Fairy Themed Bedroom Ideas for Kids

by SusanM

Great ideas for creating a fairy themed kids bedroom.

Younger girls love fairies - so it makes a great bedroom theme. Yet girls also develop interests in other things as they get older which can leave you with a dilemma. How can you create a fairy room that will grow with your child's changing interests?

This is not as difficult as it sounds. You can create a beautiful and fun fairy bedroom theme that you can change at any time.

Decorating Bedroom Walls

Bedroom walls are an important start to creating a fairy themed bedroom. Luckily there are a lot of decor choices.

What you choose will depend on:

What's Available: The available designs in each type of decor usually plays a role in what you buy - and wall art designs are often very different to wall stickers and poster designs.

Your Budget: Wall art is generally more expensive than wall stickers and posters.

Sale Value: If you want to sell (or hand down) your fairy decor once your child has grown out of it you need to buy decor that will last. That usually means going for good quality and a slightly higher cost.

Decorating Style: Your child's likes and your own decorating style will influence what you finally choose of course. Really there is no right or wrong in decorating. It's all about what works for you and your family.

Although the most expensive option - wall art is also the best option if you would like to eventually sell or hand your fairy decor on to others. So it can be seen as a long term investment. This means it's best to buy wall art that will survive well in a child's bedroom without tearing or marking, which would decrease its resale value. 

Fairy Wall Stickers

Stickers are a great choice for quick and easy decorating: Wall stickers can also: 

  1. Create a wonderful mood in a bedroom. Just like murals (except easier).
  2. Save money on decorating.
  3. Be updated, moved around or changed at any time if damage occurs or you need to rearrange your child's room (if you choose removable wall stickers).

Wall stickers cannot be sold to others although it might be possible to transfer them to a younger sibling's bedroom wall. 

Glitter Wall Sticker

Tinker Bell Decal with Glitter Wings

Tinkerbell Wall Stickers at Ebay


Fairy Posters

Posters can give you a similar look to the more expensive wall art. Without having to spend the extra money. 

If laminated they also last well and can be handed onto other children. Their resale value isn't good though. So if you would like to be able to resell your decor after your child grows out of it you'd be better to go with the wall art. 

One great thing about posters though is they also make a very easy decorating option. This is because you don't need to hang them in any specific way.

Into the Forest Fairy Poster

Ad Zazzle

Tinkerbell Posters on Ebay



Bedroom rugs give a room a warm and cozy feel. For safety though make sure the rug has a non-slip backing. 

Decorative rugs can make a nice addition to bedroom decor but game rugs that provide some sort of play are a wonderful idea for a child's room. It's extra important to ensure the rug won't slip though if kids will be jumping on it.


Pictured: Tinkerbell Hopscotch Game Rug

The Tinkerbell Hopscotch Game Rug

Tinkerbell Hopscotch Rug

This colorful, charming rug is both a decorative piece and a game. With Tinker Bell as her guide, your child will learn hopscotch.


The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and an easy way to create a fairy theme, so go for fairy sheets, pillows, blankets or comforters.

Colder Months: A fairy blanket or comforter is an essential both for warmth and decor. You can save money though if you mix your fairy blanket or comforter with matching, plain colored sheets. Sheets will not be seen at this time of year so they don't really need to special fairy sheets. 

Warmer Months: Fairy sheets are best for the warmer months when they won't be covered with another layer of bedding. (Although if you want to save money you can just buy the essential fairy blanket or comforter. You can always make the bed with the fairy blanket or comforter during the warmer months for decor and take it off at night for sleeping.)


Pictured: Tinkerbell Power Flower Blanket

Tinkerbell Bedding at Ebay


Child sized furniture is a wonderful way to make kids feel like their bedroom is "their space". Good choices include furniture that will help make their room feel welcoming, such as a sofa or rocking chair. A busy area in their room with table and chairs is also useful for play, art activities or school work. As a bonus good quality children's furniture also has a great resale value.


Pictured: Disney Tinker Bell Fairies Nature's Sonnet Deluxe Rocking Chair

Fairy Bedroom Furniture

Nature's Sonnet Deluxe Rocking Chair
Delta Enterprise
Disney Fairies Table and Chairs
Delta Enterprise
Fairy Wishes Rocker
Levels of Discovery

Tinkerbell Furniture at Ebay


Throw pillows are a comfy way to make a girl's fairy room feel warm and inviting. Throw pillows look comforting as well as being nice to cuddle. So they're a nice choice. They're also another item that can usually be handed down to other children or sold on Ebay once your daughter grows out of her fairy interest. 

When you're buying throw pillows you can use a single design but buy pillows in different colors to give variety (this fairy pillow comes in a range of colors). You can also choose a single color and buy throw pillows in different sizes and designs. It just depends on what sort of look you're after and how much time you want to put into looking for throw pillows. 

Keeping Things Tidy

Organization is an important part of keeping any bedroom both tidy and useful. There are some great fairy organizing ideas about including traditional toy boxes to dual purpose furniture. When choosing what to buy it's a good idea to think about the amount of space available in the bedroom. If it is a small space dual purpose furniture which can function as a seating area and storage space is often the way to go.


Pictured: Levels of Discovery Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with Storage

Fairy Storage Ideas

Fairy Wishes Bench Seat with Storage
Levels of Discovery
Cube Rose Fairy with Storage
Disney Fairies Toy Box
Delta Enterprise


Play is a vital part of children's lives so a child's bedroom should be an inviting space for play as well as sleep. So when looking for ways to brighten up your child's room in fairy style don't forget to have a look at play tents and other pretend and creative play toys.


Pictured: Schylling Fairy Pop-Up Tent

More Fairy Stuff on Ebay

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SusanM on 02/11/2012

Hi Angel, aren't wall stickers brilliant there are such gorgeous ones around.

Angel on 02/10/2012

I am so glad that wall stickers and the like came out. Makes it so easy to decorate a room without completely repainting it... fun stuff.

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