Furnishing Your Home Office: Harlan Style Leaning Ladder Bookcase with Desk

by HomeArtist1

These budget-wise, leaning ladder bookcases with desk ( Harlan style) will add form and function to your home office wherever you need it, saving space and keeping clutter at bay.

The casual style of a leaning ladder desk converts any space into a work place while saving valuable floor space and lending to your overall decor.

I've a penchant for setting up shop wherever I can be in the midst of company. You may want peace and quiet in a tight, tranquil space. Whatever your objective - be it laptop or tablet - a ladder-style desk is ideal for getting the job done.

That's a lot to expect from a conservative piece of bookcase furniture but with more and more of us working from home or taking half our office home with us after hours, the stylish, ladder bookcase with attached desk makes good sense.

Scroll down to peruse several styles of leaning ladder desks along with my helpful decor tips to create a look you'll love.

Your Home Office & Things to Consider: Large Wall-Sized Ladder Desks

Wall-Sized Leaning Bookcases with Desks

If you've the space, going all out with every office piece you'll need now and later makes good sense, particularly if you have a lot of reference materials and files.

You'll need a free wall to devote to these bigger, ladder desk units but they're plenty attractive and lend enough room for decorative shelf pieces, too.

Creating an attractive space you're happy with really does make a difference on one's mood, so adding a few favorite things makes your space more inviting and personal, just like those in office buildings. You'll stay at your task a bit longer; I know I do.



Are Your Working from Home?

Contemporary/Modern Leaning Ladder Bookcase with Desk

Altra Furniture Ladder Wall-Sized Bookcase with Desk, Red Finish

Working at a Desk All Day:

Decorate Your Home Office and Remember Your Back

Oh, boy! The decorator in me just loves this red leaning desk. The platform for your laptop or desktop computer houses a convenient drawer for all those accoutrements that tend to clutter your desk, while the sturdy leaning shelves promise to earn their keep in both style and function.

While you're excited about your space's decor, be sure to remember your posture as you're sitting at your desk for hours at a time. I've experienced terrible back strain from the '9-to-5 slouch' consequently, my posture is rather deplorable.

A quality, ergonomic chair fit for the executive we are is a must-have. Don't compromise, as back pain can be debilitating.

Corralling All that Desktop Home Office Clutter

A cluttered work area is not motivating - at all. I say, have a place for everything and everything in its place (or did my mother say that?). In small home offices, adhering to that ideal will keep frustration at bay when you're on the phone and needing that one, elusive 'thing.'

I've seen some really cheap photo boxes at craft stores; they're colorful and have lids that are great for stacking and add to your decor.

Make Way for Space:

Look Up!

The best way to 'find' room for storage is to look up. Line your workspace with budget-friendly wall shelves like this one, here, where you'll save valuable floor space.

Leaning desks like these A-frame ladder styles are great for tiny office areas or corners. Virtually anywhere in your home can be an office, instantly.

Preparing for All That 'Power'

The problem I didn't perceive of when I set up my old home office (in my huge, walk-in closet) was power source. I had all these PC wires, lamp, radio and a few other electric powered instruments. While this was pre-Wi-Fi and cordless laptops were expensive, it's still a good idea to count how many power sockets you'll need.

A power strip will do nicely but invest in a power surge-proof model, as you could easily lose everything with a lightening strike (been there, done that).

This leaning ladder-style desk has shelves-a-plenty and I'll bet it'll be storage enough for your home office needs. I like the burnished, distressed finish, don't you? You'll realize loads of storage space with enough left over for decorative pieces.

Small Spaces & the Home Office - A Little of Both: Small Ladder Style Desk with Drawer


Where Budget & Space are Restricted:

Space-Saving Leaning Ladder Bookshelves with Desks
Small Black Ladder Bookcase with Writing Desk & Drawer

Charming to the eye, behold a piece of office furniture that fits perfect in a small space. Structured in a painter-style ladder, it includes a top and bottom shelf, storage dra...

View on Amazon

Writing Ladder Bookcase with Desk and Stool w/White

View on Amazon

Small Home Office Leaning Ladder Bookcase with Desk, Cappuccino

Front and center or tucked away, our compact 2-in-1 display stand does double duty as a writing Desk with its flip down table top panel. Modern design furniture features a popul...

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Opting for What's Important

If office space is somewhat elusive in a small home, it may be a bit of a compromise in making your final decision. I've found the best way to decide one way or the other is to consider your routine rather than focus on style.

Of course, you'll have to choose among smaller versions of ladder desks like those I show here.

You'll have the worktop you need and a handy drawer for necessities. If you need more shelving, it's an easy fix: just add simple shelves above the desk in a like color. Add a pin board in the open space and pin a few small containers for extras. You'll have to be a bit creative but that's not a bad thing; you'll be surprised what you can come up with.

Focus on your biggest concern and you'll make the right decision for you.

Great Desk & Crucial Lighting: Home Office Must-Haves

Second to having a great desk and chair, lighting is oh-so-important in your workspace. I keep away from white backgrounds on my desk surface. You're better to keep both aspects in mind when setting up your lighting. Eye strain iis real problem - especially after eight or more hours of detailed work.

A small task lamp is a good fit for small spaces but be sure you're using soft light, not that bright, direct light that seems to burn into your eyes.

I suggest trying out different lamps and overhead lights before settling on one.

If you've little ones with busy fingers running about but no door to close your office up after hours, consider this flip down desk. It has its own door you can close up your work, neatly tucking it away for safekeeping.

What kind of ladder desk are you looking for?

Instant Home Office Fold-Up Desk for Part-Timers

If you'll be working part-time at home, you might like this leaning ladder-style desk set which includes a padded chair. Its frame gives the impression that you'll be tucked into your little corner of the world, doesn't it?

I'm recommending this desk set for part-time use, as the chair, while padded, might be a bit taxing on your back with full-time use. But if you appreciate having everything in one fell-swoop, this set is for you.

Updated: 06/26/2015, HomeArtist1
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