Fairy Poster Ideas for a Girl's Bedroom

by SusanM

Some great ideas for fairy posters for girls in lots of colors (not just pink)

Fairies are a long time favorite with girls. So this means they're a fun way to decorate your daughter's bedroom. Because of the popularity of fairies you can find them in many different types of wall art including posters which are an easy, fast and cheap way to decorate. This means if you're after fairy posters you're in luck. Here's some of the best fairy posters available for girls.

Exploring Fairies That Aren't Pink

When we think of fairies we tend to think of pink. Pink fairy wings. Pink fairy dresses. Pink fairy wands. But there's a wide range of colors in fairy posters to suit any color bedroom. So think about which colors would work best in your daughter's room and go from there. 

This Fall Fairy Poster from Mystic Moments is a good choice because of all the colors it comes in. There are variations of pink of course - but there's also fall colors, blue, green and yellow. According to the store owner more colors are coming too. 

I also like the fairy design on this poster because it's sweet and child-like. The use of different shades of one color (in this case green) also gives the artwork a sense of peacefulness and simplicity - without losing any detail in the design. 

This sense of peacefulness makes it a good choice for a room where a child sleeps and rests in (or should be sleeping and resting in). 

Peaceful Fall Fairy Poster

Also comes in other colors
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If you're wanting something a bit brighter but with the same sweet child-like design check out this "Into the Forest" Fairy Poster (also by Mystic Moments). I like this poster because it catches the  imagination. Where is this fairy going? Yes she's going into the forest but will she pick wild flowers? Will she be collecting fireflies? Is there a fairy tea party about to happen? So it's a fun design for a child's bedroom. 

Being a hand drawn design the coloring of this poster is naturally textured rather than having a flat poster look. This gives it an extra something I think. There's also so many colors in this poster it will go with most bedroom colors - like blue, green, white, yellow, pink or natural wood colors. 

Bright, Colorful Fairy Poster

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This "Girl in Bed Attended by Fairy" Poster of a sleeping child being visited by a fairy is another one of my favorites. It's perfect for a blue bedroom and has a lovely sleepy theme. 

This poster also has that traditional feel of times gone past. So it's a classic choice for decorating a child's room with. Although the artwork itself isn't child-like there's an innocence to this image. So it has a sweetness to it that works well in a child's room. 

This is also another poster that can capture a child's imagination. The fairy is pointing her wand at the sleeping girl ready to create a magic spell. What sort of spell is she creating? It  might be to make sure the little girl has happy dreams? (So this poster may work well if your daughter gets bad dreams and needs a pretend story or image to help her sleep better.) 

Classic Looking Fairy Poster

Girl in Bed Attended by Fairy
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This Iridessa Poster is one of the very few fairy posters I've seen which is yellow. So I had to include it in this list.

The brightness of the yellow sunflowers in this poster gives it a sunny and happy feel. So it's a nice choice for a child's bedroom. 

The fairy in this poster is a Disney Fairy so it's a good choice if your child is a big Disney fairy fan too.

It's also a good poster if you want the choice of a Disney Fairy that isn't Tinker Bell. 

Wow! A Yellow Fairy Poster

Iridessa: Star Pupil
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This is a poster that's great to make wishes by.

This Felicity Wishes Poster has our fairy leaping over a star. Obviously with the help of her magic wand which is sparkling with magic.

I wonder what Felicity Fairy is wishing for while jumping over this star? Do you know? Does your child know?

So this poster is another one that's good for imaginative play. You could even create a bedtime ritual of talking about what Felicity is wishing for each night. 

Color wise this poster would go well in a blue, pink, white or yellow bedroom.

Wish on a Star

Felicity Wishes V
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This flower fairy is a cute little character that I thought I'd add to this list for something different. This "Cute Girl's Fairy Print" doesn't provide a peaceful mood. It also doesn't really encourage imagination. But if you're looking for something that's just cute it could be a good one for you. 

Now the colors used in this poster restrict which bedroom colors it will go with. But if your daughter has a white, yellow or pink bedroom it should look lovely.

There's one possible issue with this poster I should mention though. Some young children might be puzzled (even worried) about why this fairy doesn't have a mouth. This would be more so for a toddler or young preschooler. So if you have a child in this age range you might want to go with another choice to avoid lots of questions.

Classic Pink Fairy Posters

Well I couldn't finish this article without looking at some classic pink fairy posters. Pink might be an obvious color but it's still a gorgeous choice, especially if your daughter if a fan of pink. So here's some of the best pink fairy posters for girls.

Here's another Fall Fairy Poster that's in pink. Mystic Moments has a few different pink Fall Fairy posters to look at so it makes a good store to visit.

I actually like the pink Fall Fairy poster better than the green one. This might be because I like pink more than green. But I also think this pink fairy poster has a sweetness and gentleness to it that is because of the different shades of pink used.

Pink posters like this work in a pink bedroom of course. But it will also work in a white, purple or even blue bedroom. As yellow and pink can look lovely it might be a good choice for a yellow bedroom too.

Peaceful Pink Fairy Poster

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This fairy poster has the same design as the bright, colorful "Into the Forest" Poster I've shown above. As well as being sold in it's original bright colors it's also available in single colors.

These single color versions are more peaceful in a bedroom than the colorful one I think. So they're more suitable for a sleepy mood. 

This shade of pink is also very rare in a fairy poster. It's a deep pink with an almost purple shade to it. Lovely. It's a nice change if you aren't a fan of the more common, lighter shades of pink. This is also a shade of pink that will suit an older as well as a younger child. 

I was actually very surprised to find that there aren't that many pink fairy posters available. I would have thought pink would've been a common color since it's the most popular color for children's fairy wings and dresses.

This means my last featured poster "A Friendly Encounter Fairies" isn't really pink. Instead this fairy poster has pink in it as well as other complimentary colors. So it makes a nice fairy poster idea for a girl's bedroom when you need a pink poster. 

The design is also very sweet and loving with the fairy caring for or talking to a ladybug. Dragonflies and butterflies are a nice added touch to finish off this fairy poster.

More Fairy Decorating Ideas

Great ideas for creating a fairy themed kids bedroom.
Check out these great fairy wall art ideas for creating a fairy themed girl's bedroom
Updated: 10/01/2012, SusanM
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