Cute Toddler Rain Boots

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Shop a variety of toddler rain boots. Browse through the cutest selection of rainboots for kids - animal prints, 3d designs, superheroes, and many more!

Here come the rainy days!

Protect your child from the rain and the cold by giving him the most durable toddler rain boots. When unprotected, your child may suffer not only from the common cold but also other worse sicknesses.

Let me give you some of the best-selling and the cutest toddler rain boots from Amazon.

Kidorable Lotus Rain Boot

The cutest boot in your neighborhood!
Kidorable Lotus Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), Pink, 10 M US Toddler

How can you not love this lotus rainboot? It's pink, it's peach, and it has a flower and a bee! 

This goes well with a cute bag and some pink raingear for your daughter. With this rainboots, rest assured that she's protected against sicknesses while she hops on puddles of rain water.

Why not get a matching Kidorable Lotust raincoat? (See right) Your daughter will look like a cute fairy surrounded by lotus flowers and friendly animals. 

Stephen Joseph Rain Boots

And you thought Stephen Joseph can only do bags!
Stephen Joseph Girls 7-16 Rain Boots

You must have heard of Stephen Joseph quilted backpacks. But these cute toddler rain boots must have taken you by a pleasant surprise. 

Just look at the design! Watermelons, flowers, and cute pink! Only Stephen Joseph knows the right combination of kid-friendly colors and designs. Of course, your toddler will look better if she carries one of the quilted backpacks from Stephen Joseph. 

Does your little boy love to play a role as a pirate? These rain boots are the perfect Christmas (or birthday) gift! They're cute, and your son will surely appreciate them. He'll feel like a true pirate walking in puddles of water with his plastic sword and one eye patched. 

Aye, pirate! Aye! To the treasure we go! 

Wouldn't it be better if your son had a complete set of pirate rain gear? This raincoat is especially designed to go well with the rain boots above.

Look at the design -- it's very pirate! It even has an eye patch and a pirate hat! Not to mention the colors that very much resemble those worn by pirates. 

Since this raincoat is made from PVC (56%) and polyester (44%), it's very easy to wash and maintain. All you need is a little soap and some water.  

Your son will definitely feel and look like a cute pirate! 

Kidorable Frog Rain Boot

Let the frogs come out these rainy days!
Kidorable Frog Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), Green, 9 M US Toddler

I honestly don't like frogs, but Kidorable made such a great job with this rain boot. The colors are cool, and the eyes don't scare people. They're actually adorable! Don't you think so? 

Everytime I look at this rainboot, I'm reminded of the song Froggy Afternoon by Lucy Beat. It's novelty, but it's fit for a froggy, rainy afternoon. Wink, wink! 

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Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boot

These are the epitome of cute!
Kidorable Ladybug Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid), Red, 10 M US Toddler



If there's something really nice about this rain boots, it's the fact that it has an effortless design. You don't have to guess or take a second look to know that it's a ladybug design!

From the black dots to the red color that envelopes the background, this pair of rain boots spells lady bug.

If you find ladybugs cute, give your child one of these and let him hop in puddles of water without worrying about his health. He'll stay protected, and he'll look cute doing it! 

Kamik April Rain Boot

Spring is in the air!
Kamik April Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid)

There's something really adorable about this style. Is it the patched flowers? Is it the baby pink background color? Or perhaps the pleated design on the rim / edge of the boot? Whatever it is, this rain boot sure got me hooked. I love everything about it. Your daughter will no doubt look pretty with it. 

W. Chief Butterfly Rain Boot

Puddle-jumping with butterflies
Western Chief Wings Rain Boot (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid...



Butterflies are an effortless design for cuteness because they have the most beautiful and colorful wings. But sometimes, they can be overdone by designers and manufacturers.

That's why seeing one big butterfly envelope a rain boot is refreshing. Plus, this design's simplicity is, for me, what makes it appealing. Don't you think? 

Get your daughter these rain boots and let her walk and play in the rain. Watch her have fun, and witness how cute she is while playing. 

Updated: 11/28/2012, squidooprincess2012
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