Best Sunflower iPhone 5 Cases

by SusanM

Sunflowers have a brightness and joy that make them a fun idea for an iPhone 5 case cover.

Sunflowers are native to the Americas but their big yellow flowers appear around the world. They give a feeling of warmth and happiness. They're bright and cheery yet there's also a comfortable softness about them. As plants their flowers must be the closest thing to the radiance of the sun. So we can understand where their name comes from.

A sunflower design iPhone 5 case is a good choice if you're wanting something that will give you a feeling of warmth and brightness whenever you look at it. These are certainly cases that help lift your mood in such a simple way.

Contrasting Against the Blue Summer Sky

This sunflower iPhone 5 case is one of the brightest I saw when I was checking out the different sunflower designs. The contrast between the blue Summer sky and yellow sunflowers brings out that sunny brightness. I can almost feel the warmth of a Summer sun when I look at this case. 

The contrast between the clear blue and yellow colors also brings out the color of the flowers. This case gives me a sense of peacefulness too. I can almost see these sunflowers swaying in the soft Summer wind. 

So this is my favorite iPhone 5 sunflower case (which is why I've placed it up the top of this list). 

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The Closest of Sunflower Close Ups

These extreme close ups of sunflowers give an almost abstract look to these iPhone 5 cases. It's obvious these designs are simple photographic images. It's the close up focus that gives them the abstract look. 

The bright yellowness of the flowers is highlighted in these close ups. So these two cases have a joyous feel to them. This makes them a really good choice if it's the yellow brightness you're wanting to see every time you use your phone.

Field of Sunflowers Case

This is another lovely case that mixes the blue Summer sky with sunflower yellow.

I prefer the simplicity of the two flower case that I described first. But this case is also beautifully bright and has a happy feel to it.

This case also has a depth that my favorite case doesn't have because it only has two sunflowers on it.

So if you're wanting less sky and more sunflowers this is probably the iPhone case for you. If you'd rather have the contrast between the Summer sky and the sunflower petals then the other case may be better.

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Now I couldn't have an article on sunflower iPhone 5 cases without including one with the famous Van Gogh painting on it.

The color and design of these flowers must have really appealed to Van Gogh for him to feature them in one of his paintings. This highlights how amazing they are.

They're a work of art by Mother Nature herself. So it's not surprising the mix of sunflowers and Van Gogh's talent has made this such a famous painting. 

So if you would like your sunflowers in an artistic style you can't go past a Van Gogh iPhone cover.

Not Sunflowers But...

If you love the look of sunflowers you might also like other similar flowers that have the same brightness and radiance. 

These smaller flowers give that same yellow brightness, warmth and feeling of happiness as sunflowers I think. But their large brown center gives them an artistic feel that's quite different to sunflowers - a more earthy feel.

Being smaller flowers you can also get more into the photo without losing any of the detail of each flower. (This can happen with sunflowers because of their larger size.) 

So this case gets a mention in the best sunflower iPhone 5 case list.

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Updated: 10/05/2012, SusanM
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SusanM on 10/05/2012

Thanks Sheila, they're just radiant aren't they :D

sheilamarie on 10/05/2012

Nice sunfower cases! They really are a cheery design.

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