Tinkerbell Party Dresses

by SusanM

Pretty dress ideas for a Tinkerbell party

One wonderful idea for a Tinkerbell party is for all the children to come in a Tinkerbell costume. Little girls love dressing up as fairies. So making the party a costume party makes it even more fun.

Tinkerbell party dresses can be unimaginative though. Often there's one costume style that most girls come dressed in. So if you want some choice in style and color check out these Tinkerbell party dresses.

Of course green is the most common color for a Tinkerbell party dress. But you can get dresses in different shades of green. You can also get them in different styles. With different bodices, wings and skirts. You can even get a full length Tinkerbell party dress. This gives you many more choices than just picking the most common Tinkerbell dress.

Sprite & Pixie Costumes

Sprites, pixies and fairies aren't so different that you can't wear a sprite or pixie costume to a Tinkerbell party. Adding sprites to your costume list opens up lots more possibilities for a Tinkerbell party dress. Just go for a style that is similar to the Tinkerbell dresses you can get. 

Green Sprite Costume

This Green Sprite Costume is a lovely leafy looking dress. This gives the feeling of a garden or forest fairy. So this dress is perfect for an outdoor Tinkerbell party. 

The wings and skirt are modern but dainty looking. The wings are well designed, framing a child's face in a really pretty way. The silver belt is a nice touch. It makes the dress look more unusual for a Tinkerbell dress. This is because it's not all green. Silver is also a rare color too see in a Tinkerbell dress. 

As a bonus the dress is also made from stain resistant material so it won't get ruined at the party from if food or drink gets spilled on it. Price wise it's good too. It's in the mid-price range for a good quality Tinkerbell costume. 

Fairy Dresses

We must remember that Tinkerbell is a fairy, so any fairy party dress can work. Tinkerbell is of course known for wearing green (and your daughter might be a traditionalist) but Tinkerbell's friends wore different colors. 

Pink Flower Fairy Dress

This pink Flower Fairy costume set is a good idea if your daughter:  

  • doesn't look good in green
  • doesn't like green or
  • doesn't want to be one of thirty green fairies at the party

Luckily apart from tradition there's no reason why a Tinkerbell party dress must be green. 

This pink Flower Fairy costume is one of my favorites among the Tinkerbell style dresses that aren't green. It comes with the fairy skirt, butterfly wand, wings and headpiece - a halo. So it's a full and sweet looking costume for a Tinkerbell party. The only thing you need is a nice top to go with it. 

Price wise this Flower Fairy set is one of the best budget buys you will find for a child's costume too. 

Tinkerbell Costumes

I can't have a Tinkerbell party dress article without at least one Tinkerbell costume. I noticed Amazon has quite a lot of dresses in a Tinkerbell theme, so you can always go with the traditional if you like.

Tinkerbell Costume Party Dress

This Tinkerbell party dress is very light and airy looking. So it's very fairy-like. The bodice has a light, even pastel, forest green look to it. But the skirt is a yellow green color. Using contrasting green colors like this gives this Tinkerbell dress a really striking look. 

The skirt also has an irregular hemline. This gives the feeling of fallen leaves, adding to the feel that this is a garden or forest fairy. 

The wings on this dress are in more of a classic style than the previous Tinkerbell dress. But this gives a nice balance to the rainbow of greens and the irregular hemline which are more modern looking.

The reviews for this costume are mixed (both good and bad). This means it's best for you to have a look and make up your own mind. 

A Special Tinkerbell Party Dress

Butterfly Fairy Party Dress

I love this Butterfly Fairy Party Dress. The full length skirt on it is totally gorgeous. The ribbon and flower details make the whole dress look very sweet too. 

The color is a lovely muted blue-green. So it fits within the classic green color for a Tinkerbell costume but is different enough not to be one of many.

The price is good at only $28 to $35. The only downside is it seems the sheer sleeves that are on this dress (yes it's actually a long sleeved dress) are scratchy. So if your daughter is one that hates anything on her clothes annoying her she might not like wearing this dress. But otherwise it's a good pick.


Girls Tinkerbell Dresses on Ebay


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