Traditional Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Men

by JoHarrington

On the hunt for large, male Halloween outfits? Then you've come to the right place! We have monstrous costumes for an evening of spooky fun!

Sometimes you'd think that the only people going out on Halloween night were skinny runts and High School jocks. At least you would, if you used most costume catalogs as your criteria.

Extra large men need extra large Halloween costumes. Which is precisely what we have here.

Your mature figure doesn't mean that you have to go without a great outfit. You'll need one as you escort your kids, Trick and Treating around the houses.

So come and get yourself kitted out for some major partying, on the spookiest night of the year!

Plus Size Mystic Sorcerer Elite Costume for Men

Witches and sorcerers are pretty much standard for any Halloween party. This one comes in sizes from medium all the way up to XXX Large. 

InCharacter are a reputable company for costumes. Their items tend to be better quality than most, which means that you'll be able to wear your extra large sorcerer outfit for many holidays to come.

It's 100% polyester and what you see is what you get.  The robe, hooded cape, sash, collar and medallion are all included.

Extra Large Zombie Costumes for Halloween

A spot of fishing is all well and good, but not if the angler next to you suddenly wants to eat your brains!

Ignore the skinny model.  The Zombie Fisherman outfit comes in two sizes.  LRP will fit gentlemen with 44" chest and hips, and 40" waist.  Plus size is one step up, with 50" chest and hips, and 46" waist.

You will receive the striped shirt, blue jumpsuit, yellow hat and fishing rod, all draped in seaweed. Unfortunately, you'll have to add the zombie face make up yourself.

Nor it is the only plus size zombie costume on offer.  How would you feel if these two came lumbering after you?

The Spirit Skeleton Zombie ensemble seems to be mixing its monsters a little, but the overall effect is very spooky!

The plus size fits chests up to 53" and waists at 42-46".  You will get the top, bottoms, gloves and masked hat. Only the shoes are missing, as you need to supply them yourself.

I'm personally most worried about the prospect of a doctor turned zombie. It's not someone that I'd want examining me, that's for sure!  I'd go in with a headache and come out without a head!

The extra large Zombie Doctor costume has the same measurements as the plus size Spirit Skeleton. The top and bottoms have PVC details on them, in order to show that rotting interior. You'll also get a surgical mask and cap, plus the scary zombie face mask.

Jokes on You Halloween Costume for Plus Size Men

Halloween is spooky and Halloween is fun.  So why not combine both in this sinister Fool's outfit for your Trick and Treating.  All you'll need to add are the regular bursts of spine-chilling laughter.

There is no back story for Jokes on You.  You may create your own. Perhaps this was an evil court jester, who destroyed all who lived in the castle.  A kind of Medieval joker cursed to spend eternity as an animated skeleton out for more prey.

Want a better look?  Here's the child's version.  The adult one is exactly the same, just scaled up!

However, what you see is not quite what you get.  You'll have to add your own shoes and gloves. Most notably, you'll also have to add the Psycho Jester Cane.

Coming in sizes up to XX Large, this Halloween costume does include the top, bottoms, mask, hooded collar and waist tie.

Extra Large Male Halloween Grim Reaper Costumes

Of course, if you're going for a Halloween skeleton look, then the obvious choice is Death Himself.

There is a choice of two Grim Reaper outfits in plus sizes.  They look pretty similar, and both are made out of 100% polyester.  The main difference resides in what you get for your money.

The first is the Adult Men's Plus Size Grim Reaper Halloween Costume by California Costumes. It's an XX large one, fitting gentlemen sized 48-52.  You get the mask too!

The second is the Plus Size Grim Reaper Hooded Robe Costume by Fun World Costumes. You get a sash tie belt, but no mask.

Neither of them actually provide the scythe!  Though I would have assumed that was quite fundamental to the whole ensemble...

Male Ghoul Costumes in Plus Sizes for Halloween

A variation on the theme of Halloween undead attire are these ghouls and generally creepy individuals.

The traditional ghoul is associated with graveyards.  He makes his home amongst the tombs and possibly feasts upon their contents. 

The extra large Adult Ghoul Robe Costume comes in sizes 42-50.  You get the robe and hood, though you will have to supply your own gloves and ghoulish make-up.  However, the bog standard ghoul look can be much more ornate, as demonstrated by this duo below.

