Tinker Bell Birthday Party Invitations

by SusanM

Cute Tinker Bell birthday party invitations with some great free choices.

Getting a birthday party invitation makes children feel excited about a fairy party. The trick is finding the best Tinker Bell invitation for your child and their friends.

You can find some great birthday party invitations at a small price. You can even get them for free online. There are good and bad points to both. It just depends on what you're looking for.

These invitations are the best of the free and low cost ones you can find.

Choosing a Tinker Bell Party Invitation

When choosing a Tinker Bell Birthday Party invitation it’s important to think about: 

  • The age of your child (because older children may feel some invitations are too baby-ish)
  • Your child's favorite colors 
  • The specific theme of your Tinker Bell party. You may be focusing on a theme like fairy magic, a fairy garden party or fairy dress-ups. Often you can find the perfect Tinker Bell invitation to match you birthday theme.

This will help you find an invitation to help your child and their friends feel excited about their party.

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You can save time planning your child’s birthday party by buying invitations. These are faster than free invitations and no more expensive because you don’t have to buy ink and paper for printing.  

The main problem buying Tinker Bell invitations is you won’t have a lot of choice. Luckily there are two cute styles available. 

Purple Pixie Dust Invitations

These cute invitations give a feel for the magic to children waiting for a fairy birthday party. This means they would be perfect for a Tinker Bell birthday party theme about fairy magic.

A great fairy idea is to include a little 'pixie dust' inside the invitation envelope. You can also use some in party décor. Your ‘pixie dust’ can be a bit of confetti or if you don't mind a little more mess some glitter). This will thrill children 3 to 7 years especially. 

Tinker Bell and the Fairies Invitations

These party invitations are friendly looking so they would be wonderful invitations for a Tinker Bell party about fairy friends. They would also be great for a party with fairy dresses. Being bright and colorful they are also a good choice younger children too. 

Free Tinker Bell Party Invitations


Free Tinker Bell Party Invitations


You can find some very cute and free Tinker Bell invitations online. The "It's a Pixie Party" invitation (pictured on the left) is cute and won't use much ink to print. Although the full color Tinker Bell party invitations that I feature next do need high quality paper and lots more ink to print. But they create fabulous party invitations.


  printable tinker bell party invitation

Free Purple Tinker Bell Party Invitation   

This party invitation is colorful for younger children and grown up looking for older kids. It can be used for an indoor or outdoor Tinker Bell party.            




 Free Tinker Bell Party Invitations

Free Hiding Tinker Bell Party Invitation

This Tinker Bell party invitation has a different style than other invitations I’ve seen with a hiding Tinker Bell. This gives it a special quality that will appeal to kids. 



 printable tinker bell party invitation

Free Pink Tinker Bell Party Invitation
A cute cartoon Tinker Bell party invitation that could work well with younger kids. (Some older children may think this design is a bit baby-ish)




  Free Tinker Bell Party Invitations

Free Tinker Bell Flowers Party Invitation
A sweet Tinker Bell invitation that brings Tinker Bell's natural world to life. A great, free pick for kids of any age and a wonderful choice for an outdoor Tinker Bell party. 




 Free Tinker Bell Party Invitations

Free Green Tinker Bell Party Invitation

A classic looking Tinker Bell party invitation. This one is suitable for any age or Tinker Bell party theme. 





 All these full color free, printable Tinker Bell party invitations are available online.

This is a creative idea that few party organizers think of when they send out the birthday party invitations. 

Kids love getting their own mail and these stamp sets are a real novelty item that makes the experience more child-friendly than using one of the usual stamps. 

They're only for those who live in the USA. But if you do you can add to a child's excitement of getting a Tinker Bell birthday party invitation by sending it with a Tinker Bell stamp. 

These Tinker Bell stamps come in lots of different designs even in the Tinker Bell range. So you can get a set that matches the color and theme of Tinker Bell Party Invitation that you are using. 

Add a Tinker Bell Stamp (USA)

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