Best Seashell iPhone 5 Cases

by SusanM

You can get some beautiful seashell cases for your iPhone in differing styles

Seashells have a simplistic beauty to them. The colors, shapes and delicacy of seashells make them a favorite with many people including myself. I love their fragile shapes and markings. Gorgeous.

Seashells are also very symbolic for protection and luck. They're linked to old superstitions. One superstition says if you wear a seashell on a necklace during Spring and Summer it will bring you good luck. (I wonder if having a seashell iPhone case during the warmer months could be the more modern version of this.)

Artistic iPhone Seashell iPhone 5 Case

This iPhone case caught my eye. Why? Because it's a mix of photographic reality as well as artistic design. It's a case design that brings out the natural colors of the shells in an interesting way. This makes it a little different and eye-catching. 

The shapes of the seashells on this iPhone 5 case are also fabulous. This is because the different shapes and sizes add depth and variety to the design. So it's obvious thought been put into the photographing of these shells and final case design. 

So this is a nice choice if you are looking for a case that has a real life seashell look to it but isn't just another photo of a shell.

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Classic and Timeless Seashell Case

This is another impressive iPhone 5 seashell case. It's a design that's been created from a unique photo through tinting the image for a classic look. 

I feel this case has a sense of variety and unity. There's a lot of shells in differing shapes and sizes. This gives the case a feeling of interest and variety. But the single color tinting gives all these different shells that sense of unity. This results in an iPhone 5 case design he iPhone that has a stylish look I really like. 

The tinting also gives the case a sense of timelessness that adds to the mood of the case. So a nice choice.

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Colorful Seashell iPhone Case

This is another excellent choice. This iPhone 5 cover is bright and colorful. Reds. Blues. Yellows. Purples. All these colors appear in these shells. So rather than being artistically edited or tinted the strength of this iPhone cover is it's simple naturalness. 

So it's a lovely choice if you're looking for a photographic iPhone case that highlights the colors found in the natural world.

The starfish that appears in this photo also adds something special to this case I think. I don't know about you but I love the look of starfish - and this is one of the few iPhone 5 cases which has starfish in it's design.

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Ad Zazzle

This is a fascinating iPhone 5 cover. At first look it looks like it's a computer generated abstract image. The creator has even listed it as being an abstract. It's easy to see why it's been labelled as an abstract art. But it's really an example of how abstract designs are found in the natural world. 

So what is it? It's a photographic close up of the inside of a white nautilus shell. 

I think this makes this seashell iPhone case special. The beauty of the design and the naturalness of it are quite remarkable. So it's a really good choice for a seashell inspired iPhone 5 case.

This isn't my favorite iPhone 5 case but I thought many people would like it. For me it's a little to formalized. The way the shells are stacked one on top of the other. It's not something that would happen in the natural world. (I can't imagine walking along a quiet beach and finding this.) So I prefer the other cases where the shells are scattered and more natural looking in their layout. 

In saying that I must still admit that these conch shells are very pretty. The one at the bottom of the stack has great markings (and they're 100% natural). The colors of the shells also look lovely on the rippled sand background. So this case still gets a mention even though it's not to my personal taste.

iPhone Cases from the Natural World

Sunflowers have a brightness and joy that make them a fun idea for an iPhone 5 case cover.
Flower iPhone 5 cases are a popular choice - but it can be a challenge to find high quality cases with bright flower photos on them.
Looking for a butterfly case for your new iPhone 5? Check out these beautiful designs.
Updated: 01/23/2013, SusanM
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