Best iPhone 5 Cases with Flowers

by SusanM

Flower iPhone 5 cases are a popular choice - but it can be a challenge to find high quality cases with bright flower photos on them.

Flowers are an all time favorite theme for all sorts of products - including iPhone 5 cases. It's not surprising flowers are so popular. Their colors, naturalness and fragility are beautiful.

It's also not surprising there are so many different iPhone 5 covers that have flowers on them. Abstract flowers. Real flowers. Flower patterns. Flower close ups. This can make it tricky to find what you want because there's so much out there. Given I'm also a flower lover I thought I'd have a look for iPhone 5 flower cases that only use beautiful photos of flowers and collect them in one article.

Deep Blue of Morning Glory

If you've ever lived where a Morning Glory creeper has been growing you know they grow and grow and grow and grow. So they're generally thought to be a weed. But even though they can be a nuisance they're a beautiful nuisance. 

The deep blue of the Morning Glory flowers against the darker green leaves is fabulous. A simple trumpet shape with round outer edge. It's not the shape of this flower that is it's beauty. it's the colors. That glorious blue with purple highlights and contrasting white center couldn't have been invented any better by an artist.

Now Morning Glory inspired iPhone 5 cases are rare so if you're wanting to have one the one I've featured here is a good find.

Other Phone Formats (3G/3GS and 4/4S)

As many people (even those with iPhone 5 phones) still have a iPhone 4/4S or 3G/3GS I thought I'd add these formats where they're available. Some of these designs are available in all formats - some are unfortunately only available in restricted formats.

Sunflowers are a popular choice for iPhone covers so I had to include one in this article. This close up is an interesting choice that highlights the yellow brightness and joy of these flowers. 

Now although Morning Glory flowers are rare on iPhone 5 cases sunflowers are not. So it's more a matter of finding want you want among the masses of sunflower cases.

If you need a starting point to find a sunflower case check out the article Best Sunflower iPhone 5 Cases. This will give you some ideas for different sunflower cases that are available and where to find them.

A Passionate Flower

No this passionate flower isn't a rose. It's a passionfruit flower. These are little known but very striking flowers.

Being mostly white their beauty comes from the detail in their shape. The colors in passionfruit flowers highlight their amazing shape. Together these two things make for an absolutely amazing flower.

Now passionfruit flower iPhone 5 cases are like the Morning Glory ones. They're rare. So I was pleased to find this beautiful iPhone 5 case. 

But the passionfruit flowers are a nice choice if you're looking for something different but don't want an abstract or pattern iPhone case. The passionfruit flower is a nice option because it's interesting enough to make it different from the usual floral case but it's still a real photo of a flower.

All Time Favorite Flowers - Roses and Daisies

Roses and daisies are very popular flowers. So of course there's lots and lots of iPhone 5 cases with these flowers on them in every design imaginable. 

I chose these two cases because they stand out as being that little bit different - even though they're still real photos of flowers. 

The reason why these iPhones are different are the colors of the flowers. Apricot roses have such a lovely, delicate feel to them. But they're rarer as iPhone cover designs than the other colors. Purple daisies are also uncommon. You usually see white ones - or sometimes pink. But purple? No that's quite rare. So the use of photos showing rarer colors for these two popular types of flowers is what drew me to these specific cases. It's a way of having a case that's classic but not overdone.

What About 3G/3GS Formats?

This Purple Love iPhone design isn't currently available in a iPhone 3G/3GS format. This is pretty common as the newer phones come out. You could ask a store owner to make up one of their designs in a earlier model. Although the store for Purple Love doesn't have any contact details so you don't have this option unfortunately for that specific design. 

Magical White Flowers

I don't know about you - but Lily of the Valley flowers always make me think of fairies. Bell shaped flowers like these are often seen in illustrations of fairies in children's books so now I connect the two. 

Even if you don't have the same reaction as I do, Lily of the Valley flowers have a simple beauty. Being just white and green the shape of the flowers is magical without the fairy connection. The little curled up petals have the daintiest look. (You can understand why they appear so often with fairies in artwork.) So they're a really beautiful choice for an iPhone cover if you're wanting something that's not one of the more commonly seen flowers.

I lived in Brisbane, Australia for a number of years. The botanical gardens there were full of these beautiful pink water lilies. They remind me of that sunny and beautiful part of Australia. 

They're also one of my favorite flowers. They're wonderfully intricate and bright. Rather than just being "pink" they have shades of pink in the one flower. This makes them one of the most beautiful flowers I think. They're also a flower that's gorgeous but not as common as roses and daisies. This means they're certainly rare as iPhone covers. But such a wonderful choice.

What About iPhone 4?

Interestingly this pink water lily case is available in a iphone 3G/3GS but not a iphone 4 case. Usually it's the other way around.

You can contact this store owner though. So if you really want this water lily on your iPhone 4 think about sending a request for one to be added to this store.

More Flower Inspired iPhone 5 Cases

These bright photographic iPhone cases also caught my eye. They're colorful and come in differing types of flowers to suit different tastes. 

Natural iPhone 5 Cover Ideas

Sunflowers have a brightness and joy that make them a fun idea for an iPhone 5 case cover.
You can get some beautiful seashell cases for your iPhone in differing styles
Looking for a butterfly case for your new iPhone 5? Check out these beautiful designs.
Updated: 10/05/2012, SusanM
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SusanM on 10/05/2012

MARTIN: Decided against the second article. I added the links to the iphone covers that are available in 3G/3GS in this article :)

SusanM on 10/05/2012

Martin - I don't know about the 3GS Cases. I will have a look and see for you (actually I'll do an article with links if they're available) :)

SusanM on 10/05/2012

Thanks guys I must say this was a relaxing article to research :D

sheilamarie on 10/05/2012

Pretty iphone cases!

Sheri_Oz on 10/05/2012

I like the lily of the valley best. Great selection.

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