Halloween Toys for Toddlers

by SusanM

Which toys are good for toddlers at Halloween?

Toddlers are old enough to start understanding what Halloween is all about. So you don't want them to miss out on this fun holiday. But many parents don't want to give toddlers bags of candy and chocolate.

A little bit of toddler-safe candy or chocolate as a special Halloween treat is nice. But what else can you give toddlers to celebrate Halloween that is healthier for them? Halloween toys are a fun alternative to candy and chocolate. They're fun. Often help your toddler's development. Last longer than the Halloween season. Toddler's love their toys too.

Monster Bowling Game for Toddlers

This Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game is perfect for toddlers at Halloween. 

It's a brightly colored bowling set and is soft and light-weight. This makes it easier for toddlers to knock them over.

They can also be played with like a doll or soft toy. They can be knocked over without the ball. They can be used like a bowling game. So there's lots of different play ideas for toddlers of different ages. (As a bowling game they're fun for preschool kids too. So this is a toy that won't be left on the shelf when your toddler becomes a preschooler). 

As for Halloween? These monsters are great for Halloween with their cute, fuzzy, bright colors and funny look. Perfect for a no-too-scary toddler Halloween. 

Want to Do Some Monster Bowling?

Monster Plush Bowling Game

Teach kids the classic game of bowling - with a ghoulish twist. This wacky bowling set features six furry, funky-textured pins and one beastly ball! Measurements 8.5" x 7" x 9".

Melissa & Doug

View on Amazon

Halloween Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head is a classic toddler toy. (It's fun for preschool kids too so they don't grow out of this toy too fast). So a Halloween themed Mr Potato Head is a perfect gift that's healthier than candy and chocolate. 

This toy is also good for helping toddlers develop strength and coordination in their hands and fingers. As well as hand-eye coordination. So it's a fun learning toy too for Halloween. 

There's a few different Mr Potato Head Halloween characters to choose from. I thought this Pirate one was a fun choice for Halloween. But you can also choose from things like a Halloween Pumpkin and Witch too. Amazon has all of the Halloween Mr Potato Head range in stock. 

Mr Potato Head in his Pirate Costume

Mr Potato Head Pirate

Simply push these pirate-themed Mr. Potato Head pieces into your pumkin. Comes in a small tin with a reusable cap. Set includes hands, ears, pirate hat, eyes, eyebrow, nose, mus...

Paper Magic

View on Amazon

Pumpkin Play Set

This is a baby toy that's also a fun Halloween toy for a younger toddler. It has lots of sounds to make and soft toys to hug.

  • The soft Candy Corn crinkles.
  • The soft ghost squeaks.
  • The cute spider rattles.
  • The cat meows.

These all have really cute expressions too so they're not too scary for toddlers. 

These four soft toys come inside a bigger, soft pumpkin. So this toy is easy to pack up and carry with you or to put away after your toddler's finished playing with it. 

Stacking Monster Toy

This is a bright stacking toy for toddlers that fits into a Halloween theme. 

It has different monster parts on each side of the stacking blocks. So it's a fun mix and match monster toy. It's great for problem solving (because your toddler needs to work out what pieces get stacked in what order to make the monster they want). It's got great bold colors. But most importantly... it's fun. 

This is a really wonderful gift for a toddler's Halloween. It's also a toy that will grow with them into the preschool years and the first year or so of school too.

Bewitching Halloween Bean Bag Critters

These Bewitching Halloween Bean Bag Critters are the funniest soft Halloween toy. Their quirky expressions just make them fun. 

The set has 4 toys in it - a Bat, Mouse, Owl and Spider. Rather than being in bright colors they are made in traditional Halloween colors. But this is a nice way to add to the Halloween feel of this set. 

These toys are good a good Halloween gift for toddlers of any age. 

Monster Bath Toys

These monster bath toys are humorous little creatures for Halloween.

They're made from soft vinyl and are phthalate-free so they're good for even young toddlers. There's also a mesh bag with suction cups for drying and storage that comes with this toy set 

Because they're made for older babies and toddlers these monsters are a size that's easy for little hands to hold and squirt them. So they give little ones lots of fun in the bath tub. 

Halloween Mood Monsters

These soft toys are Mood Monsters.

Why are they called Mood Monsters? 

On one side they have happy faces. On the other side scared or angry faces. This makes them a good toy to help toddlers learn about feelings. 

These soft dolls are a big size (but not too big for a toddler) so they're good for a toddler to give a big hug and to have as a make believe friend. 

So these Mood Monsters make a really unique Halloween gift for a toddler.

Black Cat Plush Toy

What's Halloween without a black cat? 

This black cat is a GUND brand toy so it's good quality. He's dressed for the Halloween season with and orange ribbon around his neck. He's soft and cuddly too. Really huggable. 

Soft toys are always a good idea for a toddler. A soft toy is cuddly. They're comforting when a toddler feels sleepy or upset. They become special friends they drag along with them wherever they go. So any soft toy with a Halloween theme that's safe for children under 3 years of age is a fun choice to give instead of candy and chocolate. 

Halloween Lift-the-Flap Book

A lift-the-flap book is as much fun for a toddler as a toy. 

One, Two...Boo! is a fun board book for toddlers with a flap on every page. Because it's a "doing" book (your toddler needs to lift the flaps not just look at pictures) it's far more fun and keeps their interest better. 

This book is also a good way to introduce Halloween fun to a toddler. They can learn about numbers too because toddlers can count with you as they go through the spooky old house featured in One, Two...Boo!

Halloween Fisher Price Little People Sets

The Fisher Price Little People sets are great for toddlers. They're especially made to be easy for small toddler hands. They're bright and fun. They're a great way to encourage pretend play too. 

Now there are some great Halloween themed Little People sets at Amazon. These would make a fabulous choice to replace candy and chocolate for a toddler's Halloween. They would also make a brilliant gift to celebrate the Halloween season. So I highly recommend these Fisher Price sets as Halloween toys for toddlers.

Fisher Price Halloween Toys on Ebay


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SusanM on 07/12/2012

Thanks Millie.
Another Mr Potato Head fan. The pirate is my favorite out of the Mr Potato Head Halloween ones. (The vampire is also pretty cool - but probably not so much for toddlers.) That's my main problem with writing toy related articles. I see things I want for myself too haha

Millie Chipper on 07/12/2012

That's actually one fun and cool idea. Did'nt even occur to me. I think for most when we think of Halloween we just think of all thos candies. I love that Halloween Mr. Potato Head. He looks so feirce. I want it for myself.

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