Best Selling Tinkerbell Party Favors

by SusanM

What are the best selling Tinkerbell party favors?

Tinkerbell is a favorite party theme for younger girls. This is a good thing when you're trying to find birthday favors. Why? Because it's a popular birthday party theme you can find lots of party favors. But this can make your decision difficult with so much to choose from.

Questions like: What's the best value for money? Will the kids enjoy this party favor? Is this the best choice I can make? Is the party favor good quality? These questions can sometimes be answered really easily by looking at the best sellers in Tinkerbell party favors.

So here are the best selling Tinkerbell party favors for 2012.

Tinkerbell Party Headbands

These Tinkerbell headbands are very popular. They can be used instead of more traditional birthday hats at a Tinkerbell party. This gives the party a wonderful Tinkerbell feel that traditional birthday hats can spoil. 

They have a lovely leaf weave with little stars on the headband. There's a classic Tinkerbell on the top. They look very dainty and cute for kids at your party. 

As far as price they're good party items. Less than $1 each.

The only bad point is they probably won't last very long. But traditional party hats don't either. So that shouldn't be a big problem if you are using them to replace normal cone shaped party hats. 

Tinkerbell Necklace Favors

These sweet little necklaces are definitely my favorite of all the Tinkerbell party favors you can buy. Because they're a best selling item they're a favorite with a lot of other people too. 

Each packet has 12 necklaces - 4 pink, 4 purple and 4 turquoise blue. They have a colored leather necklace with a Tinkerbell fairy pendant. 

The reviews about the quality of these necklaces are mixed. Both good and bad. But they do sell well. They're also a good price for a party favor because they work out to about 86 cents each.

Tinkerbell Shoe Charm Party Favors

These 6 Tinkerbell Charms for Croc style shoes are a popular Tinkerbell party favor. The charms are certainly cute. They're a good price too if you give each child one charm. They work out to only $1.20 each if you do this. 

But although these are a best seller I wouldn't give this type of party charm. If a child doesn't have Croc shoes they could feel disappointed and left out. I think it's much better to have party favors that all the party guests can enjoy. But if the kids at your party are all Croc wearers they're a fun idea for a Tinkerbell party favor.

Tinkerbell Bubble Wand Party Favor

Kids love blowing bubbles. This means bubble wands are a good idea for a birthday party favor.

These Tinkerbell Bubble Wands are in the classic Tinkerbell green and have a picture of Tinkerbell on the top of the wand. The bubble mixture is in the 'test tube' like container rather than a separate bottle. This is a handy design to put into a Tinkerbell party favor bag. The bubble mix won't last forever but parents can always refill them with normal bubble mixture, I would think, to make sure the fun lasts longer. 

These Tinkerbell Bubble Wands come in a pack of 4. That's $2.50 for each bubble wand.

4 Tinker Bell Bubble Wands
Hallmark Marketing Corporation

Tinkerbell Kid's Play Necklaces

These little necklaces are a fun Tinkerbell party favor. They're also a good budget item. This is probably why they're in the best selling list. Because kids' parties can become expensive and little ideas like this can help keep the total cost of the party down. 

The necklaces are a cute and simple plastic kids party favor. Each set has 12 necklaces with a different fairy picture and design. Of course each necklace has a picture of a Disney fairy on it. Tinkerbell features in about 4 of the designs. The price is great and works out to about 33 cents each.

Disney Fairy Banz

These Bandz are an officially licensed Disney product. They're a big hit with kids so it's no surprise they're a best selling Tinkerbell party favor. 

The Fairy Bandz come in 5 different fairy shapes with 4 different colors. You get 20 Bandz. Normally this makes them 90 cents for each bandz. But Amazon has them at 78% off the normal price. This means they're 20 cents each

This makes them a great Tinkerbell party favor if you're trying to keep your spending down without spoiling the party fun.

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Favors on Ebay

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