids like them because they're great for pretend play and just having some fun with. Vampire teeth are also spooky without being too spooky for younger kids. 

This pack of vampire teeth is the biggest toy bag for trick or treat night - it has 144 vampire teeth in it. That works out to about 10 cents for each set of teeth. This is good value. 

But although kids do love vampire teeth they are really popular and a fairly obvious choice for Halloween night. This means kids might end up with a lot of these on Halloween night as a replacement for candy or chocolate. So if you are the third house to give out vampire teeth you might get some disappointed kids who don't want trick or treat bags that are full of vampire teeth.

Halloween Play Doh

Halloween Play Doh is a great choice for preschool and young school age kids on Halloween night.

Play Doh is a classic toy that kids love. It's not traditional for a trick or treat toy but it is a fun choice. 

This bag of 20 trick or treat sized cans has Play Doh in assorted colors so kids can pick what color Play Doh they would like to pop into their trick or treat bag. This increases the fun on Halloween night. 

Some classic Halloween colors (orange, black and white) are included in these bags but the cans aren't Halloween themed. This is just a healthy trick or treat toy to give out on Halloween. 

Before I move onto the next Halloween toy, if you're thinking about price these cans work out to about 38 cents each fun size can.

Halloween Slide Puzzles

Halloween Slide Puzzles are a novelty for Halloween night that few neighbors will think of. So you can give out something different

Slide puzzles are fun for kids from preschool to school age. 

The puzzles have pieces that can't be lost. So kids can pop them in their pocket to take to boring places like a doctor's appointment. They are also in bright, bold colors with a black Halloween image. This makes them striking looking. 

These puzzles will be fun long past Halloween night but they are slightly more expensive than the other favors at about 62 cents each.

More Halloween Slide Puzzles

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SusanM on 07/10/2012

Slide puzzles are great.Really good to pop in a bag on the way out the door.
I fully admit to being a big kid LOL!!!!!! I have fond memories of my brother teaching me how to flick elastic bands. These frogs would have been so much better ;)

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

I'd go for the slide puzzles, but all children probably share your taste - I'm sure that the Flying Frogs would be the most amusing Halloween toys for them, too!

SusanM on 07/09/2012

I like the Flying Frogs best myself. I must say it was the spookiness of Halloween that I loved. I was a tomboy (having two older brothers) and liked all the ghosts, monsters and skeletons etc.... :)

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

These favors are so funny! We don't celebrate Halloween, but I can say why it's so popular among children.

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