Halloween Party Favor Ideas for 5 to 8 Year Olds

by SusanM

Fun Halloween party favor ideas for kids aged 5 to 8 years

Halloween parties are great fun for kids. Picking Halloween party favors for treat bags can be time consuming to find though if you want good ones.

Most Halloween favors are candy. Something which kids get lots of at Halloween anyway. Halloween candy is also something you can find really easily. So I've dedicated this article to other types of favors that are good for a Halloween party treat bag for kids aged 5 to 8 years.

Halloween Beanie Baby

Ghosts are classic for Halloween. This Spooky Beanie Baby Ghost is even more suited to Halloween because of the Halloween pumpkin it carries. 

At 5 inches it's a nice size for a child's hands. Amazon often has this toy on sale too so you can often get it at a price that works for a Halloween party favor.

Spooky is a really cute Halloween party favor choice for 5 to 8 year old girls. 5 to 6 year old boys will probably enjoy them too. If you have a few preschool children at the party this favor will be perfect for them as well because they're cute and not too scary. 

Halloween Stickers

This roll of Halloween stickers is perfect for a party favor. 

At $1.99 for one roll you get 100 pumpkin stickers. Each sticker is 1 1/2" long and wide. That works out to about 2 cents per sticker

The pumpkin stickers on this roll are also classic Halloween pumpkins. This means they're good for any age, including adults. 

It also means they're a great Halloween party favor to have on hand. 

Neon Lizard Party Favors

These lizards are a fun glow in the dark toy for kids. 

At 5 inches they're a nice size for a Halloween party favor. They also come in great neon colors. The glow in the dark aspect of this party favor is really good if it's a night-time party. This lets kids check out the glow of these lizards right away. This adds to the fun of the party for them. 

These lizards come in a set of 12 and work out to about 39 cents each. So they're a nicely priced Halloween party favor too.

Vampire Fangs

Vampire fangs tend to be an overdone treat toy for Halloween trick or treat bags. But they're not so bad as a Halloween party favor. Kids have such high expectations for Halloween night that a set of traditional vampire fangs can be a let down. But there's so much going on at a Halloween party these just add to the enjoyment. 

These fangs are great for helping kids get into the Halloween party mood by pretending to be vampires. At about 30 cents each they're the right price too.

Halloween Monster Favor

Monsters don't always get the spotlight during Halloween. But monsters are a wonderful addition to this holiday. Something like these bendable monster party favors are perfect for Halloween too. 

Bendable toys like these are fun for kids. These are made of flexible plastic and will bend every which way. They're a nice size for little hands at 3 and 1/4 inches tall by 3 and 1/2 inches wide. These monsters are cute and smiley creatures too.

These monster Halloween party favors are sold separately for just under $1 each.

A Mixture of Halloween Toys

This Halloween toy bag is a handy buy when you're collecting favors for a Halloween party. 

The toys in this bag are in the classic Halloween colors of orange, black and white (with a little red). The bag also has classic Halloween vampire fangs. The toys are perfect for a Halloween Pinata

There are 64 toys in this Halloween favor bag. So a couple of bags will go a long way.

The price is about 15 cents for each toy so this party favor bag is great value for money too. 

Halloween Pinata Ideas

Halloween Ghost Party Pinata

This delightful ghost will be the focal point at any Halloween party!

Aztec Imports  / Only $17.99

View on Amazon

Scary Pumpkin Halloween Pinata

11 in. diameter pumpkin pinata for Halloween. 100% hollow. Ample space for candies/toys. Can be converted into pull ribbon pinata.

Aztec Imports

View on Amazon

Cute Halloween Coloring Books

This set of coloring books is a cute way to get Halloween party favors for kids who are 5 to 8 years old. They are also good for preschool kids. 

Coloring books are an essential party favor and Halloween themes make great coloring-in pictures. This set is a standard lot of coloring books. So it's a nice set but they're not deluxe coloring books. They come in a pack of 12 books for just $3.99 though (that's just 33 cents for each book). This means they're a really good choice if you want to get the most for your Halloween party favor money. 