Is the Evil Outlaw a ghoul?  The skeletal bandanna suggests that he's not entirely human and that seems pretty ghoulish to me!  His tag-line is 'No-one can catch this dude!'  So there's definitely going to be a whole back-story there for you to make up.

Evil Outlaw Adult Plus Costume fits men up to 300lbs in weight, with a 48-53" chest and 42-46" waist.

You get the vest, trousers, coat, bandanna and fingerless gloves.  Unfortunately, the hat is sold separately.

Hailing from South of the border, we have the Mens Graveyard Groom Plus Size Skeleton Costume. This ghoulish dude looks as ready for the Day of the Dead or Cinco de Mayo, as Halloween, so you may have even more opportunities to wear it!

The polyester Mexican ghoul outfit comes in XX Large and XXX Large sizes.  You get the shirt, with its attached bow tie; jacket and hat.  That's not make-up, by the way.  It's a mask which is fixed to the hat.

All you need provide are your shoes and trousers.

Halloween Vampire Costumes for Large Men

Mexicans ghouls not debonair enough for you?  Then there's this very classic look for Halloween!

In Character's Men's Gothic Vampire Costume is much more pricey than the other selections on this page. But the price tag reflects the quality. This isn't a throw-away outfit.

The plus size vampire costume is designed in XX Large and XXX Large sizes. All that you see, you get, excepting the trousers and shoes.

Midnight Vampire XL Costume

Loving the look but not the price tag?  Then this one is much easier on the wallet, but it will still leave you appearing very suave and sophisticated.

The Midnight Vampire costume fits extra large men, with chests measuring 46-48", waist 40-42" and arm length 34.5-35".

This plus size vampire outfit includes the satin cape, short-sleeved vest and red dickie bow-tie.

You will have to provide your own trousers and shoes though.

However, it probably won't turn you into the skinny model posing in it, and you'll have to add your own suitably dramatic background.

Plus Size Dracula Costume

New for Halloween 2013 is this Plus Size Dracula Costume.

It's made by Rubie's Costume Co, who are probably the biggest name in the fancy dress genre.  Better still, it's been officially licensed!

If you're size 46-52, then you could easily be rocking this attire, wowing the crowds with your very best Bela Lugosi impressions.

On this occasion, they actually provide the pants too!  In addition to the cape, shirt, vest and medallion.

You will have to add your own fangs though.  May I suggest these retractable vampire fangs from Can you Imagine?  If only because they look cool!


Hollywood Serial Killer Costumes in Extra Large Sizes

Talking about scary creatures from the silver screen, how about this murderous gang of Halloween horrors?  Perfect for a group of men going to a festive party together.

We'll start with Freddy Krueger, the dream stalking nasty from Nightmare on Elm Street. The best thing about this outfit is that it's officially licensed. It's also created by Rubie's Costume Company, hence the quality is there.

The downside is that the plus size Freddy Krueger costume only actually involves the striped sweater. That fits jacket size 46-52 (50" chest, 42-46" waist and 33" inseam measurement).

You will have to add your own pants and shoes, then buy the other elements of the costume separately.

You will have much more luck with the other three extra large Hollywood serial killer costumes.  They come as the complete ensemble, excepting the need to provide your own shoes.

First up, there's a plus sized Michael Myers outfit.  Mr Myers is the frightening anti-hero of the Halloween movies, which really does make it very fitting for this season!  The XX Large Halloween costume suits gentlemen with a 50-52" chest, 44-46" waist and 35.5-36" arm length.

You will receive the jumpsuit and the Michael Myers mask.

Alongside him, there's Jason from Friday the 13th.  I lied slightly about you getting the whole costume here, as you will have to put on your own jeans.

Rubie's Costume Company provide the EVA hockey mask, as well as the hockey shirt. As befits the theme, the plus sized Jason costume shirt has a back print on it. It reads Voorheers above the number 13.

He's joined by Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.  This outfit includes the bright orange jumpsuit, that famous facemask and button operated handcuffs.

The extra large Friday the 13th Jason costume and the plus sized Hannibal Lecter Halloween costume have the same measurements. They will fit jacket size 46-52, chest 50", waist 42-46" and inseam 33".

Enjoy your Halloween festivities!

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I certainly wouldn't want him working on me!

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The zombie surgeon looks particularly gory.

JoHarrington on 09/18/2013

I can so see that! :)

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Hey Jo, big and tall men make great zombies. :)

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