Cute Hatley Raincoat for Girls and Boys

by squidooprincess2012

Shop a variety of Hatley raincoat for your kids. Browse through the latest and cutest collection. Expect lots of colors and kid-friendly prints!

Kids know what they want. And when it comes to raincoats, one of the most popular brands among children is Hatley. So instead of looking for another label, sit back and browse through the brand's amazing collection of raincoats that toddlers and little kids will surely love.

If you don't know where to start, allow me to do you favors (and wonders) with this page as a walkthrough.

Enjoy! Shop! Have fun!

[Thumbnail Photo Credit: Hatley Girls Merry-Go-Round Horses Children Rain Coat]

Stars, Stars, Stars!

Bring out the star in your child with this raincoat.
Hatley Boys 2-7 Children Fun Stars Rain Coat, Nauti Navy, 2T

Release your child's inner star with this blue raincoat with lots of stars sprinkled on it. Some star designs look like your ordinary 4th of July clothing and accessory, but I assure you that this star raincoat is something that your child can wear anytime of the year -- as long as it's raining outside, of course! 

Look at the two pockets. This rain gear sure doesn't look like it's for rainy days. It can even pass for a winter jacket. 

You can tell that Hatley has a star raincoat for both girls and boys. And the colors are just appropriate! The color combination is also spot on. 

There is no doubt in everyone's head that the rain coat above is for boys, and on the right is something that your daughter will absolutely love! 

So why don't you reach for the stars on this one? Wink, wink! 


Who doesn't like butterflies?

When I was a kid, I used to catch these wonderful insects through an improvised net. It was difficult to catch one, but the whole experience was no doubt fun. And I did manage to catch a few. I remember framing them, but since I didn't have the expertise, the ants ate the butterflies away. 

If your daughter loves butterflies, why not give her this beautiful raincoat? Butterflies rest on branches on rainy days. So the butterflies on the raincoat will surely cheer her up. 



There is something appealing about polka dots. But when done improperly, they don't give out the expected result. It's a good thing that Hatley knew what they were doing. These polka dotted raincoats are nothing but perfection. 

Some children may even think of these white dots as falling snow, or snowballs. Either way, you know that the design is such a big hit. And you know that your kid is going to love them. 

So go ahead and give them any one of these raincoats. 





Do they come with a hood? Sure, they do. You can even mistake them for a winter jacket or a toddler winter coat.

Even though that's the case, your child can even wear this rain gear during the winter season, or on a snowy day to protect her/him from the common cold and other possible sickness. 

So go ahead and choose between these two lovely rain coats. I'd buy both of them.


Gallop in the puddle like horses.
Hatley Girls 2-6x Starry Night Raincoat,Pink,2T

Does your toddler love horses? Then this horse raincoat is the perfect gift for Christmas (or on her birthday). As if the pink background is not cute enough, the brown horse images add to the charm of the raincoat to make it even more adorable. Plus, the blue stars add a dash of pleasant distraction to the whole animal theme. 


This horse raincoat is a different take from the previous one. It's more focused on the carousel theme. 

When I was younger, the grand carousel was always a "grand" sight. I loved the lights, and was amazed at how these "fake horses" can gallop. If I can think like that, your daughter might also be thinking of some quality of time on the carousel. 

During the rainy days, get your toddler this carousel raincoat. It has a lovely purple / lavender color that's definitely a hit among children -- and even adults if you want to have one! 

Flowers and Gardens

Let spring flowers bloom in rainy days.
Hatley Girls 2-6x Purple Flower Raincoat,Purple,1

Let flowers fill the rainy days with these adorable toddler rain gear. Let them bloom during the rainy days, and let springtime be everywhere! 

Hatley has these cute flower raincoats for your choices, and I'm sure you'll find it confusing which one of them to pick. 

Animal Prints

What's your son's/ daughter's favorite animal?
Hatley Boys 2-7 Children Whales Rain Coat, Shipshape Navy, 3T


When it comes to toddler clothings and accessories, you're sure to find whimsical images of animals. Sometimes, these images are overrated, but Hatley has managed to bring in some fresh and new ideas.

Take a look at the whale raincoat above, for instance. Hatley played around with the right colors to come up with a great color combination that boys will gladly wear.

On the other hand, the raincoat on the right is specifically designed with pretty girls in mind. The giraffe prints are no doubt girly, not to mention the pink hearts sprinkled in some areas.

Dinosaur Raincoat

For the child who loves adventure...
Hatley Boys 2-7 Children Blue Dino Rain Coat, Newport Blue, 2T

Jurassic Park is on this raincoat. If you'd like to introduce your child into the world of dinosaurs, a great start is to give them this dinosaur-themed rain gear. With several images, you can even create a guessing game about dinosaurs. Get your child to guess the name of each of the dinosaurs imprinted on the raincoat. Have fun! 

Plain and Bold Colors

For the child who loves bright colors...
Hatley Boys 2-7 Children Classic Splash Jacket, Yellow, 6


If you don't want a printed raincoat, Hatley has some plain, yet equally adorable raincoats for your toddler. Take a look at the raincoat above, for instance. No one can deny that the bright yellow color makes a great fashion statement. Even at a young age, your child can pull this color off during the rainy days. 

Or if you don't like yellow, you can choose to have the raincoat on the left. Teal? Blue green? Whatever color that is, it sure makes your child cute. 

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@Mira, yes, they are! what's your favorite? :)

Mira on 11/28/2012

These are great designs for kids' raincoats. :))

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