Toddler Sailor Dresses

by SusanM

Cute styles and interesting facts about toddler sailor dresses.

Toddlers naturally look sweet in a classic or modern style toddler dress. But it can be hard to find all the different styles because sailor dresses can also be known by other names.

So I've collected some of the cutest sailor dresses for toddlers so you can see the different styles on one page.


Photo: The famous scene from The Sound of Music (1959) 


Sailor dresses come from the classic sailor suits which date back to the 1800s.

Sailor dresses have been popular and have been seen in famous movies such as the Sound of Music (1959).

Shirley Temple also wore a sailor dress in the movie Poor Little Rich Girl (1936). Shirley Temple dolls at the time also included ones dressed in a blue sailor dress.

Sailor dresses are still popular today and have a sweet, classic look that is adorable on toddlers.


History of Children's Sailor Suits

In 1846 the 4 year old Prince of Wales wore the first child-sized sailor suit. Popular paintings of the young Prince spread this fashion idea throughout the world. By the 1870s sailor suits for both boys and girls had become popular.

Sailor suits and dresses are often used for school uniforms today especially in East Asian countries. A sailor suit is also the traditional uniform of the Vienna Boys Choir.

The style has also been used in children's literature such as in manga and anime comics. The Sailor Moon series is a good example of this fashion in comics.

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Which Sailor Style Do You Like Best?

Sailor Dresses for Today's Toddlers

Sailor dresses for toddlers can be hard to find but you can get them in a few different styles.

This includes some nice modern looking styles. 

Blue and white are classic colors for sailor dresses so you can find toddler sailor dresses in these colors.

Pink is the more modern looking version and adds to the feminine feel of the sailors dress.

One of my Fave Sailor Dresses for Toddlers

White Toddler Sailor DressNavy and white are the two classic colors for a sailor's dress. So this toddler dress sticks with this classic color choice. Yet it has a focus on white rather than the traditional navy. This makes it a lovely crisp, white summer dress for a toddler.

It's design with a full skirt and star stripe give it a nice modern look. This makes it a more modern sailor dress for toddlers that's been inspired by the classic look. So it still has that old world charm.




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White Girl Sailor Dress

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Toddler sailor dresses are not play wear. Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music knew this. It’s why she made her homemade play clothing for the Von Trapp children out of curtains.

The solid color, clean lines and crisp look do make sailor dresses a wonderful choice for semi-formal occasions. So even though your toddler can't run around the playground in a sailor dress they are perfect for things like a doctor’s appointment or family gathering. 

A toddler sailor dress is undoubtedly a great to have in your child's wardrobe for times when play wear is too casual and formal wear is overkill. 

Great Semi-Formal Sailor Dress

Navy Sailor Dress (2T to 4T)

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More Toddler Dress Ideas

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SusanM on 02/11/2012

Thanks Angel, kids look great in sailor dresses - and I must admit I love them so much I had a traditional navy one when I was in my teens. It was one of my favorite winter dresses.

Angel on 02/10/2012

I always loved dressing my girls in cute little sailor dresses. So cute.. great article.

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