Fairy T-Shirts for Toddler Girls: Cute Designs

by SusanM

See what the best fairy t-shirts for girls in sizes 2T, 3T and 4T are.

Fairies are an imaginative and fun part of childhood. This means they're a lovely theme for a t-shirt that girls wearing toddler sizes will love.

These toddler fairy t-shirts are the cutest I could find online. Some are already in the toddler sizes of 2T, 3T and 4T. Others are in children's sizes but can be changed into any of the toddler sizes with an easy click of a button.

Bluebell Fairy T-Shirt

This t-shirt has a cute cartoon bluebell fairy in blues and greens. The t-shirt itself is shown in white but also comes in ash, blue, yellow, green and pink. This makes it easy to choose the color your toddler likes best (and toddlers usually know what they want). 

This t-shirt is in children's sizes but you can make a toddler size very easily. You just need to click the apply button on "Save $2.00 on Toddler T-Shirt" (you'll find this button just under Color and Style Options). Then you only have to scroll up to the size selection to choose either 2T, 3T or 4T.  

Fall Fairy T-Shirt

This Fall Fairy T-Shirt is an original art design t-shirt. It's ready made in toddler sizes so you don't need to do anything expect pick the size your toddler needs. 

The original artwork on this t-shirt is a lovely detailed fairy flying on fall (autumn) leaves. The designer has kept to one color and used pinks only. This gives a lovely soft look to the tee. The design is balanced by the amount of detail in the artwork which adds interest even though it's all in pink. This means this is a really good t-shirt if you have a toddler that really loves pink.

Flower Fairy Toddler T-Shirt

This toddler fairy t-shirt has a really sweet design for a young child. The fairy is very cute and brightly colored. She also appears in a different design on the front and back of the t-shirt which is a nice touch. 

This t-shirt comes in a wide range of colors which is handy and multiple styles that all look good. It's in a child's size though so you also have to make the change to toddler size yourself with this one. Again it's just a case of clicking the apply button on "Save $2.35 on Toddler T-Shirt". You'll find it in the same place as the other t-shirt - under Color and Style Options. 

Cute Cartoon Fairy T-Shirt

This adorable pink cartoon fairy holds a pink heart. It's another sweet design for a toddler girl. Good for Valentine's Day (if your family celebrates it) or just for everyday wear.

It's also another t-shirt that's perfect if your toddler is a fan of everything pink. You can even change the background color to pink (or another color) to make your toddler happy. 

Again this is a children's t-shirt so you have to click the button on "Save $2.35 on Toddler T-Shirt" (under Color and Style Options) to get the smaller sizes.

Sweet Pea Fairies T-Shirt

This toddler fairy t-shirt has the loveliest design. Two garden fairies among the flowers. It's a design that has a classic, old-fashioned feel to it. 

There's lots of detail in this design so it tells a story about two fairies. Something that's quite unique in a toddler t-shirt. It also comes in different colors, I think the design looks especially good on the white, pink or yellow t-shirt options. 

If you hadn't guessed from the look of the t-shirt this one is also made in children's sizes. So you'll have to click the apply button on "Save $1.05 on Toddler Ringer T-Shirt" to find the toddler sizes. 

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SusanM on 12/27/2013

Gosh that's a good question. I don't know, although I must say I still like fairy pictures myself :)

Rose on 12/27/2013

All those T-shirts look so cute! I wonder why little girls like fairy pictures so much?

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