If you're buying coloring book favors don't forget get party sized packs of crayons or markers to go with them. You can find these at Amazon.

Deluxe Halloweenscapes Coloring Book

I actually bought this coloring book for myself. It has gorgeous artwork with patterns made of everything you can think of that's about Halloween. All the coloring pages are the same high quality as the one on the cover page. (That's one of the actual coloring pages in this book.) 

The paper is good quality and is lovely to color on. I use crayons because you can blend and shade the colors but I think markers would work well too.

At $3.99 per coloring book this is the most expensive Halloween favor I've listed here but this coloring book is worth it.

As a reminder don't forget to get party sized packs of crayons or markers to go with any coloring book favors. You can find these at Amazon.

Halloween Color-in Picture Puzzles

This is a bargain book that's heaps of fun for 5 to 8 year old kids. 

It has 30 picture-puzzles featuring ghosts, witches, skeletons, monsters and other creepy characters that make it a great Halloween party favor. (The Dover activity books are always good fun for kids.)

Amazon often has these on sale for a little over $1 so they're a great way to add some coloring and puzzle fun to your party favor supplies without increasing your spending too much. 

Skeleton Sticker Book Favor

This is a cute set of stickers that have a novelty feel because they glow in the dark. Kids will love these for Halloween so they're a nice one to add to your list of Halloween party favors to buy. 

This sticker book has 15 skeleton stickers showing glowing skeletons in different poses. If you decide to give the whole sticker book as a party favor it's only $2.81. If you want to cut them into single sticker party favors then the price drops to just under 20 cents for each sticker

Halloween Slide Puzzles

Halloween Slide Puzzles are a fun novelty to use as a party favor. One that many party planners overlook too. 

Slide puzzles are a good idea for a Halloween party favor because they don't have pieces that can be lost. This means kids can take them when they go on boring outings like grocery shopping. 

These puzzles are a party favor that will be fun after the party is over. They're a little more expensive than some of the other Halloween favors at about 62 cents each. But they're still a great choice.

Halloween Maze Toys

These classic mazes are a fun toy that's also good for teaching hand-eye coordination. 

These mazes with their Halloween theme are perfect as Halloween party favors. But they only come in a pack of 4 (but I'm assuming this). Now if I'm correct about there being 4 in each pack that means they're about 3.70 for each maze. This makes them one of the more expensive Halloween party favors. But they're a lot of fun for kids to play with.

Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle Favors

These jigsaw puzzles are a fabulous idea for Halloween party favors. 

The puzzles are mini puzzles and have 24 pieces. This means they won't be too hard for 5 year old kids. Being a novelty Halloween toy they will still be fun for an 8 year old too. 

Each puzzle has a Halloween scene that will interest kids. The scenes are colorful and include classic Halloween characters like a witch at her cauldron or a haunted house with ghosts. 

Because they come in a pack of 12 they're also a great buy for any Halloween party. They work out to just over $1 for each puzzle which makes them a brilliant idea for a Halloween party favor for 5 to 8 year olds.

Kids Halloween Party Favors on Ebay


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SusanM on 12/12/2012

Thanks "Shimmer" :D

Shimmer Body Art on 12/12/2012

Good post. Thanks for sharing some of your ideas for a Halloween-based birthday party. Including beanie toys or temporary tattoos may be helpful when trying to make it stand out among your son's or daughter's friends.

SusanM on 07/10/2012

Yeah I thought so. Holidays can get so expensive.

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

A smart thing to do :)

SusanM on 07/09/2012

And didn't I enjoy my research haha. I LOVE Halloween.
You're 100% right about the cost. I was especially looking for fun toys that wouldn't run up a high bill for the party planners. Trying to keep both the kids and the adults happy :)

Jasmine on 07/09/2012

These Halloween party favors are so cool! You've done your research! They are so affordable that you can buy different ones and keep the kids at the party entertained for hours.

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