Fairy Wall Art for Girls

by SusanM

Check out these great fairy wall art ideas for creating a fairy themed girl's bedroom

Fairies are loved by most girls between 3 and 8 years of age especially. This means they're a lovely idea for decorating your daughter's bedroom.

Wall art is an easy way to get a fairy theme up and going quickly. There's also lots of different options. Not just in the style of picture but also in the type of wall art. This makes wall art an essential in a child's bedroom. So here's some of the best fairy wall art ideas for girls in the peak fairy loving age of 3 to 8 years.

Decorating with Canvas Wall Art

Wall canvases are an excellent choice for a girl's bedroom. This is because they have a nicer look than a poster. You can also hand them down to younger children or sell them on Ebay once your daughter grows out of them. 

Finding a fairy canvas in a style and color that suits the decorating look you're trying to create can be a challenge but it's worth the effort. 

My pick for a gorgeous fairy canvas is this pink Fall Fairy Canvas from Mystic Moments. I picked this one because it has a lovely child-like look so it's very suitable for a nursery or bedroom for a preschool or younger school age child. The use of different shades of pink without any other colors also gives it a depth but also a simplicity that's nice and peaceful for a child's room.  

Two other fairy canvases I really like are the Vintage Fairy Canvases that are available at Amazon. These have a lovely classic and old fashioned look that's really sweet. My other choice are the canvases from the Oopsy Daisy range. These make a nice bright choice if you're looking to add some color. 

More Fairy Canvas Ideas

Frog and Fairy Vintage Artwork
Vintage Artwork
Oopsy Daisy Nighttime Fairies Canvas
Oopsy Daisy I

Wall art miniatures are a less obvious idea than the bigger fairy wall canvases. These miniature artworks can give a child's room a sweet dainty feel. They're also a good choice because you can hand these miniatures down to other children or sell them on Ebay when your daughter is too "grown up" for them. 

I'm not a huge fan of miniatures in a child's room though. Mostly because they're too small for a younger child to see the artwork properly when it's hung on their wall. This decreases the brightness of the room for them. So I like the bigger pictures better regardless of whether it's a canvas or a poster. 

Miniature Fairies

Kindergarden Fairy Wall Art
Home Essentials and Beyond

Fairy Wall Cards

These fairy wall cards work better than the miniature wall art I think. This is because these cards are light so they can be easily attached to the wall at a height that makes it easy for children to see them. The pictures on these cards are also bigger and clearer than those on the miniatures. 

The other good thing about these fairy wall cards is they have the alphabet on them. So they're a lovely way to help a young girl learn their letters (especially how the large and small case letters look).


Fairy Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are a favorite way to decorate a child's room. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to find many high quality wall stickers but these are a sweet choice. They can also be moved about so if you decide to move the furniture you can also move the stickers around to suit the new look and design of the room. This is a handy feature. 

The only negative with stickers is that you can't resell them on Ebay although you might be able to move them from one child's room to another (in the same house). 

Movable Fairy Wall Stickers

Fairies and Flowers Repositionable Wall Stickers
Brewster Home

Fairy Posters

Posters are an all time favorite for decorating a child's room. They're usually inexpensive and they're big so they create a big decorating effect. They're also easy to hang and can be placed anywhere you want. 

You can get some really lovely designs in fairy posters but these blue posters caught my eye. The Fall Fairy design by Mystic Moments comes in a range of posters in different colors.

The Felicity Wishes poster is a sweet design that will suit rooms with pink, white, yellow or blue color designs. 

The final fairy poster that makes a nice choice for fairy wall art for girls had such a timeless and classic design on it with a little girl being visited by a fairy while she sleeps I just had to include it. 

Fall Fairy Poster

Comes in different colors not just blue
Ad Zazzle

More Fairy Posters

Felicity Wishes VGirl in Bed Attended by Fairy
Ad AllPosters
Great ideas for creating a fairy themed kids bedroom.
Some great ideas for fairy posters for girls in lots of colors (not just pink)
Updated: 10/01/2012, SusanM
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NEH82 on 10/19/2015

Lovely, I'm been seeking out some fairy wall stickers recently. They are such a good way of decorating kids rooms - even more so when they can be removed/moved around and reused.

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