Tinkerbell Party Favors for Boys

by SusanM

What party favors can you give to boys at a Tinkerbell party?

Boys who are invited to a Tinkerbell birthday party mightn't be too pleased with the usual Tinkerbell party favors. Unless they're a real fan of the Disney fairy.

This means the party treat bags you have so carefully chosen will probably only get some "eye rolling" from the boys.

So what can you do to make sure there are some party favors boys will like at your Tinkerbell party?

Finding the right Tinkerbell party favors for boys can be tricky. But with a little thought and creativity you can find Tinkerbell themed favors that are perfect for boys.

Tinkerbell Punch Balls

Boys like being active so they should enjoy Tinkerbell party favors that encourage movement like these Punch Balls. 

These punch balls make a great Tinkerbell party favor when there're both boy and girl guests. Why? Because both boys and girls love them (even adults love playing with them). So by including these you're already collecting party favors boys will like without having to buy extra.

This pack of Tinkerbell Punch Balls has 12 individually wrapped punch balls in different colors. Of course you'll want to save the more girly colors like pink for your girl guests. But neutral colors like green, yellow, purple or blue are good for boys. 

These Tinkerbell party favors are a good price too. They work out to a little over $1 per punch ball.

Peter Pan Beginner Book

The difficult part about finding Tinkerbell party favors for boys is that most of these party favors are girly. You can fix this problem easily when you remember Peter Pan is a big part of the Tinkerbell world. 

Peter Pan is an easy character to connect to boys - and to find boys' themed party favors. 

This beginner book (which is a Level 2 reader) is a great choice for a Tinkerbell party favor. This is because Tinkerbell features in it but it also includes Peter Pan. This makes it better for boys than a beginner book about Tinkerbell by herself. 

This story is also good for boys or girls because it's not too girlish instead - "When Peter Pan meets Wendy, his friend Tinkerbell is jealous. Then Peter loses his shadow. Who will help him find it?"

This is a new release book (June 2012) so very few children at your party will have it at home. It's also another great party favor both boys and girls will love. (It's so much easier for you if you can grab party favors both boys and girls will enjoy.)

Tinkerbell Stickers for Boys

This sticker sheet is the best for boys of all the Tinkerbell stickers I saw. This was when I was checking out Tinkerbell and Peter Pan party favors for this article.

This sticker sheet has a Tinkerbell sticker. But it also has Peter Pan and Captain Hook stickers. As a bonus for boys this sheet also has pirate themed stickers in it.  

Because this sticker sheet looks at Tinkerbell from the wider Peter Pan story it's able to include the pirate theme. This makes it a great choice for boys. 

Although some girls might enjoy these stickers I think there are better sticker choices for girls at a Tinkerbell birthday party. But these are perfect if you're wanting sticker party favors for boys.

Captain Hook's Pirate Gold

You can find great Tinkerbell party favors for boys buy using this pirate theme. Pirates are a theme boys love and because of the original story of Peter Pan they're 100% connected to Tinkerbell. Finding pirate themed Tinkerbell party favors for boys is where your imagination can run wild. 

So check out pirate themed stuff for boys like these chocolate gold coins. Kids love these and they're a nice treat for boys to replace the fairy style treats you have for the girls.

This novelty chocolate comes in a pack of 12 individually wrapped sets of coins. That's about $1.40 for each boy at your child's Tinkerbell party.

The Treasure Chest

This Treasure Chest Party Treat Box is a perfect swap for the fairy style boxes or bags the girls will be getting. Treasure chests fit well into the pirate theme of Peter Pan. They'll look great with the gold coins and any other pirate favors you've included too. So they're the perfect way to finish off your Tinkerbell party favors for boys.

These Treasure Chest Party Treat Boxes are big and sturdy enough to hold all your party treats. They're also really cute looking without being girly. 

They come in packs of 12. So that's about 80 cents for each treat box

Another Great Party Idea

You can send your invitations with a novelty stamp too

When you send your Tinkerbell party invitations off why not add a novelty stamp. These make getting the party invitation so much more exciting. 

You can get stamp designs that are good for boys not just girls. So it's not hard to make getting the party mail a big deal. 

These stamps are only for those in the USA though.

Tinkerbell Party Favors for Boys on Ebay


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