Fairy Jewelry for Kids

by SusanM

Do you know what the best fairy jewelry choices are for kids? Here's some of the best.

Most girls seem to go through a "fairy stage". Where they love everything as long as it's fairy related.

Fairy jewelry makes a lovely gift for girls who have become fairy fans, but good quality fairy jewelry can be hard to find. So I've tracked down some cute and good quality choices that make a nice gift for a birthday or Christmas.

Fall Fairy Necklace

This fairy necklace range caught my attention for a few reasons. 

The artistic design is a sweet childlike one. It's cute but at the same time it's not baby-ish (because we all know kids can be offended if they think you've given them something baby-ish).

I think the choice of colors and the classic design of necklace also give a grown up look that nicely balances the child-like design.

So this is a nice fairy necklace that isn't too grown up but not too baby-ish either. 

Also Comes in Other Colors

The other thing I like about these fall fairy necklaces is how they come in different colors.

You can get both gold and silver styles as well as a range of artwork colors (fall, blue and pink). This is good because not only does every child usually have a favorite color but each child tends to look better in certain colors. With this wide color range you can choose a necklace style and color they will love, but also one that will suit them and match the color of clothes they usually wear. 

Magic Pixie Dust Necklace

I thought this was a cute idea when I saw it. 

It's very dainty looking with the magic dust and little star. It's also something that's a real novelty gift. That usually means kids will like it. This is handy if you're buying for a girl you don't know very well.

This is also a creative idea for a child's necklace because it encourages your child's imagination. This is very rare for a piece of jewelry so a real bonus. Yet this probably isn't a necklace that will last for years like the Fall Fairy Necklace will. It's more a a short term piece of jewelry - but it's sure to be a favorite.

Personalized Fairy Necklace

This is another sweet choice for a child that can be personalized with their name. The fairy isn't just any fairy. It's a fairy princess complete with her golden crown. 

This Fairy Princess design has a cartoon fairy with a wand and some magic toadstools. It's a cute but simple design that most girls should like. So it's a good design for children.

The necklace itself is also good quality. It comes in a Sterling Silver option not just Silver Plated too (the Fall Fairy Necklace also has this choice.) 

Little Star Fairy Necklace

This fairy necklace has a lovely and very original design on it that's been created in soft pinks. So it's very girly looking. 

The design has a fairy holding a little star with gentleness and care. She's standing on a flowered meadow. Her hair blowing in the wind. Overall this creates a very soft design in both mood and feel. 

The main version of this design is also in sterling silver. But if you're not wanting a sterling silver necklace for a child this necklace also comes with a gold finish and silver plated options too. 

Fairies Jewelry Making Kit

I wasn't able to find many good quality fairy necklaces so I thought I'd include another option too. 

Girls love beading and jewelry making. This means this jewelry kit will be an absolute hit with them if they like fairies too. 

The kit comes with 6 Fairy Wood Charms as well as a big mixture of decorative and round wood beads. This gives girls lots of creative choice in designing their jewelry. 

The recommended age for this kit is 3 years and above but I wonder how well young preschoolers would go with this kit. Most of the beads are small and might be very frustrating for a young preschool child who's still a bit uncoordinated. So I would probably buy it for girls aged 5 to 8 years of age instead.

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Updated: 11/13/2012, SusanM
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