Fairy iPhone 5 Cases: For Kids and Grown Ups

by SusanM

A Fairy iPhone 5 Case is an easy way to create a little magic on your phone.

Fairies are a very popular theme among girls. But more grown up designs are also popular with older teens and women. This shows how flexible a fairy theme can be, despite the habit we can have of immediately thinking of children's designs when we think of fairies.

Fairy designs for younger girls usually have a cute sweetness to them. So they make a fun choice for any age if that's the mood you're looking for. iPhone case designs for teens and women usually focus on the magical world of fairies. Their designs are also a little more complicated and detailed than the children's styles. But either way they make a fun choice for an iPhone case.

Fairy iPhone Cases for Kids

Comes in Other Colors Too
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This hand drawn design has a nice mix of detail and simplicity so it's eye-catching. Because it's an artistic design drawn by hand it's also a unique piece of art for an iPhone case. 

This case makes use of a single color which is unusual. I think this is what creates it's stylish simplicity. It's also good if you are specifically looking for one color. The drawing of the fairy itself has a childlike innocence but it's not too babyish for an older girl. So it's a nice flexible design choice. 

The case comes in a number of color choices - pink, green, blue, purple and autumn colors so it's pretty easy to get a case that matches the color preferences of the iPhone owner (or user if it's a child). 

Cute Cartoon Fairies Case

This is a cute pink fairy design showing rows of little smiling fairies - and it's one of the very few fairy patterned iPhone 5 cases available. 

The hot pink background makes for another eye-catching design although unfortunately the phone case doesn't come in other colors. So you're a little restricted if hot pink isn't what you wanted.

The fairies themselves are in a child-like cartoon style. Definitely cute too. 

But unfortunately this fairies iPhone case does not seem to come in an iPhone 3 or 4 version. 

This Sweet Dreams iPhone 5 case design certainly has a sleepy sweetness to it. It's a good choice for a child who does not want a cartoon style one too. 

This iPhone case has a magical feel to it. The sleepy fairy on her soft, comfy toadstool is being looked over by her forest friends - the snail and mouse. It's obviously still early morning because there's a drop of dew ready to drop from an over-hanging leaf. Perhaps her fairy friends are waiting for her to wake up? Perhaps the dew drop will fall and wake her up? 

So this iPhone 5 case has a feel of a magical story within it. This makes it a nice creative choice. 

Need the iPhone 3 Case?

At the moment this Sweet Dreams design isn't available in an iPhone 3 case. But the designers details are available so you always have the option of asking if it could be made available in an iPhone 3 version.

Fairy iPhone Cases for Grown Ups

This is a feminine looking fairy iPhone 5 case that's good for women and older teen girls. 

The girly look is not just because it's a fairy inspired case though. It's also because of the delicate look in this artwork as well as the all the different of shades of pink that have been used.  

I also love the different colors used to create the fairy wings. They add a colorfulness and depth to the artwork design. 

So this is a good choice for a fairy iPhone 5 case that's delicate but not too childish looking.

Need the iPhone 3 Case?

The Pink Flower Fairy case is another design that hasn't been created in an iPhone 3 version yet. But you can contact the designer of this one too and ask if an iPhone 3 version can be added to the store range.

Sublime Looking Case for Women

Another delicate looking fairy design in muted green tones. This iPhone 5 design shows a fairy waiting for a dew drop to fall into her flower cup. 

The fairy wings on this fairy are quite sublime. Very fragile looking. This mixture of the fragility of the fairy wings and scattering of dew makes for a very impressive iPhone 5 case. The colors will be far too muted and dull for a child but it's a good choice for a woman's iPhone case. 

Need the iPhone 3 Case?

Well there certainly aren't many fairy designs that are made in the iPhone 3 version. If you haven't guessed this is another design that hasn't been created for the older iPhones. You can still contact this designer though to ask if an iPhone 3 version can be added to the list of available ones if you really want this design on your iPhone. 

Fairy Case in Shades of Purple

The final iPhone 5 case I've chosen to share is this Dream Fairy case. I love the shades of purple that have been used in it's design. I think it gives this phone a magical feel that is unlike the other iPhone designs for women and older girls. 

The fairy herself is not a cute fairy but a fragile looking one. So it probably won't appeal to younger girls. (Because this fairy is so very thin maybe it's not so good for younger girls either who are still working out ideas about body image). It's a stylish choice for women though.

Need the iPhone 3 Case?

As there's no picture here you've again probably guessed that there's currently no iPhone 3 format for this case design. But you can message the designer to ask for other formats to be made available if you would like.

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Updated: 10/21/2012, SusanM
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