Halloween Toys for Girls

by SusanM

Ideas for fun Halloween toys for girls

Halloween is a fun time for both girls and boys. But many girls don't like some of the more macabre toys like fake spiders. Or the more eerie themed toys like vampires or skeletons.

This can limit what toys you can give to a girl because many of the best Halloween toys do have these scarier themes. But you can get good quality toys that are either cute, not too spooky or girly. These can make a great choice for girls who love Halloween but aren't into the full on scare of the season.

Halloween Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a very popular character among preschool and school age girls. 

Luckily you can get quite a few Halloween Hello Kitty plush toys in different styles and colors. Amazon has all of them. I've chosen the Halloween Witch Hello Kitty toy (only because it's the one I like best). But they're all very cute and would make a great choice for a girl who loves this cat. 

You can get the plush Hello Kitty Halloween toys in different price ranges. You can get Beanie Baby Halloween Hello Kitty toys too. These are also really popular with girls. You can also get them at Amazon.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

There are a couple of Halloween jigsaw puzzles about. This one caught my eye though because it's different. 

It's a layered puzzle (so 5 puzzles in 1). It shows a pumpkin growing from seed to the final pumpkin. It even includes a carved Halloween pumpkin in the final puzzle. So this is a bright and unusual  puzzle that's not scary but still has a Halloween theme. It's also a novelty because it's layered.  

Beyond being fun this puzzle is also a good learning toy too because it shows how something grows and helps children understanding sequences. (This means it's good for logical thinking.)

This puzzle is therefore a good choice for a preschool or younger school aged girl. 

Get the Layered Halloween Pumpkin Puzzle

Pumpkin 5 Layer Wood Puzzle

Pumpkins come in many different varieties, shapes and colors. Some pumpkins are edible and others are just used as decoration. Pumpkins are particularly popular in America which...


View on Amazon

Halloween Barbie

I'm not a great fan of Barbie toys (although I had Barbies as a child). I also don't normally give them as gifts. But many younger girls do like Barbie. So they're certainly a good option for many girls. 

I chose the Halloween Party Barbie to feature because I do like her Halloween costume. (I like the color choices of pink with the more classic Halloween colors of black and orange. I also like the dress style they've chosen for this Barbie doll.)

Amazon does have a choice of Halloween Barbie dolls though in different styles that girls would like. There are also some Halloween Barbie dolls that are collector items. These are better for older girls.

So a good Halloween choice for girls who like Barbie dolls.

Halloween Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are another good choice. There's lots of variety in their Halloween and Halloweenie range so you can find something the girl you're buying for will love. 

I picked Spells the Halloween Bear to feature because he's cute. He's in traditional Halloween colors and is a classic Halloween witch character. All great for the spooky season. Spells is also an internet exclusive so you won't find him in stores.  

Beanie Babies are also good soft toys for grown ups because they're inexpensive to buy as a gift for Halloween. This is good because a lot of soft toys are pricey nowadays.

Amazon has a really good range of Beanie Babies. So they have all the Halloween themed and Halloweenie ones to choose from.

Halloween Beanie Babies on Ebay


Halloween LEGO

Both boys and girls love LEGO. So this mini LEGO mini figure set with a bat, pumpkin and ghost is  a fun gift for girls at Halloween. 

The pumpkin and bat have a slightly scary but fun look to them. This is great for girls that like the spookiness of Halloween. The ghost is cute though. This makes it a nice mix with the spookier mini figures in this LEGO set. 

Soft Black Cat Toy

Soft toys are always popular gifts for girls. Black cats are a nice choice for girls at Halloween too. 

This one caught my eye with his gorgeous expression. He's a lovely floppy soft toy cat made from silky, soft fabric. So he's great to cuddle up to. While his big eyes make him an adorable black cat for Halloween. 

He's about the size of a small cat (13 inches long when he's stretched out).

It's a good Halloween toy for girls 3 years and up.

Fuzzy Monster Puppets

Here's a fun monster idea for Halloween. The Fuzzy Make - Your - Own Monster Puppet set. The monsters aren't scary looking. Instead they're cute and have things like wacky eyes, ears and antennae. The monsters are brightly colored too which makes them even better for girls.

They have interchangeable parts so you can mix and match the monster features to create lots of different monsters. The parts stick onto the puppets with Velcro so there's no restriction about where they will stick. The parts can go anywhere on the monster you like. 

These puppets are good for girls aged 3 years and up. (Preschool boys would also love them.)

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