Tinkerbell Party on a Budget

by SusanM

How to plan a great Tinkerbell birthday party that will cost you less

Tinkerbell is a favorite birthday party theme for girls. So there's lots of different party decorations, bakery created Tinkerbell cakes and party favors. If you're not careful all this choice can lead you to spend more than you wanted to.

So of all the Tinkerbell birthday party choices you can get - which ones will help you save money?

Here are the best ideas for fairy food, party favors and Tinkerbell decorations that will help you create a great Tinkerbell birthday party for less money.

Save on a Tinkerbell Cake

Professionally made birthday cakes can be expensive. Luckily they're not essential in creating a Tinkerbell birthday cake. You can avoid the expensive of a top bakery cake by using a cake topper. 

Cake toppers look brilliant and add a professional touch to ANY cake. You can buy an iced cake or make any cake you like and then add a Tinkerbell cake topper as a finishing touch. So easy. They're cheap too (this one is only $5.50). 

If you want you can also buy some flower or butterfly cake decorations made of icing. But these cake decorations are optional. If you have a yummy iced cake that kids will love the Tinkerbell cake topper is often enough. 

Tinkerbell Cake Topper

Tinker Bell in Flower Cake Topper Set
Bakery Crafts

Budget Tinkerbell Cake Decoration Ideas

Easy way to make a Tinkerbell cake at home
Icing Daisies - White
Wilton Industries Inc
Edible Butterflies
Sugar Robot inc.
Purple Posies Icing Flowers

Tinkerbell Cookies

Cookies are a birthday party essential. But the very expensive Tinkerbell cookies are not. 

You can save a lot of money by making your own fairy cookies from a fairy cookie cutter.

You can make the cookie dough from your child's favorite cookie recipe. Or you can buy some ready made cookie dough that only needs to be cut into shape and cooked. 

Fairy shaped cookie cutters can be hard to find. But I was able to find this cute one at Amazon. 

Fairy Shaped Cookie Cutter

Fairy Cookie Cutter

If you want a bit of variety in your cookie shapes you can also grab some butterfly and flower cookie cutter shapes too. These go wonderfully with a fairy theme so they're also perfect for a Tinkerbell birthday party. They're fun to put the icing on before the party too.

Flower and Butterfly Cookie Cutter Set

These go great with fairy shaped cookies
Flower and Butterfly Cookie Cutter Set

Add a little fun to your baking with this 11 piece butterfly and flower cookie cutter set from Fox Run. This all metal set includes 8 different butterflys in various sizes and 3...

Fox Run

View on Amazon

Tinkerbell Cupcakes

Cupcakes are another favorite party food for kids. But again you don't have to buy special Tinkerbell cupcakes which are expensive. You can use the same sort of idea as a cake topper to make Tinkerbell cupcakes - and keep within your planned spending budget. 

Cupcake rings can turn homemade cupcakes (or basic store bought ones) into fabulous Tinkerbell cupcakes. Like the cake toppers they look very professional. You just need to be creative with the icing to make them look their best. This means you might want to use of couple of different icing colors for the best effect. 

Tinkerbell Cupcake Decorations

Tinkerbell Wings Cupcake Rings

These Tinkerbell cupcake rings are cheap and come in packs of 12. This means you can turn an ordinary cupcake into a Tinkerbell cupcake for about 30 cents each. 

If you want to save even more money you can make one or two Tinkerbell cupcakes for each. Then add some pretty cupcakes without the Tinkerbell cupcake rings. You can still decorate them creatively with icing and sprinkles. They'll look great among the Tinkerbell ones and will help with your party budget.

Butterfly Sprinkles for Party Cupcakes

You only need a few of these on top of a cupcake for a great look
Butterfly Sprinkles

Shake up your Easter treats with festive shapes and colors. Perfect for topping cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. Plastic bottles convenient for pouring and storing. Certified Ko...


View on Amazon

Tinkerbell Party Essentials

When it comes to Tinkerbell party favors it works out cheaper to buy them in a bulk amount. If you can get the party bags ready-made this is even better.

This Disney Fairies Party Favor Pack is the best I could find in the ready-made range. 

Each Pack has 8 filled party favor bag for 8 children. Inside kids will find a Tinkerbell activity sheet, jumbo sticker, whistle, kaleidoscope and a ring. This works out to about $1.20 for each child for 5 party favors. 

You can always add a special party favor to the bag if you would like to as well. 

Best Tinkerbell Balloon Idea

Latex balloons aren't the best choice for very young children (under 3) because they're a choking risk. But they're the best choice for a Tinkerbell party for children 3 years and up when you want to keep within a budget. 

Why are these balloons a good idea if you want to save money? Because you can mix and match them with normal (and cheaper) latex balloons. Not every balloon at the party needs to be a Tinkerbell one. You can mix them up with plain, colored balloons for a great overall effect that still has the Tinkerbell theme. Just pick colors that match your Tinkerbell balloons.

Biggest Tinkerbell Party Pack

A tablecloth, plates and cups are essentials for your party. Because the table is the biggest feature of your party it's best if it's in a Tinkerbell theme too. 

This Disney Fairies Party Pack is the cutest and the best value for money pack I could find. It has 16 paper plates, 16 paper cups, 32 luncheon napkins and 1 plastic table cover. They're officially licensed Disney products too. The price works out to about $1.80 per child.

If you will have more than 16 children at the party you can buy the items separately too - so you can just add on as you need to. 

Tinkerbell Party Table Essentials

Disney's Fairies Party Kit for 16 Guests

Tinkerbell Decorations

These Tinkerbell Swirl Decorations are pretty and eye-catching. So they'll be a beautiful decorative feature in your party room. This means you can get by with just one set of these Swirl Decorations which is good for your party budget. But you won't lose any of the festive feel to your party room by spending less. 

If you want some extra party room decoration these Swirl Decorations look great with crepe paper streamers. These are cheap and really brighten up a party room. 

Tinkerbell Swirl Decorations

Tinkerbell Swirl Decorations

Not Sure What Crepe Streamers Are?

Here's One !!
Hot Pink Crepe Streamer

Crepe is 81 feet long and 1.75 inches wide. (4.4 cm x 24.6 m) It is bleed, fade and flame resistant.


View on Amazon

Tinkerbell Table Centerpiece

Finally if you want to add a finishing touch think about a Tinkerbell centerpiece for the table.

Centerpieces like this look lovely and aren't expensive. They add to the brightness and festivity of a party. Although they aren't really needed if you get a party pack with a decorative tablecloth. Unless you have another small table you need to decorate of course. 

Now this Tinkerbell Balloon Centerpiece was definitely my favorite. I thought it was the cutest and best looking of the ones available at Amazon.

A Tinkerbell centerpiece is also a great idea if you don't buy one of the Tinkerbell Party Packs. These can give a Tinkerbell theme to a plain-colored, plastic tablecloth. Just make sure the tablecloth is in a Tinkerbell color like mauve or green. 

If you use a plain tablecloth with a Tinkerbell centerpiece it's best if your party guests are tall enough to see over the top of the table. If they can't the centerpiece is wasted. This is when the party packs with the Tinkerbell tablecloths are good. Because the fairy picture is below the table top so little kids can see them. This makes the party more festive and fun for younger kids. 

But whatever you decide these birthday party ideas show how easy it can be to create a fun Tinkerbell party on a budget. 

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