Handy Manny Party Ideas

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It is great to have handy manny party for your child's birthday. Learn the things that you need to prepare.

Tablewares in Packages are Practical

The first thing that you need to prepare are the tablewares. Handy Manny tablewares come in different designs. Some of them come in package while other are sold individually. This can be great so that you can freely choose the most convenient party supplies for you. But the party supplies that are in packages can make you save more time and money. 

Handy Manny Foil Mylar 18" Party Balloon
By Hallmark & Sold by Kidz Super Store
Handy Manny & Tools Mini Shape
National Party Supply

Choose Balloons in Decorating

After you have completed the party supplies, it's time to decorate the venue. In decorating, the theme of the party must be recognized by your guests. The best and the cheapest way to do this is to fill the areas with handy Manny balloons. There are many types of balloons that you can use. In choosing the balloons, below are some tips:

  • Choose the shape. There are round, square, and even mini handy manny with the tools shape.
  • Choose the material. You can either have a latex made or a mylar made.
  • Check your budget. Determine how many balloons you will need for the party. Make sure that if you will give the balloons to the children, all of them will be given equally.

Party Favors

Pinata and a box of goodies

It is much better not to give the party favors immediately. Why not add some thrill and excitement first? You can do this by breaking the Pinata. Below are some tips on how to break it:

  1. Make the children fall in one line. The first in line will be given the first chance to break the pinata.
  2. Blind fold the eyes of the child. Hand to him the batter and turn him as the other children count from one up to three.
  3. The child will be given only one chance to hit the pinata.
  4. If he will not be able to break it, give chance to the other children until it will be broken.

The children will definitely get excited once the pinata is being hitted as this is filled with lots of treats like candies and chocolates. After that, you can give them their party boxes with lots of goodies. Lastly, enjoy watching the children as they are happy in opening the party boxes.

Cake Toppers and Party Favor in one

Perhaps, you are wondering as what are these cake toppers which can be used as party favors. Handy Manny has cupcake rings that can be put at the top of the cupcakes. Each ring has different designs and pictures of handy Manny. After they will eat their cupcakes, they can play or wear the cupcake rings.

On the other hand, you can enhance the learning and the skills of the children. Try to use these party pencil toppers. After the children will eat the cake, they can sharpen the pencil to be used in writing.

Updated: 07/07/2011, handymannypartysupplies
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