Harry Potter Birthday Party Favor Ideas

by SusanM

Creative ideas for your Harry Potter birthday party favor bags

Harry Potter has to be one of the most famous children's literature characters of all time. So of course the Harry Potter theme is going to be one that regularly comes up at children's parties.

To make your party and party favor bag a little different from the other Harry Potter parties just takes a little big of imagination and creativity. What you put into the favor bag (as well as other small things) can make a big difference to the overall feel of your party.

Getting Variety with Essential Stickers

Stickers are a must have for any birthday party favor bag regardless of how old the children are. The trick is to pick stickers that are suitable for the age of your party guests and theme of the party. 

With something as popular as a Harry Potter party it's important to look for stickers that aren't too common. They should also have an impressive design for kids. That often means avoiding the more commonly sold sticker sheets and going for something new. 

I've chosen a Gryffindor Quidditch Badge and some movie scene sticker designs here to give you an idea of the sorts of stickers that might work well in a party favor bag. (They all come in sheets of 20 stickers.)

Harry Potter movie inspired postcards are another idea that's easy to put into a party favor bag. These are also good for school age or older kids. They have a great novelty feel because they're not the usual thing that's thought of for a party favor bag. You can also get some great designs. 

These can be used as postcards to send to friends but that's not why I decided to include them. I decided to include them because they're more like collectors items. Almost like small posters. So they can be displayed in a child's bedroom or stuck onto a school folder. This makes them quite versatile. 

Imaginative Dragon Dust

I loved this idea when I saw it.

We tend to forget that dragons are a big part of the magical wizard world, starting right from the first book. This means they're a smaller theme you can include into a Harry Potter themed party. So something like this Dragon Dust will fit into a Harry Potter themed party really well. 

These bags of Dragon Dust are a cute idea for both boys and girls who are about 7 to 9 years old. They're a fun favor that will capture their imaginations. They're also something different that they won't usually see in a party favor bag. So they will have a big novelty factor. 

An Alternative to a Wand

A wand is an obvious choice for a Harry Potter favor bag. But a wand is also something a child will probably already have been given if they've been to another Harry Potter themed birthday party. So what about giving them a Golden Snitch instead?

The Golden Snitch comes from the game of Quidditch which is played in the Harry Potter books. So any fan of the Harry Potter story will immediately know what this is. It's also a party favor that they won't expect to find in their goodies bag. So it will add some extra surprise and enjoyment to discovering what's in their favor bag. It's also a great little toy for pretend play or for displaying in their room after the party.

Harry Potter Candy

Even if a child has received some Harry Potter candy at another party they won't complain about getting more. 

Giving some Harry Potter candy rather than just usual party candy is better because you're keeping to the party theme. Getting special candy like this is also more exciting for kids because they would rarely see Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans. 

I thought the Harry Potter Jelly Beans were a good idea because you can buy them in a bulk amount which is usually cheaper. They're often mentioned in the Harry Potter books too - and even get a role in the first movie. Coming in small boxes they're also really easy to pop into your  party favor bags.

Kids Love These Things

Bandz are really popular with kids. This means, like stickers, they're a good thing to put on your list when you're planning your party favor bags. 

Luckily Bandz do come in Harry Potter shapes. So they're perfect for a Harry Potter themed party. 

You can pop one or a couple of different Bandz into each party favor bag. Giving the kids another nice novelty item to take home. 

These Harry Potter Bandz I've chosen are officially licensed by Warner Brothers and you get 20 Bandz per pack in 5 different shapes. So they're a good bulk pack.

Harry Potter Design Buttons

Buttons are another fun idea that should work well with children at the "Harry Potter" age (they're not a great idea for younger kids). 

Themed buttons give any piece of clothing a Harry Potter feel. So fans of the books and movies will love them. You can get lots of designs in the Harry Potter range but I liked this Snowy Owl one. If you haven't read the books or seen the movie the owl is resting on the sign for Harry's Muggle street where he lived with the Dudleys. 

So these are another good quality, novelty party favor that kids can keep for ages after the party is over. 

Another Fun Party Idea

How about sending your party invitations with a Harry Potter stamp?

Few party planners think of using a themed stamp to send their party invitations out with. Using a stamp like these Harry Potter ones is a fabulous way to introduce the upcoming party. The Harry Potter theme starts as soon as the child has the envelope in their hand. They don't even have to open it. 

School age kids also love collecting things like stamps so it gives them a great one for their collection if they're already collecting them. They're also really different because invitations are always sent out with ordinary, everyday stamps. 

So I think they're a really creative and fun idea for a party. 

Harry Potter Party Favors on Ebay

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