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Try to know handy manny and the tools. They are good as toys, cartoon characters, and party favors.

Do you know the tools of Handy Manny?

Have you seen the Handy Manny Cartoon series? Did you know the names of the tools who are Manny’s friends? If you do, they are amazing as this is the first time on television which the tools being used in constructions and fixing have the ability to talk. Together with Handy Manny, they create a fantastic team and friendship. They help one another and they also help other people in their town which is really good for the children. The children will be able to learn different lessons in enjoyable ways. They will also learn on how to solve problems as they can see Manny and the tools use their initiative to find for solutions. 

Handy Manny series started in 2006. This is new compared to other famous cartoon character like Mickey and Minnie mouse. However, this series has become a hit to children. Perhaps this is because Handy Manny portrays an easy going, calm, friendly, and helpful character. But he needs his tools in dealing with problems. They also solve problems that deal with moral lessons and surviving life's challenges.

Let's get to know the tools.

1.   Pat is the hammer. He is slow in grasping jokes and other topics that they usually talk about. But he sees to it that he finishes his job properly on time.

2.   Dusty is the saw. She is kind, caring, and affectionate to everybody.

3.   Felipe is the Philip screwdriver. He feels insecure whenever there is a task which he is not needed since he is a specialized tool. He usually competes with turner.

4.   Turner is the slotted screwdriver. He has a strong personality. Sometimes he has bad-temper when the task needs Felipe or the Philip screwdriver and not him.

5.   Squeeze is the pliers. She is very jolly and positive in approaching life.

6.   Stretch is the tape measure. She is a bit childish and she wants everything to be perfect. She usually tries to weigh things. This means she thinks of the outcomes before making a decision.

7.   Rusty is the wrench. He always wants to follow rules. He is a good supporter.

8.   Flicker is the flashlight who uses his ability to light things up.

Other characters are:

  • Kelly- She runs and manages a hardware store. When Manny and the tools encounter problems, they run to Kelly. She is very smart and is willing to help.
  • Mr. Lopart- is a nice guy who runs a store next to Manny's shop. He doesn't want to accept help from others because he thinks he can solve it alone. However, he is always getting in to trouble which needs him to call Manny and the tools for help.

The Tools are great Party Favors

Now you know the different tools who are Manny's special friends. Do you know that the tools are great as party favors in a children's party? This is really unique since in other theme party, you only get the picture of the cartoon character. But with Handy Manny, you can get hold of the tools personally through the party favors for children. The children will love this and will enjoy playing with the tools.

Party favors are:

  • Handy Manny Blowout that has a feature of stretch in a yellow color. As the children blow it, the tape measure will stretch.
  • Handy Manny Hammer that has a yellow handle and a gray color head. The children will feel like they have their own shop and they can hammer things. However, this hammer is good as toys. It is safe for children since it is made of plastic and with a lightweight material.
  • Handy Manny Kaleidoscope is wrapped with handy Manny and the tools picture. The children can now see far things and beautiful views by using this party favor. 
  • Handy Manny cars have five cars in one pack. This shows the flexibility of Manny and the tools. He does not only fix the problems in the house, but the problems in the car too.
  • Handy Manny treat boxes appear like a tool box in a red color. This will complete the party favor. The children will be excited as they open their treat boxes.
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